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  1. Excellent! Will require postage to Christchurch also. If you can let me know final price, I can deposit the money into your account tomorrow. Thanks
  2. Hi, Do you have a rear drive flange hub for an e36 325? part number 33411093567 on the realoem website if that helps
  3. I have this coming week off work, so I decided I would do some work on my E36. I purchased new front shocks, Control Arm bushes, Outer Ball joints, and rear shock mounts. Pulled the rear shocks off, to find that they both push down fairly easily, then take over a minute to fully extend out again. I'm now going to purchase new rear shocks tomorrow.. On to the front... Removed the driver's side front shock (was leaking so it needed to be replaced anyway). got it out with no issues, got the spring off and decided to see how far gone it was. I managed to push the shock down with my index finger and hit the bottom of the arm within a few seconds (with a loud clunk of metal hitting metal). Fingers crossed I will have a more comfortable ride when it's all back together
  4. Excellent, thank you for that Brent. I will be in touch if I can't find something in Christchurch. Kind of urgent fix as I need my car (I can't keep bringing the work truck home)
  5. Hi guys. I believe one of the CV's in my 94 325i has given up the ghost. Does anyone know if the CV joint out of a 92 318i will fit?
  6. It will do it for about 20 or so minutes until the car gets warm. Once the car is out of the panel beaters i'm going to replace the waterpump just to be safe. Would rather spend $100 on a waterpump then $1000 on a new engine..
  7. I've had to pull the radiator out of my E36 a couple of times recently, and after each time, once i've topped everything back up again, there is a squeal for a while. Now, I don't know if the waterpump has been replaced or not, but could it be on it's way out? Or could the squeal be caused from the small amounts of anti-freeze getting onto the belts?
  8. Thanks Brent... Not sure what's going on with my post haha I'll just have to remind myself to preview my post and check the links before posting
  9. Thanks Gary, you are a true friend..
  10. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-533098038.htm Please someone take this off this person and make it welcome in a loving home.. "still gets real sideways". No wonder this needs a "bit of love"
  11. That's weird. When I insured my car with State, they asked if I had aftermarket wheels and i said yes. All they did was ask what price they were and I replied with "I don't know, they were on the car when I purchased it.. So maybe $1500?" And they were happy with that. Received my policy in the mail and the mags are listed on there at $1500.. The best thing to do is ring around (or go and visit) the mag companies and ask if they have had them in stock, and if so, what were they selling them at..
  12. What about buying an apple airport express and a power inverter? Then you could use an iPod touch or iPhone and play your music via AirPlay.
  13. You could just get a cable (2rca to 3.5mm headphone jack) and just plug your directly into the amp.
  14. What are the front shocks like? I've just found out that I will need to replace mine..
  15. Hey guys, More friendly advice needed for my 1994 E36 325i Jappy Import My boot won't lock/unlock from the central locking, and also the left number plate light doesn't work. I've replaced the bulb, still nothing, and I don't want to just splice the wires from the other number plate wires because It will still show the fault on the OBC right? I've had a look at the wiring from the actuator of the boot lock, and the number plate light and i've traced it all the way till it goes in under the rear seat, and I can't see any breaks in the wires. Oh, and i've checked the fuses too. Before I go and buy a new actuator for the boot lock, is this a common fault and is there a relation between the 2 faults? Any help much appreciated. Cheers, Dan Edit: Found the issue. Peeled back the cover surrounding the loom from the boot to the rear panel and what do you know... Broken wires.
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