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  1. That's exactly what's happened. I was interested in bidding but wanted to know more about the history, tracked down one of he previous owners (wasn't hard to do) and he confirmed it for me.
  2. It will be an interesting one to watch... I'm picking the Q & A section will get a hammering I notice in the engine bay pic the VIN on the windscreen seems to match the last 4 digits of the VIN advertised on Carjam.
  3. someone M635csi set to be delivered
  4. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/other/listing/3705470996
  5. 1985 m635csi, amazing condition.. only done 85000km
  6. @Sammo yeah it was easy enough to do by hand.. just pushes in. My one was in 2 halves, if yours is the same you wont have any trouble.
  7. Nice car, I've been tempted to upgrade my e92 335i for one of these! Welcome back
  8. @Sammo I started with a press but couldn't find anything that was the right size to push it out, was only pushing the rubber. So I drilled out the centre rubber piece and used a hacksaw to cut out the outer metal ring, once the cut was made it tapped out easy with a big flat head and hammer. All up it took 30-45 min, not too bad at all
  9. A couple of months ago I acquired a 14.5mm rear sway bar and also picked up a 3.75 medium case diff. I finally got around to installing the rear sway bar and diff a couple of weekends ago. I've been finding motivation is hard to come by in these cold dark winter months but felt good to be giving the old girl some love. I had a small case diif that I used when re-installing the fresh rear subframe so I had to remove that before installing the medium case, I decided to make the job a little easier by removing the half shafts to create a little more space. Pushed out the old rubber bush on the diff hanger and installed a new power flex bush. Installing the medium case diff was pretty hassle free but reinstalling the half shafts proved to be a right pain in the backside!! It took me several attempts over multiple nights, lots of cleaning and filing away any small imperfections on the splines, finally managed to to get the splines aligned and pushed into place. I suspect this job would have been much easier with 2 people and a hoist rather that on my back in dimly lit garage. I knew when I installed the manual conversion on this car the shifter would need replacing as you can see above it is far from pretty. After reading one of @Sammo posts I decided to go with z3 1.9 shifter, installation was quick and easy - a quick win all round. Going from no rear sway bar to a 14.5mm sway bar and new shifter I was very impressed with how the cars feeling.. having a sway bar has made a huge difference to the feel of the back end and I'm amazed at the difference the new shifter has made. Next up for this build.. Converting 4 door sport seats to 2 door following this article..
  10. I think these seats look great but the headrest is something else 😂
  11. Yeap, I just ordered one through CHC BMW (Same part NO.), 211 +gst will be here Monday morning ex AKL.
  12. Hey @Sammo Where did you source the Z3 1.9 shifter from?
  13. Picked up a 14.5mm rear sway bar yesterday. Cheers @Gaz
  14. @Gaz that would be be great if you could. Thankyou
  15. Here's a pic, it doest show the change in angles very well in this pic but if you zoom in where I've circled you can just make it out. From some Google images ive looked at this arvo it looks like it may be from a z3 or ti? Feel a bit foolish, I've had this thing sitting around for ages waiting to go in.. should have done a bit more research but oh well its all learning.. just the hard way ha
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