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  1. Thanks Graham, if you could message me some pictures when you get a chance that would be great.
  2. Does anyone have any BBS RS wheel bolts like the ones pictured. I need around 30 but happy to purchase a whole set or what you have spare. Cheers
  3. Anyone know of someone wrecking a e92?
  4. This video was very helpful..
  5. This is the oil you will need, 83222446673 - DCTF1+ transmission fluid 7 litres of it and I used just over 6 and a 1/2. Before the service when selecting reverse It would slip slightly, no longer experiencing this. In general, I think it feels better but this could be the placebo effect. Apart from the slight reverse slip there were no issues with performance, I wanted to get the service out of the way as general maintenance as the car has done 130k now. BMW say lifetime fill but I’m pretty sure this only means 100k in the real world.
  6. Got this done over the weekend, process was pretty straight forward. Very happy with the end result. Some pics..
  7. After one of these if someone has one laying around..
  8. I’m plaining to do an oil change and service on the DCT box over labour weekend. Picked up all the parts I think I need but want to check in to see if anyone has any advice, tips or tricks you could share with someone that has never done it before. I know that once I have removed the old oil, installed new filters and topped up with new oil until oil overflows from the fill plug there is a service function in ISTA that needs to be run before I can fill with remaining oil to reach capacity. Any other helpful suggestions would be much appreciated. Cheers
  9. Last few weeks I've been hearing a suspension squeak in the front end of the e92. Replaced the front sway bar brushes. Took the car for a drive the next morning and not only is the rubbery squeaky gone but the front end feels alot tighter. Nice and easy cheap quick fix 🙂
  10. Buy a deep socket from bunnings and cut the middle out, use a ring spanner to hold the center.
  11. Does the fact that these are the last 2door M3 help make them more desirable in the future?
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