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  1. handgrenade

    Contact For Importing Car Parts From Europe (England)

    Thanks for your responses. Apologies if I used the wrong nomenclature. The guy is looking for an agent who will help him sort it all out. He doesn't mind paying whatever fees as long as they are reasonable, he just doesnt have the time or logistical knowledge perhaps to sort it himself. So if anyone knows a decent 'agent' or logistics coordinator who deals with this magnitude of car parts, then it would be great to get a contact reference! Cheers!
  2. Hi All Asking on behalf, does anyone have any contacts for an importer who has the licenses etc to bring in car parts (total worth 10k+) into New Zealand from the UK?Preferably someone who is well established etc. A colleague wants to bring in a bunch of MG? parts for some kit cars and old cars he has - the parts are heavy (like diffs and gearboxes etc) and is happy to pay for shipping, taxes and customs etc due to that the parts are so much cheaper from the UK and also Brexit helping the exchange rate. Thanks!
  3. handgrenade

    Mtech 1 E30 325i

    very clean car, looks the best without the signage IMO sits really well and has a good solid stance - and who doesnt love a stroker!!
  4. handgrenade

    I'm not new, and neither is she

    Loving the woodgrain!! Looks very tidy
  5. handgrenade

    2015 Audi RS6

    I went down the Mitsubishi MIVEC route instead of VTEC. And I did enjoy running that little 1.6L out to 8200rpm!! Much more linear I believe than VTEC though ..
  6. handgrenade

    2015 Audi RS6

    I actually have never experienced VTEC. I don't feel like I'm missing out
  7. Something a lot of people overlook is that they use the best tuning software or aftermarket engine management computer out there, but end up with not many people with the experience to get the most out of it. This is the reason why I stuck with 'old' tech of an Apexi PowerFC over new EMS units due to that most tuners know the unit and can use it fast and easily and I can get a retune or adjustment almost any time and anywhere .
  8. *most* aftermarket maps are pretty safe. The N54 is a very strong engine - you can do a quick search online to find the numbers people (especially in the states) are pushing on a stock block N54 - 700hp+. Of course if you are running a bad tune, you'll kill any engine. So yes, definitely get it done by someone reputable.
  9. handgrenade

    1996 M3 Evo - HellRot

    With the amount of image correction on the photo set .. not sure why the seller decided to include that particular pic which showed the paint condition! Especially since the rest of the photos were edited in such a way to remove that level of detail.
  10. handgrenade

    2015 Audi RS6

    The B7 RS4 is a great car!! have been considering one.. the noise from that n/a V8 factory tuned to the edge, factory 6spd manual transmission is the only option. And it is a great looking machine with the huge guards and factory 19" rims or optional 20". But it would mean I'd have to lose a car (can't justify 3 cars!) and I can't let go of the M3 or the Evo #firstworldproblems
  11. handgrenade

    2015 Audi RS6

    Love the new tech of the hot v twin turbo system. most euro v8s have incorporated the same tech, bmw's v8, mercedes as well .. all in the 4L range The s65 mercedes is a powerhouse! what was that .. a 6.0L v12 biturbo and rwd? Crazy!
  12. ECU map will net you 50-60hp .. without any other mods. stock is fast .. feels like a larger displacement engine .. with a remap, brings on the torque stronger. much more fun! but I agree, auckland streets .. stock is plenty of power. that being said, more power is always fun:)
  13. handgrenade

    2015 Audi RS6

    2015/2016 RS6? v8 twin turbo? Or the older V10 twin?
  14. handgrenade

    E36 White smoke

    suggesting to retorque the head studs to spec? not a bad idea. Still if the thermal expansion differential between the alloy head and iron block is causing seeping of coolant into the combustion chamber, then you would notice a drop in coolant level right?
  15. if it is a complete bolt in kit, then it should be fairly easy. The tuning will be the difficult part. I suggest you sort out a tuner first who will do forced induction and whether you'll be running a modified DME or a standalone. edit: I want to do this as well .. 6-8psi at 11.3:1 should net 400whp .