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  1. Have sold my 328 and have put these wheels up for sale on TM please check out the link above Cheers
  2. Ive been looking forward to getting GT5 but my PS3 died yesterday Had a look online and seems I have " ROD " ( Red Light of Death ) !!!!
  3. Definitely 'C' without the Bullshit !!
  4. Hi, do you sell Msport front lips also ? Im guessing you need to have the lip fitted before you can fit the splitters ?? Thanks
  5. Might be interested in a DTM one for the right price? Let me know
  6. looks real slick mate ,this is what im after -maybe just slightly higher cant be bothered with cert etc. I wonder how Jamex superlow compare to these ??
  7. Check this out
  8. Maybe starter motor? Mine seems to a make a bit of noise on cold starts sometimes ,just for a split second.
  9. Can you please let me know of price, Not sure if it will be worth doing ? Thanks
  10. Cool thanks ! will check it out
  11. Hi all was just wanting to see if it was possible to fit a later model Auto shift knob to replace the T bar style one in my 96 E36 ? Thought it might modernise the appearance etc Cheers
  12. Have just changed my filter using these instructions : Glove box removal is for LHD cars ! Only takes about 20mins to do . Mine must have been about 10years old! Was completely black Hope this helps
  13. Great thanks ,does this inc post to Christchurch ? Please PM me your bank details etc or email me Thanks
  14. Sorry had to wait to get my camera back !! here are some pics
  15. I cant see any part numbers on the actual motor ,but the regulator has : brose 9397-191769-000 053. 60001 01 Also the mounting plate ( which the motor is riveted too ) has stamped : 51.33 1977580.9