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  1. I used to get mine from a shop called GT Auto Source. Based in Newmarket in akl but I believe they have a website too. Good quality bulbs and pretty sure he had the option of 6000k or 8000k. Those Narva ones are pretty good quality too
  2. Need to dust off the camera one of these days..here's one of the 135i a while ago. Edit: Taken on my old trusty Canon 550d and a Samyang 50mm
  3. I ran it for 3 years with no issues, assuming it's a n54/n55? Be sure to upgrade the charge pipe and you'll be fine. Huge improvement over stock. Plugs and coils might be good preventative maintenance items to tick off too.
  4. Love it! Still have a goal of building a K swapped dc2r with a rotrex supercharger. Maybe when the kid is grown up. . My first Honda was a H2B swapped DC2 with a half-cage. The confused looks I used to get driving it daily around town 😂
  5. I've done some stupid things too, turned down swapping my built turbo DC2 for a 32 Gtr.. Guy wanted about 1k his way from memory😔
  6. I've got a looong list haha. Top of it would be my DC2 Integra Type R's (had 5 of them over the years) , Evo 4 RS, factory manual E30 325i. These 2 were the favourites, will have to get another one in the future but at 10x the price probably:
  7. Navin

    E46 M3

    So wheels and a shifter make it a 'track whore'? Wee bit dramatic there. most/all of those mods are fully reversible. It's an M3 after all.
  8. I was a die hard manual fan for a long time, 25+ cars prior to my old 135i were all manuals until I found myself needing to commute to the city daily.....not worth it. Bright side is I got a chance to learn how good modern autos are. Last auto I drove long term before my current zf8 was probably my BJ Familia 14 years ago.
  9. Coded in the bowers and wilkins equalizer and sound profiles. Completely transformed my Harman Kardon audio
  10. How do the manuals win in rush hour traffic? 🤔 I agree with the majority, the zf8 is a great combo paired with the low end torque of the diesel. I've got a G20 320d and absolutely love it
  11. Navin

    Quick rant thread.

    lol this took a turn..
  12. Navin

    Quick rant thread.

    Really? I've had the opposite experience. I use Google pay almost everywhere now, and I'm with 3 different banks who all offer it.
  13. Navin

    E46 M3 Limp Mode

    Great result, even better shot of the M3!
  14. Navin

    Quick rant thread.

    I'd do exactly that, and have done so in the past when selling a car. Nothing more annoying especially when they come over and comment "looks even better in person", then proceed to try haggle on the agreed price.
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