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  1. Sammo

    1990 E30 325i SE

    Nice, thinking of either going this way or with match ST springs and shocks - their advertised drop is right between the H&R sport and race (really enjoyed their Coilovers on the E46). Will definitely be picking up some extra rear spring pads to dial out the butt-sag!
  2. Sammo

    1990 E30 325i SE

    @adro Gorgeous shots and car as always! Need an Mtech 2 wheel for mine. You are running H&R Sport with front drop hats, correct? It sits really nice - no facelift 'reverse rake' how do you find the ride (practicality) with that setup?
  3. Sammo

    1990 E30 325i SE

    Put some 95 in it and it will wheel spin in 4th 🤣
  4. Will likely sell as its a sweet looking wagon but for $15K a WOF and decent tyres would be nice. Are those 18x8 or 18x9? Certed for 8J.
  5. Not sure if it would suit your application but Autowatch (Good) and Mongoose (Cheap) have Transponder immobiliser systems designed specifically for automotive use. Not sure how going keyless would work to unlock the door - could just get an aftermarket immobiliser / alarm and use the fob to unlock the car and disarm the immobiliser then button to start? Transponder immobiliser only: http://www.autowatch.co.nz/Vehicle+Security+Products/Car+Alarms++Immobilisers/573PPI+Transponder+Immobiliser.html Immobiliser with remote unlocking: http://www.autowatch.co.nz/Vehicle+Security+Products/Car+Alarms++Immobilisers/446Ri+Remote+Immobiliser.html Not sure how insurers look at this kind of thing?
  6. I'm sure it could be coded out - would be the first thing I would do if I ever need to buy a car with this 'wonderful feature'.
  7. I'm with Provident and Yes unfortunately - two excesses.
  8. Hard to say - recently a couple of sets of 16x7 (one was 4x100 and one was 5x120) sold for $3,500ish pretty quickly - they were fully refurbed though. Not sure if 17" 5x120 is less desirable or not - 4x100 wheels certainly are subject to E30 tax - would expect to be $2500ish though? New decent quality reps in this size are about $1900 plus shipping and tax - these would need tidying up but are the real thing.
  9. @E30 325i Rag-Top Exactly! better than burying ones head in the sand... I'm pretty comfortable with the extent of my findings (sunroof part excepted which I'm aware will cost $$$) - for boot I think I'll clean properly and treat it and plug the holes for now then get it welded and a new seal later this year when I'm getting the other 'serious' work done (sunroof tray / boot lid).
  10. Hell BM is the man for this. Edit: Sorry, saw you are in WGN
  11. Let me guess, it was a debadged 320i
  12. On firewall at the end of the valve cover - enjoy haha https://blog.fcpeuro.com/how-to-clean-out-replace-the-sunroof-drain-port-on-a-bmw-e30
  13. Must have been in a masochistic mood as finally got around to doing a proactive ‘rust hunt’ in the E30. I already need to get some professional work done on the sunroof / tray / boot lid later in the year as funds allow but I wanted to go through and find anything else I can clean up and treat myself to nip in bud. Findings (presumably typical): Bit of surface rust on front jacking points Small patch of surface rust on firewall below my well and truly buggered ‘Elephant drain’ but came off easily with a wire brush. Reasonable amount of surface rust on boot seal ‘seam’ including a small area that I managed to turn into a couple of little holes. Will get this all cleaned up well, treated and order a new drain and boot seal. Not sure on approach with the little holes on the boot seal area (about a 1/3rd pea size) - would bog work here just to plug the hole, or would welding be best?
  14. Happy New Year mate - can’t seem to message you direct. My delayed FCP order finally arrived so still keen to borrow those tools if possible?
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