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  1. mattgoldsbro

    18" M3 style wheels and tyres

    http://www.trademe.co.nz/Trade-Me-Motors/C...n-314029135.htm Have sold my 328 and have put these wheels up for sale on TM please check out the link above Cheers
  2. mattgoldsbro

    Gran Turismo 5

    Ive been looking forward to getting GT5 but my PS3 died yesterday Had a look online and seems I have " ROD " ( Red Light of Death ) !!!!
  3. mattgoldsbro

    Bimmersport Rego Plate Surrounds

    Definitely 'C' without the Bullshit !!
  4. mattgoldsbro

    e36 motorsport DTM Splitters

    Hi, do you sell Msport front lips also ? Im guessing you need to have the lip fitted before you can fit the splitters ?? Thanks
  5. mattgoldsbro

    E36 front M-sport lip

    Might be interested in a DTM one for the right price? Let me know
  6. mattgoldsbro

    Show us your lowered E36

    looks real slick mate ,this is what im after -maybe just slightly higher cant be bothered with cert etc. I wonder how Jamex superlow compare to these ??
  7. mattgoldsbro


    Check this out
  8. mattgoldsbro

    Possible timing chain rattle?

    Maybe starter motor? Mine seems to a make a bit of noise on cold starts sometimes ,just for a split second.
  9. mattgoldsbro

    Automatic gear knob

    Can you please let me know of price, Not sure if it will be worth doing ? Thanks
  10. mattgoldsbro

    Automatic gear knob

    Cool thanks ! will check it out
  11. mattgoldsbro

    Automatic gear knob

    Hi all was just wanting to see if it was possible to fit a later model Auto shift knob to replace the T bar style one in my 96 E36 ? Thought it might modernise the appearance etc Cheers
  12. mattgoldsbro

    Condensation Build Up

    Have just changed my filter using these instructions : http://www.bavarian-board.co.uk/forum_posts.asp?TID=9827 Glove box removal is for LHD cars ! Only takes about 20mins to do . Mine must have been about 10years old! Was completely black Hope this helps
  13. mattgoldsbro

    WTB E36 Coupe Window Motor

    Great thanks ,does this inc post to Christchurch ? Please PM me your bank details etc or email me mattgoldsbro@gmail.com Thanks
  14. mattgoldsbro

    WTB E36 Coupe Window Motor

    Sorry had to wait to get my camera back !! here are some pics
  15. mattgoldsbro

    WTB E36 Coupe Window Motor

    I cant see any part numbers on the actual motor ,but the regulator has : brose 9397-191769-000 053. 60001 01 Also the mounting plate ( which the motor is riveted too ) has stamped : 51.33 1977580.9