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  1. For an m30? If you feel like shipping them to Wellington I'd take them.
  2. Thanks! Ya she's great, tests your patience here and there but always worth it.
  3. Hey, ya she isn't so bad. Just something about driving around with it that's making me a little crazy though 😅 so really looking forward to getting it sorted. Ah that's a shame about the panel beater, disappearing art. I haven't posted the parts list yet because a previous owner of the car actually reached out to me and has been really helpful. He owns a bmw restoration shop in Auckland and so says he might be able to sort me out on parts. So waiting to see what he digs up.
  4. Hey, everyone sorry for such a late reply with updates and thanks so much for all the advice. @Olaf you hit the nail on the head with the advice i needed, thanks so much for all that. I managed to talk it through with the insurance company and it has come to the agreement that i am handling all the repairs for a payout of $4400, which should hopefully cover it. They will not be deregistering the car which was a big relief and gave me a couple options for insurance. I will have to cancel the current policy and open a new third party one while working on the repairs, that can then be switched to full cover again when its done. No change in policy cost too which is nice. So all in all its good working with them. Although frustrating, i understand why they didn't put in the leg work for parts and just wanted to close things. I'd like to make sure its done properly anyway and so don't mind the extra time with it. Getting some more information on one of those older panel beaters would be great actually, especially since experience really tends to show with that and paint. Good to hear about the Datsun, what was it and is it still around? Any chance i'd be able to get in touch with Phil about the panel beater out in Rongotea? That sounded like an option worth exploring. Thanks Again!
  5. I haven't looked internationally, found parts locally but the insurance company hasn't been working very hard to get them. Seem to want to rush into getting it closed. Ya I guess that's a fair point. Sure every car at this age has something. Just don't want it to bite me if the time comes to sell. If it had something tied to it's registration that I have to keep explaining or something.
  6. Hi guys, looking for some insurance advice. I recently got in an accident under classic car insurance with AA, not my fault. The damage to the car was certified as purely cosmetic but the availability of the e28 euro bumpers has made them say it's "uneconomical to repair" I believe I can get it repaired for the payout but wanted any advice on what the implications would be. Does keeping it registered get affected? How does this affect insurance after the fact? Will this affect the cars value? Should I fight this and keep trying to source parts for them myself? I'd really like to hear from anyone with advice on this, especially with older cars and limited parts availability. Thanks!
  7. Karun

    M30 alternator

    Hey, anyone have an alternator for an m30 e28 laying around? Preferably Wellington or can ship. I believe e34 m30s before 92 can be made to work.
  8. Still available? And does it include the strut bar and bracing in the boot? Thanks
  9. OOh ya? Awesome we should get together again sometime. Hows the e30? Ya it would be but you have to buy it in larger amounts so wouldn't be worth experimenting with if it's just one. I could just throw it in a mill and add the weights ya. Might consider doing one large weight for that and then centering it on the lathe instead.
  10. Also looking into machining out of aluminium or delrin soon.
  11. Hey guys, first real post here so bear with me if its in the wrong place. I'm currently doing my masters at Massey in Industrial design and so have access to some really cool machinery at the moment. I recently did a z3 Short shifter install on my e28 and so decided to design and manufacture my own weighted shift knob to go with it. It turned out really well and will probably be better the second time around now, so i thought i'd gauge interest if i were to extend it out to people on here. What it is: Currently I have 3 designs which are all the stock height of the e28/e30 shifter. They have 4 removable brass inserts that weigh about 150 grams total (same weight as total zhp knob) so with the weight of the plastic should come to about at least the same weight as the condor speed shop knob at 180 grams. The prototype was printed on a high detail uv cured resin 3D printer and so ends up with an excellent surface finish as well as a very strong dense print but ends up being more costly than regular filament 3d printing. Can also be printed in a high strength resin at additional cost (Prints dark grey/black). I can also do standard filament prints but wouldn't recommend it other than for prototypes. Finishing: The standard resin prints white and the high strength ends up being a dark grey. My intent is to paint mine as i have some experience with automotive paint and airbrushing. So I can offer this too if people don't want to do it themselves or want something different colour/ pattern wise. Custom designs: I would be willing to work on CAD files at request so if you have something particular you want, we can talk about it. Can offer just the files, 3d printed components or finished and painted pieces. Would also consider working on other parts. Pricing: I'm just doing this as a fun side project so it will be cost of materials + time. Im not a company so ill try my best with quality, but you get what you get I guess. The prototype cost me $60 in materials (expensive print based on volume, I leant on the thick side so it didn't break but might be able to cut that down a little) Pm me for any more info or questions. I'll post more pictures once i get to paint. Just trying it out to dial in feel at the moment. I'll probably only be able to get away with a few of these before someone catches on so limited numbers, preferably towards something cool.
  12. Hey all, Anyone have or know of an E28 for sale? Looking for something in good condition but can put in work if i need to. I currently live overseas in the US looking to move in the coming months, but have my family there that can act on my behalf if need be. I would like it to be a Manual, preferably with one of the bigger engines. Doesn't have to be stock and open to cars with engine swaps. I have a budget of around $7500 for this. Id also be open to a well sorted E21 or maybe an E30 in that order. Send me anything else cool an BMW too. Would really appreciate any help, and really look forward to migrating to Bimmer NZ. You guys seem like a great community.
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