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  1. I think you are right, thanks. Decided to risk it, disconnected battery for about a minute and radio turned straight back on when I reconnected it. Will see what it does after battery has been off for a long period.
  2. Hi, I am trying to find the code for an e36 radio. 1996 Japan import. Radio model CM5901J as pictured. Has metal tag on the back one letter, followed by 8 numbers. Strangely it does not say 'anti theft' on it like all the others? Or did some e36 radios not have a security code? Would rather find out first rather than disconnecting the battery and finding out it is locked.
  3. Looking for an e36 / e46 in the waikato /bop area No 316's or convertibles Must have fold down rear seats or be a compact 318ti Auto or Manual Looking for a cheap reliable daily, 1 - 5k as a guide
  4. updated
  5. Hmm I pulled the mechanical locking mechanism out, I understand now, how the arm actuates that piece up or down to lock / unlock the door. Funny thing is the locking cylinder will rotate CCW, and when I pulled the mechanical locking mech out of the door that lever which is actuated by the arm moved up and down as it should and locked / unlocked the locking mech. However now that it is all back together I still can't rotate the key CCW, meaning I cannot unlock from the drivers door. Pulling the interior lever with the door shut will lock / unlock both front doors and boot. Passenger door and boot also lock / unlock both front doors and boot with key. Rear doors have never worked, have not found out why.
  6. Have just rebuilt door lock but now it only turns in one direction. The 'arm' circled in the picture below was broken off on the old lock. With the new lock the arm will allow the piece it sits between to slide up but not down from the locks resting position. This means the lock only turn on one direction and does not turn in the direction needed to hit the micro switch. What is the arm and this sliding bit for? Why won't it slide down? (assuming it is meant to)
  7. Agree, more than willing to help but several good write ups on the internet just google search e30 buy guide
  8. Bump. Other bits gone. Have edited first post for what I have left.
  9. Anyone have one lying around or know who stocks them here?
  10. pm'd
  11. Bump
  12. Not sure what happened. Have updated picture links to external website, thanks.
  13. Bump
  14. Clearing some of the spare parts I have lying around because my spare parts collection is becoming a bit ridiculous. Items located in Tauranga. Side Indicator lens pair FREE pickup, $8 shipped. Left hand side indicator lens FREE pickup, $5 shipped. Pair of Depo 444-1113n High Beams. $50 pickup $65 shipped. (I don't need 2 spare pairs of high beams) Sunroof wind deflector. FREE pickup, $15 shipped. Standard, raised rear speaker pods, not premium but look better than the old flat ones. FREE pickup, $10 shipped. Clock $20 pickup, $25 shipped. Owners book FREE pickup, $7 shipped
  15. Hi sorry for late response. Rear speaker pods are sony branded, believe they are original? 5 1/4". Don't know where screws are. $25 including shipping.