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  1. Thats a fantastic first BMW!
  2. Yeah, a 330i is definately a better bet with 40hp / 55nm more than a 325i and likely similar fuel economy... Keep a look out.
  3. Yeah, I've found a few relatively rare bits and bobs through FB, it seems a lot of stuff never hits the wider market - one of those coupes (listed on here as well) them sold in a couple of days at that price, think the other two are still for sale although one says 'pending'. I always cross list with TM, surprises me that people 'marketing' a car for sale at over $10K won't spend $50 on a TM classified.
  4. Seems like too many compromises for a silver sedan TBH - quick check on FCP Euro shows a new ABS module is $$$$ I don't think I've seen leather seat covers that look good, but then I'm pedantic with my interior. If you don't mind a sedan there are some pretty decent looking 325i's available for in around the $4K mark. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/325i/listing/2833264388?bof=6vmvu87R https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/325i/listing/2776390425?bof=6vmvu87R https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/325i/listing/2826267739?bof=6vmvu87R
  5. Sammo

    E30 Wanted

    Its asking $9k but white sedan in Nelson just popped up with certed coilovers, an M50B25 purple tag etc?
  6. Good stuff man - up up the 330ci manual values 😎
  7. Got the wireless Carplay module working finally, after some back and forth with Ali Express 'Technical Support' 🤣 The issue I was having was entirely due to their technical support telling me to change a key setting and eventually sorted myself thanks to Youtube (unit didn't come with instructions aside form a one page wiring diagram for a different model). System is great though, really brings the car into the 21st century and Carplay has come a long way (I use Android Auto currently). Will be getting a wireless Carplay module for the E46 as well as I'll be dumping my Huawei for the iPhone 12 Pro Max next month 😁
  8. Keeping the twilight theme, after a fresh coat of Menzerna.
  9. @sjbglobal have you seen this one on Facebook? I dig the green TBH but may not be for everyone. 166km, Msport, looks pretty tidy.
  10. @m325i Nice, and the GTiR (!!!)- Japanese cars were so wild in the 90s... what happened?
  11. Back when a 1600 twin cam made you a bad boy 🤣
  12. Sammo

    E30 Wanted

    I'm not an expert, but my feeling is Facebook listing (e.g in E30 owners club pages) will be more realistic. Mint cars still sell quick for good money on Trade Me but then I think people see a mint manual listed then assume their tired auto 318i is worth $12k as a result. Join E30 Owners New Zealand Car Club on FB and put the feelers out.
  13. The generation prior BFMR in the two tone white and grey were the TITS when I was a teenager
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