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    Hello everyone, Been nosing around here for a while but haven't actually uploaded anything so here is my car. 1997 E36 318 Wagon, NZ new. 5 speed manual gearbox so an good reliable daily/occasional road tripper. It has a 328 exhaust someone must have put in at at some point, along with the style 39 wheels which look cool. I did want a 6 cylinder when I was hunting at the end of last year and nearly bought a 328 auto wagon in Montrealblau but am actually really glad I got this car in the end I love it. Im taking it around the South Island this Xmas/NY holidays. Cheers, David
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    I don't debate the 'built not bought' thing. Each to their own... But today I saw someone saying they'd drive to meet anyone who could help them change their wheels.
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    RE003 got 2nd in a recent Wheels mag, lost due to road noise but had superior track and slalom results. Competition was more mid range touring tires though, including Conti premium 5. The winner was Maxxis Premitra HP5.
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    Just some garage tidying. And got the 190E running for the first time in far too long. Started 2nd turn... But needs the cooling system flushing. And had a visit from a very nice gent from darn sarf, with his 330Ci.