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  1. kNuTz

    Overheating E91 2006 325i

    Sure was Pete, all appears to be sorted now. There was absolutely no pressure in water when running the bleed procedure! Pump is all changed, pressure is back and all running great
  2. kNuTz

    Overheating E91 2006 325i

    So we had a wedding to attend over the weekend and it was our first trip in the new E91 325i. Drove like a champ with the exception of hitting roadworks on 20" rims! Jeez it feels like you hit a brick wall. Anyhow, weekend and wedding went well, got 90-95% of the way back home and got yellow overheating message between Paekakariki and Pukerua Bay! The message states something along the lines to "take it easy for a bit to cool down", then the red overheating appears stating "STOP!!!!!". Pulled over, with the attempts of cooling down the vehicle and crawling, checking the engine bay there was no steam, overflow, dropping of any water and the expansion tank was full. Had no data on my phone to research while waiting but put the issue down to the water pump while waiting for a tow truck. From 'breakdown' to home it was four hours to go 17.4 KM Car is now at my mechanics awaiting the part through warranty (Protecta), sounds like they are supplying an aftermarket pump due to the known issues with the original/OEM versions. Still going to cost more than my excess, so glad I got warranty. TLDR: Car overheated, OEM water pumps are crap, warranties are worth it!
  3. kNuTz

    Tint % Reccomendations

    Hope this works, should help everyone with the tinting laws . Diagram keyVisible Light Transmittance (VLT) Glazing marked a is required to have an overall VLT of no less than 70%. Overlays are not permitted Glazing marked b is permitted to have overlays applied providing the overall VLT is not reduced below 35% Glazing marked c is permitted to have overlays of any level of tint, including advertising overlays Note: The overall VLT of the glazing is important, not the colour Class MA vehicles are not permitted to have glazing with an overall VLT of less than 35%. If there is glazing with an overlay behind the driver's seat, there must be an external rear view mirror fitted on each side of the vehicle or vehicles of classes other than MA, but including stretched limousines and body transfer vehicles, any glazing to the rear of the driver's seat may have a VLT of any level providing the vehicle has an external rear view mirror fitted
  4. kNuTz

    2008 335i cargo retractable blind

    Ouch! I will look after my one then!
  5. kNuTz

    New Member - 2nd BMW

    Yea..customization always costs but for me it's better than wasting it on things I can't enjoy for more than one night/day This sounds great, I don't tend to go into Wellington City itself very often (so I don't know all the hip places ) but am keen for a meet in the city.
  6. kNuTz

    New Member - 2nd BMW

    Thanks for the comments this is my second wagon and there is something about wagons with the right curves I'm keen for a catch up/meet at some point, unfortunately my Wife works on Sundays and have two little terrors too lol. I will keep an eye out for meets and join when I can
  7. kNuTz

    BMW E91 trim

    Hi Jono, I don't have a set however have you thought about painting the trim or hydro dipping? There are these guys in Auckland http://www.aucklandhydrographics.co.nz/
  8. Hey all, so I have recently sold my jappa and purchased a 2nd BMW...a 2006 325i (E91). Already owned a 2001 320i (E46) which has been the wife's daily driver for kids, etc. The E91 was purchased with the lowering kit and the wheels (20's, a little larger than I would have chosen but seem to suit the car). Looking into finishing the "black out" (kidney grills, taillights, side indicators) and upgrading to FOCAL audio.