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  1. I had both my side skirts painted for $400 (including removal, assembly and new clips etc) - thought it was spendy at the time, but maybe not. This was at Scratchbuster's in Wairau.
  2. Turbo definitely makes sense for heavier / lazier cars and autos. Less of an issue with manuals I believe as you tend to hold the gears longer.
  3. Like just the screen? Plenty of OEM looking Android options for E39 / E46 - I'm running wireless carplay in mine.
  4. Cert or not, I think for $8K it will be gone very quick - Tidyish, clean interior, M42, manual with some quality parts on it... Looks better than half of the slower 320i's *trying* for $10k+
  5. Was one of these at Caffeine and Classics in AKL on Sunday (along with 500 odd other beauties) - a stunning design - simplicity is best!
  6. Definitely a 2.5 that someone has added the badges to. Get the VIN from the plate on Carjam then punch it into an online Vin decoder: https://www.mdecoder.com/decode/wbabt32020ls21514
  7. I have two in my Glovebox 🀣
  8. Their machine has been broken since Covid apparently. I went to Autoalign / RaceAlign in Mt Wellington a few months back, on the advise of many here - very quick and only $80 plus GST Only comment is my front toe had a fair variance (Left 0.9mm / Right 0.3mm with brand new Tierods) but car seems pretty good?
  9. I think that was owned by a Bimmersporter and had much higher kms - plate 321BHP or something?
  10. A potential challenger πŸ€”
  11. 3.0 but very low kms? If condition matched kms I imagine a pretty decent price these days.
  12. Sammo

    M52 powered e30

    Nice, you could get some cloth recaros in a finish not too out of place to the stock trim? Or retrimmed recaros but that would be $$$. I feel dark green is a more classic colour a little better suited to the older school tech 1 look? Let’s be real though, Tech 1 and tech 2 are both stunning in any colour πŸ‘Œ
  13. Has a more beautiful BMW been made?
  14. I’m happy with my Hankook V12 Evo 2s for daily and spirited (not silly) street driving. Will likely get PS4s next however as they seem like the best tyre at a decent price point and available in so many sizes.
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