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  1. Barg. Wondered this myself.
  2. E63

    Quick Questions

    I'm an idiot. This is the waterpump. For a novice, looking at a pic on RealOEM is one thing, and the engine itself is another.
  3. E63

    BMW Coolant

    Got 20L of it in the garage now. Cheers.
  4. E63

    Quick Questions

    I’ve just installed a new supply hose and I’ve noticed the lower hose to the transmission cooler is touching the block. Is this ok? The main connector to the water pump is slotted, so I can’t rotate it away from the block.
  5. E63

    BMW Coolant

    I never thought to look in the supermarket. Like this? https://www.countdown.co.nz/shop/productdetails?stockcode=263892&name=pure-dew-water-ultra-distilled
  6. E63

    BMW Coolant

    Bumping this. My mechanic advised against using green coolant, is there any credence to this? I see a couple of you here use Penrite 7-year, and I've been using it myself before I had my expansion tank replaced and coolant flushed. Do I need to use distilled water to dilute? Kiwi tap water is definitely filled with a lot of sh*t that probably shouldn't go in an engine, but this might also be a bit tinfoil hat.
  7. E63

    Quick rant thread.

    How?! 😭 Edit: I just noticed it's plastic - the brown colour deceived me.
  8. Right, so you’re telling us to gatecrash funerals and politely enquire about the plans for the deceased’s tools 😆
  9. Got that. K-DCAN cable with a laptop is the way to go. I’ve had a bit of fun coding with NCSExpert. Ctek MXS-5(?) is on the list too. Timm’s YouTube channel sort of showed me the ropes when I first got my car, and his recommendations stuck with me haha.
  10. Way ahead of you. BMW nav at least with CCC iDrive is pretty awful to use in general 😄 Jacking up manually doesn't seem like a major.. I'd jack it up Friday evening instead of doing it right before I wanna work on it.
  11. CostCo sells this kind of stuff? Might be high time I went up and had a gander. I don't think I've been to Auckland for 5+ years.
  12. I'm a sucker for AliExpress cheapies as well. Plastic sh*t like trim removal tools you always wanna get from there. The ones they sell locally are identical and cost 3-4x. Pick tools are another thing I need to grab from there. I've had an endoscope in my cart for a bit but haven't gotten round to doing another order just yet. Got some mates heading over to Japan this month. I've asked if they could grab me a Koken 3/8 socket set. Few things to consider from posts here. I still reckon the Ryobi ratchet looks awkward to use, and would pick the Milwaukee M12 high speed ratchet, and Stubby impact wrench to go with it. Price from Sulco 😭
  13. Ryobi seems nice if you’re doing stuff other than automotive. One+ range is vast. Their ratchet seems too big to be convenient for auto though.
  14. The dream. Garage stud height might not agree though. Seen those Quickjacks? They look pretty good, still like 3 or 4 grand though.
  15. This looks like something I’d be after, especially after seeing a glowing review of Toolpro gear a few posts up. I’d have to see how much it goes for on sale before making you an offer though.
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