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  1. Any e21 for sale ? Or maybe something older
  2. mistermince

    Mint 525ee

    Whoever has it, I want to buy it
  3. A little research and it looks like there’s only one for sale in the whole country 🤔 and they’re asking $14k
  4. mistermince

    e28 prices?

    Considering bringing back my e28 1987 535i auto in mint condition from the UK but not sure of its value to justify the cost. It's in original condition with 285,000kms and recent respray. 2 long term owners. I'm not sure of the value to buy these in New Zealand or whether it's worth shipping it. Anyone have any recent sale prices of similar models ??
  5. Looking for anything out there. Must be manual
  6. looking for "The Restorers Reference BMW 2002 68-76" any pdf copies out there that someone can email me?
  7. mistermince


    would you take $600 for the wheels and tyres?
  8. that's a bit greedy, you've already got an e30
  9. also looking for an e21... < $10,000 manual preferably minimal or no rust recently completed paint job or very tidy cosmetically engine in good order or low kms (probably a long shot) north island preferably email me if you know of anything tkp100@gmail.com
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