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  1. What's written on the top-left of the FRM's label, to the right of the BMW logo? There are multiple variants of FRM2, FRM3, etc, with slight differences in compatibility - for example, an E87 FRM2 in an E81/E82 won't work correctly (unable to learn window limits).
  2. Doing it properly will require resetting the EEPROM and aligning to the mileage and VIN of the vehicle - no need to source one with lower mileage.
  3. CBS (servicing schedules) should work once the VIN is aligned. @HELLBM should be able to assist with resetting the EEPROM.
  4. N46 doesn't have one; it'll need to be retrofitted (PT-CAN to JBE, 15WUP to CAS, power to JB and ground). Make sure to get the bracket as well as the module.
  5. Thanks Kyu; maybe I'll come across a better-suited plate one day. The diff bushes are factory BMW (which means buying the whole rear cover). E46 non-M3 have a slightly different rear bush setup; I'd go with factory rubber personally. Thanks David.
  6. It's definitely firmer than a standard M3, but not uncomfortably so; no excess driveline noise in the cabin or anything of that nature. I've been meaning to update this thread for a while - recent (well, around a year ago now) additions include a CSL airbox (Karbonius). Some photos after a wash a while back:
  7. exextatic

    M3 sedan

    That's correct; guards were cut off of a donor vehicle (I believe it was actually a convertible - not 100% on that) and were grafted onto the sedan. The inner skin of the wheel arch needs to be extended to match the wider guard. Borrowing from my build thread:
  8. As mentioned by a few others, definitely start with getting the FRM coded to the vehicle and re-initialising the windows. The unusual reading on your scan tool may be coding related or the scan tool may be misinterpreting the data, so I wouldn't be too worried about that. Does the replacement FRM type match the original? (Should be on the casing of the FRM) @HELLBM can assist with coding if you want someone local.
  9. As above, it's the RACP (rear-axle carrier panel) itself that has the issue, not the subframe. Take a read through this: https://cmpautoengineering.com/pages/part-1-will-my-e46-subframe-crack-how-will-i-know I'm personally running CMP's underfloor plates and topside beam kit on my E46 M3 Sedan build.
  10. Consider just going for M54B30 + manual and set the rest aside for maintenance (how are the rear subframe bushes looking..? Cooling system, gaskets, etc.)
  11. Consider using a password manager with unique passwords per account (even if the site has HTTPS) - better overall security.
  12. +1 on the CTEK units, I believe BMW's battery charger accessory is also just a BMW-branded CTEK.
  13. Planning on converting my partner's E87 130i to NBT (iDrive 4) at some point soon - not the most economical, but will look very factory-like and have the modern niceties - perhaps another option to consider.
  14. Ah, I was order 49, turned up today fortunately, installation was a breeze in my E39 touring and definitely an improvement for those of us running a MK3/MK4 nav unit. Have you updated the firmware on yours yet?
  15. How long ago did you order? Mine was shipped on the 28th of April, has been showing as leaving Chicago for quite a while...
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