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  1. Lots of controversy over this back when I worked at Repco...a long time ago now. Used to order in the 10w60 TWS stuff for a number of m3/e39 M5 customers directly from Castrol. Not sure if it's now been superseded but they were very particular on it being TWS rather than the normal 10w60
  2. Agree, have used fireball previously and am currently using Meguiars and I actually prefer the Meguiars stuff
  3. I'd go for the bmw purely to avoid the unnecessary touch controls in the new mk 8's.
  4. It's quite funny, I bought my G20 3 series about a year ago and even now everytime I get a software update and ask the car to take me 'home' it tries to navigate me to what I'm assuming is the home address of the bmw employee who drove the car before I purchased it. Regardless of how many times I reset my connected drive account and reset the home address to mine. There's obviously limits to the privacy of personal data I guess 😂. Other than that, I absolutely love i-drive 7 and the features available with the new Connected Drive.
  5. The rear end is just hideous...
  6. The 'deliver my house' bit got me 🤣
  7. Haha being from Singapore myself this is true, we did a number of roadies through Malaysia each year growing up.
  8. Faulty boost solenoids? Pretty common issue on these. Not sure if they can actually be tested. Mine went bad on my n55 135i, replacing it fixed a number of issues I was having and was relatively cheap.
  9. Haha I'd say there are plenty of other options out there with other manufacturers... even most of my old Hondas would've run circles round my old stage 1 tuned 135i on the track
  10. Face-lift IS-F would be so good! Rare as hell these days
  11. Yep a DC2 Type R is the one that I have a massive emotional attachment with. Have had 5 of them and I just know now that when I'm in a position to get another one I'd happily pay ridiculous money for it.
  12. 2017 or 2018 Alfa Giulia Veloce would be my vote...yes it's not the full fledged quadrifoglio but they still drive bloody amazingly and 280hp is still plenty. Otherwise an E90/92 M3 with spare $ for the bearings would be plenty of fun.
  13. I've gone to Dean at Mister Muffler in Pakuranga for all my exhaust work over the years. Have always been really happy with his work. He did some minor modification to my old 135i's exhaust last year with no dramas so might be worth paying him a visit if you can
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