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  1. Been a while since my last confession! Car failed a WOF on its clapped steering rack (play / leaking / torn boots) 3 weeks ago - hummed and hah'd about doing the purple tag swap but cert / bump-steer test anxiety and being time-poor and WOF'less currently, decided against it. Old rack was beyond a rebuild (shaft stuffed) so went with a remanufactured E30 rack from LPSR in Perth. They do new / remanufactured and used tested BMW racks of all types. Really responsive outfit and arrived in a week. Got car back today and am stoked - was a little worried I was dropping a bunch of coin for a WOF sticker and no driving improvement - it feels so much better though - tighter / smoother and even a little weightier. We also sold our little house in the burbs and bought an apartment in Freemans Bay and will be moving next week. So while the E30 will be gaining a secure covered carpark, I will be losing the ability to meaningfully DIY on it - no drama's TBH as car is well sorted now and I've never had any talent for wrenching. While I'll be doing amore walking and a little less driving, I'm looking forward to hooning around a new neighbourhood.
  2. Hi @modz may be needing to do this swap to sort the clapped rack in my M20 E30... Are these used for manifold clearance primarily, or shorter length? (have seen people remove the stock coupler bushing to achieve a similar result). Cheers!
  3. Jeez - those two look good together - sadly she is in need of a need of a new steering rack....
  4. Damn we have similar taste haha - you move the M325i on? Can't wait to see it at a local event.
  5. Sammo

    Leather vs Cloth

    Depends on the cloth design of course, but when dropping a bit of coin to fully reupholster my E30, cloth was the only option for me, Uberkaro to be specific. Houndstooth and some of the limited edition Mtech cloths are also highly desireable. Black leather is the safest (universally popular) overall and seems like it wears a little better in general, as you can redye / spray it far more cost effectively than a full reupholster ($5-10k).
  6. Quite an impressive flick!
  7. Its a very nice car, no doubt, but the reupholstery on the 318i Touring makes me very hapy I stumped for all original BMW fabric for my retrim - looks like spotlight or corolla fabric.
  8. $20k, damn, almost had a flutter last minute with the E30 resto fund 😬
  9. Changed the rear bump stops on the F31 - first time wrenching on a newer BMW - was quite pleasant dealing with 10 year old bolts, rather thn 35 year old ones.
  10. Was heading into town in the E30 this morning and a Long Beach Blue OG M2 accompanied me most of the way from Birkenhead - not sure if it was a member. Assuming not as he ignored me at the lights 😂 One of the few 'modern' BMWs I would swap to I think.
  11. The incredible G80/G81 Colours more than make up for the styling IMO
  12. Which M3 did he buy? Although guess it won't be long before it is revealed
  13. Little Easter meetup - the red M325i was on Trade Me not long ago and is absolutely spectacular!
  14. This build is on fast forward 💪
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