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  1. Took the G20 in for an inspection at BMW today and they ended up replacing the rear pads..car only has 20 000kms on it. I was quite suprised considering the rear pads seemed to last forever on previous cars, certainly much longer than the fronts. I'm assuming it's due to the auto hold feature which I leave on constantly, just didn't realise it'd reduce the life of them by that much
  2. Yeah it's a pretty seamless transition in my G20. However lately it's rarely worked. Come to to think of it, didn't work pretty much all winter last year too. Assuming due to battery voltage from short trips in Akl traffic and the cold etc but I'm not complaining
  3. I got mine from aliexpress when I did the wheel on my old 135i, same brand: https://m.aliexpress.com/item/4000353458798.html?spm=a2g0n.order_detail.0.0.79b8f19cyzGmIY
  4. wow a unicorn. I looked for a manual n55 for quite a while before getting the DCT. Was a die hard manual fan at the time coming from owning lots of Jap performance cars but the DCT converted me. had it 3 years with zero issues too which was a bonus
  5. Complete with the towing eye sticking out the front bumper🤣
  6. Not a BMW but thought it'd be worthy of this thread. 992 GT3 aka my dream car just parked right outside my place haha, absolutely stunning. Also a GR Yaris in front of it
  7. I thought it was a normal e30 thing to not be able to open doors when jacked up haha. Well mine and the few I've worked on in the past was the same
  8. Agreed, it's even better in person. Just stands out
  9. Awesome, completely agree about it being plenty in the real world. Have had my G20 320d for about 2 years now and still haven't felt I needed anymore performance. The torque is just fantastic. Lovely example you have there
  10. 100% this. Completely unreasonable for him to even expect anything considering all the steps you took to ensure full transparency when handing the car over. I've sold many cars over the years and yeah sure some have had issues post sale and the buyers got in touch but it was always just get advice since I knew the car best
  11. In my previous 135i switching to non run-flats made quite a dramatic difference so might be a good place to start. I've got a G20 now too and the adaptive suspension is just fantastic, no complaints even on the run flats
  12. No regrets getting my G20 320d especially now. Get about 900kms to a tank mixed driving so including RUC still works out to be quite a bit cheaper than running my old 135i, 400nm of torque is plenty too.
  13. Beautiful example. That 'start up noise' would not be cheap to rectify I'd imagine
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