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  1. Tenshi

    N54 Gruppe M intake.

    up auction finishes today.
  2. Tenshi

    N54 Gruppe M intake.

    $1 Reserve, be in to win a great item for cheap here. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1751101230
  3. Tenshi

    N54 Gruppe M intake.

    I imported it from Japan.
  4. Tenshi

    N54 Gruppe M intake.

    Bump open to offers.
  5. Tenshi

    N54 Gruppe M intake.

  6. Tenshi

    N54 Gruppe M intake.

    hahaha I know right, and I had to wait for 2 and a half months for it to get here only to find out it was wrong. Im sure someone will take it its an amazing unit, and considering they sell for closer to $4000 NZD new excluding shipping, someone is still getting a good deal.
  7. Tenshi

    N54 Gruppe M intake.

  8. Tenshi

    N54 Gruppe M intake.

    I imported this from japan without looking at the item properly thinking it was for a n55 so now I have this amazing intake but no car to use it on. So if any of you guys have a n54 and want the best intake setup available for you car this is for you. Items is complete with all the components and looks amazing with only one small bit of damage as shown in the last photo. Please excuse the bad pictures lighting was not great when I took them and I was trying not to damage them in the process of taking the pictures. I only want what the item cost me as not to loose any money so $1600NZD takes it. Yes there is always room for negotiations but if you are going to low ball, then you clearly don't know what this item is and you don't need it. Cheers Pics:
  9. Sadly no the setup is a little different on your car so this pipe will not work on yours, Yours requires 2 hose inputs into the charge pipe.