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  1. Probably - I'm missing a couple of those clips
  2. Saw that - looks like a great build, imagine it owes him plenty but yeah, I would think in this market its much closer to $25k than $40k. A shame it must be certed on 14x6.5 wheels with an M52.
  3. Looks great mate, I wondered who had snagged that one. Is the car in Auckland still? Would love to check it out sometime.
  4. For richer or poorer 😂
  5. Car back from a WOF and a few niggles… End links Balljoints Alignment Waterpump and belts Crank sensor Has to go back before Xmas (after parts arrive) for: Thermostat / Cover / Housing / Coolant Hose Just as well I love this little shitbox!
  6. The rarest of rare - 333i with a Tech 2 kit 🙃 https://www.rosecitycars.co.nz/vehicle/1986-BMW-Other/11955?s=1&fbclid=IwAR3mR2oKEOI-vQHROlVxoGZ7w0JioNjTcpk1EinucF2-tlxqjo1ePixvsHI Not sure why you would not return to stock and present as an original car if you had all the bits with it.
  7. Thought this was going to be a thread about the XM label red
  8. If someone steals the 'uneconomical to ever sell' E30 I would be all over this in a heartbeat
  9. @Kees Just saw this pop up in my feed:
  10. I bet! Can’t imagine how well they go with an F20c
  11. Had this little badboy for an amazing day in the sun today - Bday gift from the wife. So much fun - 140whp and 600kg is more than enough for me - made the E30 feel like driving a houseboat afterwards. Incredible steering and brake feel and the noise from the 4 banger 20V with ITBs and side pipe was truly savage. Would reccomend!
  12. Missed these updates - wheels looking great and that belly shot!!
  13. Stunning - would love a Lachsilber Tech 2 touring to park next to mine!
  14. Very cool indeed, I suspect thats priced to sell, but who knows. Saw it a couple of years ago when I sold him the roof racks that came on mine.
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