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  1. I am realistic around the price, and the current market and prepared to pay up to 7k, but can review potential options on a case by case basis.
  2. swordfish

    E30 manual

    Hey guys! After selling my E36 m3 and purchasing the F30 320d, I am now in a market for an E30. As I miss that classic BMW feel. Ideally it will be rust free with a straightisg body, but open to option. Looking for a manual one to keep it interesting. 89 version and above. Will most likely to become my long term project car as well as the daily, so it needs to be ready, or close to ready to be driven. I am flexible on price but nothing too expensive as I am still willing to invest my time, effort and money into it to make it better in the long run.
  3. Soooo I’ve put in a deposit for a white m-sport 320d ??? yes it is 2012 and a Jap import, and yes it has 120k km, but the overall condition of the car is close to perfect... the usual things, slight marks on the hexagon aluminium trim, worn right driver’s door handle, a few very little marks on the rear headrests, exterior is pretty good too, a few very little stone chips and a little scratch on the bottom of the side skirt... overall it had everything I wanted, sport seats (not the leather ones, I think they are velour and cloth with blue stitching and little m-sport tags on the sides), M-Sport steering wheel, 18inch wheels, Michelin pilot 1s run flats, M-Sport speedo and paddle shifts. I sort of felt sorry for the car, it is at that very fine line between staying perfect as it is, getting serviced properly and still doing another 200k km easy... or knowing that people don’t like higher kms cars here, and that it would probably end-up to be driven to the ground, so I’ve pulled the trigger. I got a 3 year mechanical warranty with it as well. It drove very well and smooth, suspension felt tight. Got it check by the BMW in Christchurch and it got flagged to one of their salemen to be looked at! Lol so anyway... I’ll send some pics once I have it!
  4. Looks great! I am looking at one here in CHCH, it’s a 2012 m-spec as well. White. Got it checked with the local BMW dealer. All looks good so far...
  5. I’ve driven an M-Sport 320d on the weekend and I was very pleasantly surprised! It has so much low rev pull, it felt effortless! The suspension felt super balanced too! Not to bouncy, but very firm and solid. The steering very smooth with decent feedback. Nothing about the car felt wrong! It felt right in all good places to be honest. However, there wasn’t that x-factor like you have in an M3, which was super fun and engaging to drive. And I am not sure if the 328i would offer that instead to be honest!
  6. Also at least 10k over my budget... I am looking to spend $21k maximum
  7. Hey guys! Thank you for all your advice so far! Very helpful! The yellow stuff is at front sides of the engine bay and close to the front reinforcement bar of the car. Looks like wax that has been dried out and sent. Tried to rub it off with my finger but I couldn’t.
  8. Thank you @kiwi535!!! Calculated the price per km for both diesel and petrol and turned out to be about the same. Diesel does 1000km per tank on average, which is impressive. Petrol around 750km, both with good behaviour of course. Tank of diesel plus on road tax is actually more expensive... but the savings on fuel economy makes it about the same, if not slightly better. After my test drive today I loved the overall usability of diesel in the city! It tends to pull strong from lows!!! I had three reasonably big people in the car and it felt easy and nimble. I actually really enjoyed it. Just trying to make sure that I am not missing out on something unique with the 328i
  9. Hello BMW family! I am finally at the right stage to enquire another BMW, and currently considering the following cars: F30 320d and 328i. Definitely leaning towards a Jap import mspec auto for both... currently had a look at a 320d and drove it... haven’t had a chance to drive a 328i yet... Has anyone driven both? Any noticeable differences/benefits? Anything I need to look out for? So far I have noticed that the interior plastics and trims are much softer and prone to scratching/disintegrating. Also, does anyone know what a yellow/orange sticky stuff in the engine bay might be, doesn’t look like oil, more like some kind of treatment chemical... Any advice would be very welcome!
  10. Let’s make it $3,500 to make it fair to the market
  11. Hello members, Since I've sold my M3 I've been driving some very average cars and realised how much I miss driving a BMW. So I am looking for a cleanish E30 or E36 with a good body and that hasn't got any serious mechanical issues. Ideal would be an E30 318i, 316i manual, don't mind the body type. I have a $2,000 budget, so I am not expecting anything super out of the ordinary, but wouldn't be interested in anything that I couldn't drive away and drive every day to work. Any other interesting offers welcome. Thanks, Nik
  12. Hi guys, Looking for A/C unit for an E46 323i 2005, Part Number#64.11.6941732 Let me know if you have one for sale. Thank you.
  13. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone know why an E46 Climate Control would say "NC" on it and be unresponsive to any commands? My fiancé's car had a issue last night... Her Climate Control stopped working and her turn signals would not work as well. I have done some research and it said that it might be related to K-Bus. One of the solutions there was to disconnect battery for around two hours. After I have performed the procedure everything went back to normal except from the climate control unit which was now working, but is saying "NC" and doesn't respond to any commands. If you could point me in the right direction it will be very much appreciated. Thank you all for your contribution.
  14. Bump. Still for sale. Make me an offer.
  15. Hi Mark. I have attached a link to my old "for sale" post. there are some photos of my car on these BBSs. From memory shipping for wheels was around 300 bucks. I could find out for you if you are serious about buying these. Thank you, Nik
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