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  1. Hi Grant, Yes - I still have these. Feel free to DM if you're interested. Josh
  2. UPDATE: $1 reserve on TradeMe now - https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-parts-accessories/interior/seats/listing/4526037557?bof=EY30dk2g
  3. These are now on Trade Me for $100 reserve: https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-parts-accessories/interior/seats/listing/4496522969
  4. Updated: Have just found the front seat switches in a storage box - so these are included now. Arrows on the buttons are a bit faded as you'd expect, and 3 of the 4 spring clips to hold the switch assembly in the centre console have broken (see pictures). Have tested continuity across all switches and they're operational. All you should need now is a bit of wiring. Looking to flick the lot, including switches, for $350.
  5. Had a good look around and no sorry mate - just the two rear switches already in the rear centre piece, and the cabling on the seats.
  6. These are still available and looking for a nice new home for Christmas!
  7. Awesome - DM me if you like. Will keep these up on TM in the meantime.
  8. Bump. Reduced to $500, or make a reasonable offer. Keen to see these go.
  9. Front and rear full electric buffalo leather seats out of an e23. I have had these in storage since 2019 after purchasing for a project but never installed. There are mixed posts online about these fitting e28s as well, with a bit of adjustment, but don't hold me to that. Electrics All seats are electric - including the rear (forwards and back motion). One motor in the driver's seat is not working - appears to be shorting out or ceased (e.g., it is drawing current, not moving) The seat raising motor in the driver's seat is working but no movement. Can hear the cable clattering a bit - so, suspect the issue is in the cable drive. ALL other motors and drive cables work on all seats. Note, I have only tested the motors directly - not the control box with microswitches. Switches for the rear seats are in the centre seat (pictured), behind your knees if you were sitting on the seat as opposed to in the pull down rear centre console. Door Cards Three of the four door cards are in the condition you might expect for their age. The last door card is bent out of shape. Seats These have been stored inside and periodically cleaned and conditioned. There are many posts online about restoring these back to their old glory - either with a fair bit of hard work and/or by dying the leather. Both rear backrests have tears in the stitching as pictured. The undersides of all seats are pictured, showing rust on the mounts - not surprising given the common water leaks in the e23. Not sure what happened with the plug surrounds from the drivers seat, but easy enough to replace. Seats are otherwise surprisingly comfortable for their age! Pictures Have chucked these into a few Google photo albums: Driver seat: https://photos.app.goo.gl/6BvAwppszUZ6muDY6 Front passenger seat: https://photos.app.goo.gl/hWWS979M17eZGJxE8 Rear seats: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Jvsy97bBq2RwVCAr6 Door cards: https://photos.app.goo.gl/CcftBDnQQhEeFFu47 Price These are getting harder and harder to find in a usable and working condition, but I appreciate there's a bit of work needed to get these up to scratch (depending on your definition of up to scratch!). I no longer have a vehicle for these and need their storage space* back, so all things considered I think a reasonable ask for everything is ~$600. * the partner wants the spare room back ...
  10. Per title - BBS front lip for an e23. Has a few cracks and scrapes, so will need a repair and a paint to your liking. Asking $300, open to offers. Pickup in Birkenhead, Auckland.
  11. I have a set of new genuine BMW e23 bonnet lining pads / sound absorbers for the underside of the bonnet. Purchased these for my now-gone restoration project. Have been stored inside for months. Asking $150 for the set. Pick up in Birkenhead, Auckland. Part numbers: Left side: 51-48-1-852-353 Right side: 51-48-1-852-354 Middle: 51-48-1-852-355
  12. In light of this... ... I have lost energy for my original restoration project and am now selling the donor car. I picked this up about 4 years ago in bad shape with the intention of sacrificing it for parts if necessary. That never really happened, so now just want it gone. Points: Rego is still on hold - plate ZL6061. Was running up until a month ago - sounds like starter as won't crank at all. Feels like the brake bomb is gone - pedal goes to the floor. Exhaust was leaking somewhere. Several deep rust spots (pictured). Dashboard is cracked at the top, and instrument cluster mould damaged. Has leak into interior somewhere - usually the heater box on these. Rear bumper not pictured but I do have it. No bonnet shocks. No rear speakers. Would suit as spare parts, a paddock beater, a generator for the next Auckland storm, or a garden ornament. Selling entire car only (not parting). Will need to be towed (North Shore, Auckland). Seeing if there is any interest here before I try TradeMe etc. Really not sure what it's worth. I figure someone could make a few grand if they sat on it and patiently parted out. I just want it gone, but there is value there. So I guess I'm after ~$1k. Tell me I'm unreasonable?
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