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  1. Weird - earlier this year I got half way through an online form and didn't complete it. They called me on the Monday and got me booked in - service was exceptional IMO.
  2. Sammo

    E46 330ci Manual

    Little treat for the 46 arrived today; a set of pretty mint and rare Piano Black interior trim - always wanted a set but never seen it for sale before until a little good fortune on Sunday. Should look a lot nicer than the carbon cube I have. Never realised Piano black had a subtle metallic in it - very nice. Hope to get it in before this Sundays AKL meet up.
  3. Yeah, a 330i is definately a better bet with 40hp / 55nm more than a 325i and likely similar fuel economy... Keep a look out.
  4. Yeah, I've found a few relatively rare bits and bobs through FB, it seems a lot of stuff never hits the wider market - one of those coupes (listed on here as well) them sold in a couple of days at that price, think the other two are still for sale although one says 'pending'. I always cross list with TM, surprises me that people 'marketing' a car for sale at over $10K won't spend $50 on a TM classified.
  5. Seems like too many compromises for a silver sedan TBH - quick check on FCP Euro shows a new ABS module is $$$$ I don't think I've seen leather seat covers that look good, but then I'm pedantic with my interior. If you don't mind a sedan there are some pretty decent looking 325i's available for in around the $4K mark. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/325i/listing/2833264388?bof=6vmvu87R https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/325i/listing/2776390425?bof=6vmvu87R https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/325i/listing/2826267739?bof=6vmvu87R
  6. Sammo

    E30 Wanted

    Its asking $9k but white sedan in Nelson just popped up with certed coilovers, an M50B25 purple tag etc?
  7. Good stuff man - up up the 330ci manual values 😎
  8. Got the wireless Carplay module working finally, after some back and forth with Ali Express 'Technical Support' 🤣 The issue I was having was entirely due to their technical support telling me to change a key setting and eventually sorted myself thanks to Youtube (unit didn't come with instructions aside form a one page wiring diagram for a different model). System is great though, really brings the car into the 21st century and Carplay has come a long way (I use Android Auto currently). Will be getting a wireless Carplay module for the E46 as well as I'll be dumping my Huawei for the iPhone 12 Pro Max next month 😁
  9. Keeping the twilight theme, after a fresh coat of Menzerna.
  10. @sjbglobal have you seen this one on Facebook? I dig the green TBH but may not be for everyone. 166km, Msport, looks pretty tidy.
  11. @m325i Nice, and the GTiR (!!!)- Japanese cars were so wild in the 90s... what happened?
  12. Back when a 1600 twin cam made you a bad boy 🤣
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