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  1. Hi I am having trouble with my 1990 E36 325i it has an intermittent fault in the starter system it won't start at odd times no power to the starer motor plenty of power all the dash lights light up just no juice to the starter if left for 20 minutes it will start ok, I think the relay needs a clean But I can't find it it is not in the fuse box anyone know where it is?
  2. hi, i got seatbelts avail  from  bmw e36. 


      coupe or 4 dr sedan, ? ? u looking for . 

     07464095941, uk 

     or email  carlsos@hotmail.co.uk

  3. I have talked to the certifier in Taupo and got what I need to do, Changing the seat belt makes sense it's 27 years old, their way of thinking is you are removing one safety feature and upgrading another one I'm good with that the old seat belt is getting slow , If a new BMW steering wheel was available it would cost more than the car is worth, the control module is unavailable as a new part second hand ones are as old as mine it's not worth it, Besides there is a pile of new sports wheels I can buy, The Regulations say that if a car comes fitted with an airbag it has to have one to get a WOF no grey area, Later year E36's are easier to get replacement steering wheels the one in mine was only installed for a short time, I have found all the bits I need should be sorted by next weekend all going well.
  4. I have already bought a Momo steering wheel for $60, Andrew's may fry it's self in 6 months and I am back to were I am now, And I want to do it legally the WOF places around here know the car so just swapping the wheel won't float.
  5. Hi guys, A follow on from the Airbag fail, To get certified as a non airbag car the requirement is to fit a new seatbelt, anyone know of a good supplier of seatbelts non race setup and not too outrageously expensive. Cheers Robert.,
  6. robertw

    E36 Airbag fail

    Yeah I have all that info from the LVV website, I will have a chat with the place I get my WOF from see want they will accept, Thanks Guys
  7. robertw

    E36 Airbag fail

    Thanks I have the whole document saved, I will ring around there is a certifier in Taupo he could be more helpful, I though it was sorted my Auto electrician though he had scored a steering wheel turn out it was the wrong one not a happy chap Cheers
  8. robertw

    E36 Airbag fail

    I have been looking into removing the airbag and getting it certified seems like the best way to fix the problem, I have the info from LVV but it doesn't make sense, have you gone through the process? The closest certifier doesn't know much about it, Cheers Robert.
  9. robertw

    E36 Airbag fail

    The control board for this one is in the steering wheel with the airbag mine is toast, are the Msport wheels hard to find? I have been looking for a few weeks and can only find them off shore at silly prices, I would be interested in yours if it is working ok, Cheers Robert.
  10. my theory on the lean is that the cars are lefthand drive design and when the drivers weight is added to the lefthand seat the car levels out, How does that sound. Robert.
  11. robertw

    E36 Airbag fail

    Yes that's the one do you know if the control module is still ok? I have been to the local Auto electrician he located a steering wheel when it arrived it is the wrong one, have been thinking about getting the car certified to operate with out an Airbag has anyone done this and how much hassle is it?
  12. robertw

    E36 Airbag fail

    I have a 1990 325I with the Airbag circuit board in the steering wheel which has fried it's self, Any one know how to fix it or have a second hand steering wheel with a working Airbag there is nothing else wrong with the car would hate to have to sell it for parts, Robert.
  13. That's right it has Australia on the ownership papers as counrty of origin, it was first registered August 1991 sold by Fairfield motors or is it Fairview motors Hamilton to a chap in Taupo
  14. robertw

    New Tyres

    Thanks for the replys guys, You really have to shop around for prices on tyres these days, asked for quotes from three tyre shops just asked for 205/60 x15 no particular brand got three replys only tyre they had in common was the Dunlop DZ101 the prices were $149 $157 $177 any body have these on their car I like the look of them, how about Bridgestone re001 Adernalin been trying to find a shop that stocks them no replys so far. Cheers Robert.
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