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  1. The certification threshold seems to always be changing even different rules from when I did mine but yes currently you technically do.
  2. Either starter would work I think but the belts are different. Serpentine on e36 and vbelt on E30, so you would have to make sure all your pulleys match the style you go with.
  3. This is some of the documentation I have found, dug up from https://bmw-grouparchiv.de/. Seems to show that unladen weight does include a driver (68kg) and Luggage (7kg). If any one has similar info for a NZ new car that would be great. Even the new cars have the same weights applied https://www.bmw.co.nz/en/all-models/m-series/m3-sedan/2017/technical-data.html#tab-0
  4. I have found the COP guide I used http://bmwz3diys.weebly.com/coil-on-plug-conversion.html
  5. I may have a spare cop plate. I had two made when mine was done, it's not the prettiest but works fine. I Also have pdf of the dimensions
  6. The Disa system is pretty simple but yeah still controlled by the ECU, this link should give you more info https://carchat.org/articles/1394-bmw-m42-engine-technical-information-e36 My exhaust manifold was from someone on the e30zone forum. There should be plenty of intakes around as the USA has plenty of E30 m42s. For me it just seemed easier to use the whole e36 engine as is.
  7. Here is my thread from a few years ago. I would probably suggest using the loom and ecu from the donor car if you end up using a e36 engine. E36 engines have knock sensors and disa which wouldn't work with an E30 ecu. Yes e36 intake manifold works fine. You might want to make a support bracket to hold it up from below as the E30 arms don't have the brackets to support it like in the e36 When I did my swap exhaust manifolds could be found relatively cheap. I would find a late e36 m42 engine as they had the revised timing chain/guide system.
  8. I have seen diffs with R tags before from z3s. They seem to be small case clutch type lsd. Ratio will be 4.44.
  9. PW4922 is my old car I sold it in Jan this year. It was a great car I owned it from early 2015, the body is in good shape for the km's and no rust. If the other car is https://www.trademe.co.nz/2329094065 I would take PW4922 hands down. If you have any other questions about it feel free to PM me.
  10. I don't think that car is worth 6k. The Km's are not legitimate have a look at car jam, hasn't moved from 1996 to 2016. You can tell by the seats it's done a lot more than 114000. The painted bumpers is also wrong.
  11. Hi, I am looking for an e36 manual conversion kit preferably a g220 6 cylinder kit. I'm in Auckland but willing to Travel/Ship if needed. Cheers
  12. There is a spreadsheet here which I found helpful when making my decision https://www.transport.govt.nz/land/road-user-charges-ruc-and-petrol-excise-duty-ped/light-petrol-vs-diesel/ Basically the more km's you do per year the better off you are. I purchased a e91 320d a few months ago and so far has been great. I have an early model with the m47 which means no dpf to worry about. It takes a little while to get used to the lower power band but to me it feels like driving a car with a much bigger engine.
  13. Probably just using someone else's trademe by the looks. Phone number leads here https://www.samuellloydcars.com/
  14. It appears to be in UK according to this ad https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/sydney-city/cars-vans-utes/bmw-z3m-coupe/1210628992 Seems a little fishy "Sam" on Gumtree "Anthony" on Trademe.
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