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  1. @Olaf Good advice - need to love it - i’m planning on holding the car for a good amount of time (Forever?!?) so shouldn’t rush 👍
  2. Sammo

    E46 330ci Manual

    The wife has been borrowing the E46 the past 2-3 weeks driving through a construction site daily while her Audi gets fixed so its been uncharacteristically dirty lately. With the amazing weather, was high time to give her a good going over, also fixed a door speaker and sorted a little handbrake issue. Stopped for an impromptu snap en-route to the Supermarket - its been a while. Just doing a few minors on it now (RTABs / Alignment / Oil) as will be selling it on once I find an overpriced E30 for the next project 😢 I think she knows, was an absolute pleasure burbling around, turning heads in the sunshine, making me doubt myself...
  3. Cheers, it’s in Cambridge - might cool my heels a touch however and take my time to make sure I get the right one - have a bit of time and money to not just buy first thing that comes along. The FOMO is real though 😬
  4. Sammo

    E46 330i Touring

    Oh yes, a really enjoyable job on ramps 😂 not a whole lot of space under there although I did manage to avoid investing any premium unleaded
  5. Cheers man! Will hit you up for sure once I do 😎
  6. Cheers - definitely budgeting plenty of refreshing, regardless.
  7. No, facelift slicktop so ‘lower risk’ - apparently ‘no known rust’ for what that’s worth…
  8. Question for the wiser E30 heads: Would it be foolish to purchase an E30, sight unseen? Or is it an acceptable risk in today’s market / buying a 30+ year old car? While the car in question does look clean and has had the same owner for 5+ years, I am planning / prepared to spend plenty of money on maintenance/ restoration of anything I buy anyway so niggles won’t be a major factor. Necessary evil or shall I just wait until us filthy Aucklanders can leave the region (2022/2023😬) ?
  9. I think we are at 'Devil you know' territory now haha I knew its first proper service wasn't going to be cheap but the front ADS shocks were an unpleasant surprise indeed ($1200 each)
  10. Got it back today finally - feels like a new car, as one would hope after the $5K plus bill. Tyres and alignment tomorrow 4 x Control arm bushes / 2 x front electronic adjustable shocks / spring pads and bump stops / Big old oil leak in rear of engine from cam chain cover / coil pack connectors / Brake fluid / Diff fluid / service. Oil leak and bushes (surprisingly) were covered through warranty so the shop went through replacing anything and everything they could while they were in there 👍 At least I have better leverage on the wife when the time comes to sink some coin into my BMW 🤣
  11. Withdrawn already...
  12. Jeez, makes me wonder what mine would go for
  13. Interesting - fantastic colour and factory manual helps but will be interesting how much its average condition and lack of WOF / Cert holds it back...
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