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  1. I swore by that Pro-ma stuff with my Evo and GSR back in the day. Worked amazing but you needed to add it in every couple of oil changes. However as said above, direct injection injectors are really noisy and can sound like lifter tick. Are you sure it's not just that?
  2. Navin

    Quick rant thread.

    Agree. although this time wasn't as bad as my 135i, that came back with massive swirls/scratches that took me bloody ages to fix up. Will give it a light buff tomorrow and ring them to see it they can put a note in the system to never wash it when it's in.
  3. Navin

    Quick rant thread.

    Forgot the ask the dealer to skip the 'complimentary wash' when it went in for its Service today.. Kicking myself now. Once again got the car back looking worse than when I dropped it off! Honestly makes you wonder how a 'premium' brand can't even wash cars right..
  4. Don't mind cleaning them more often but I've found on previous cars that powder coated wheels just make the cleaning process much easier. Brake dust just used to hose off after track days etc. These wheels are a nightmare. And yep will be switching to some decent Ceramics when the current pads are done, usually go for Ferodo's so hopefully they're available for this car.
  5. Nope none, there's probably a thin layer of dust/pollen that doesn't show in the photo but still pretty darn clean in general. The wheels are another story to keep clean. Considering just getting them powder coated gloss black
  6. These ceramic sprays have certainly impressed me. 4 weeks after application on mine, I used the Mother's CMX this time and the car still looks great
  7. I used a no brand alloy one from China and it was perfectly fine, no issues in 3+ years. There's heaps on the market so just choose one that looks to be well made I guess. FTP which is a Taiwanese brand is a popular choice.
  8. Great looking car! Before any mods be sure to upgrade your charge pipe
  9. They connected mine to the wrong house... And took 3 weeks to fix it
  10. Navin

    E61 Wagon Project

    Whoa did they really come with a DCT or is it just a sport auto with the DCT style shifter?
  11. Fantastic cars the 530d's. I was very very close to biting the bullet on a 2018 sedan before getting my G20. Immense torque, extremely smooth power delivery and handled great for such a big car but I drove a G20 afterwards and was sold immediately on it. Would still consider one but probably a wagon if the family grows in the future.
  12. Agree they're very cool, it's a massive car in person though
  13. I don't have a M135i now but did have an E82 135i previously which came on run flats. I swapped them out for non run flat Michelin PS4's almost immediately and never looked back. I was seriously considering a M135i before buying my e82 and looked at quite a few at the time which all were on run flats. If you're really wanting run flats I'd highly recommend Michelin PS4 ZP's(zero pressure). I've got them on my current G20 and they're so much better than than the Bridgestone run flats both with grip and ride comfort.
  14. They normally come with the Bridgestone S001 run-flats from factory from memory, no spare or tools is a good indication too so good chance they are RF? No model number or anything on the tyres?
  15. Navin

    Quick rant thread.

    Same here but from the US. 3 days quicker than the local parcel, ridiculous
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