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  1. Awesome man, love how purpose driven this beast is - I would too terrified of breaking something on mine haha
  2. Sammo

    Quick rant thread.

    Been chasing a bad rattle (metal on metal kind of sound in front part of car) for the past week or so. Car came back from workshop last Friday for driveshaft hoop install - then last Saturday I installed a short shifter and front and rear upgraded sway bars - so made it a bit harder on myself with all the changes at once.. First noticed the rattle over bumps etc on Sunday and have been chasing my tail on it ever since - first assumed it was the M3 front bar hitting something, then thought it was my end links and then thought it could even be my new short shifter linkage being too close to the driveshaft... So I reinstalled the factory shifter and removed the front bar and end-links and it was still there. I also checked and re-torqued my lower strut bolt, strut nuts and strut mount nuts - still no joy. I don't believe the driveshaft hoops are the culprit, although the rear one is very close to the exhaust. Finally, I remembered I also had the shop change my transmission mounts - just checked those and the lower nuts were VERY loose - like no resistance with a very short handled 3/8" ratchet... Tightened those up which will *hopefully* be problem solved. Dinner time though so will have to test drive again in the morning - fingers crossed! Edit: Knock / rattle is still there FFS, will need to take it back to the shop 😐
  3. Another 13 years will be worth the asking price
  4. This is an M54B30 but I've found it to be good - no issues at all and definitely burns less than the Edge 5w/30 (although still too much!) I wasn't expecting much aside from it being easier to source on special and a slightly heavier weight, but no negatives.
  5. Link says $2700 USD - $3800 NZD Vs $2900 NZD for the B16 electronic at Demontweeks and $2375 for the KW V2 at Demontweeks? Don't know anything about the B16s but assume they are an electronically adjustable version of the cheaper PSS10. Monotube vs twintube, so pending spring rates, possibly a more performance / track orientated setup than the V2s.
  6. A local shop changing an OEM screen will cost plenty and leave you with 2007 tech. A new android unit will be much cheaper, have a better screen, be much faster and have the ability to run 2021 Android Auto / Apple Carplay with an OEM look.
  7. Fireball have some good products offering more satin finishes: https://www.unitedcarcare.co.nz/products/fireball-tyre-coating https://www.unitedcarcare.co.nz/products/fireball-trim-tyre Si02 which I guess is a fancy way of saying silicone, but the results are good. I've got a container of Meguiars Endurance Gel at the moment which is decent, smells good too - with hand application it needn't be too glossy either - at SCA / Repco and often on special.
  8. Stu, was this at Hampton downs on Sunday?
  9. Sell your Bitcoin and buy E30s https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/2946929933?bof=mR1FVzUq
  10. @SmackJackTheCrackerMan I'm running ST XA on an E46 which are the same bar the 'INOX' stainless housings - really happy and no issue with cert. Firm but not crashy (and I'm pretty low) and well damped for spirited road use. Install was easy and the damping adjustments make a noticeable difference if you want to play around. Demontweeks seems to have the best prices around.
  11. Was this at the BMW Festival Show and Shine yesterday?
  12. I've not used them, but understand you can now get more full featured Bluetooth plugs which do airbags etc as well - makes more sense to me to outsource the screen function to my fancy phone than a $100 LCD...
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