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  1. Hi, yes i do. That might be a good call, I can ask him. Otherwise i do come up there once in a while myself. Might be a good reason for a track day
  2. Karun

    E24 635 CSi

    Yes they are, that's why he's a smart man for keeping them for his next one
  3. Karun

    E24 635 CSi

    Sad to see it go, but excited about the reason why!
  4. Karun

    E24 635 CSi

    The pictures do not do it justice. Someone is going to get very lucky with this car. Was a pleasure seeing it in person.
  5. Karun

    97’ BMW 328i

    Hey, is it a manual?
  6. Would be interested in parts too.
  7. Karun

    1988 BMW 535i

    Sorry to hear you had to let her go, great car. Out of curiosity what is the dial by your head unit? Don't have it on mine.
  8. Hey Driftit any chance you still have that manifold? 😅 would love to pick your brain about turbo m30s at some point.
  9. Sorry to revive an old thread but hoping The H. Behemoth might still be around. A friend and i have been throwing the idea around of an sc14 on an M30B28 would this be something worth pursuing?
  10. Hey man i'd be interested in taking the M30 for parts, just don't have a way to transport it yet.
  11. hahaha it'll be for my dad and he's the same. We'd get in trouble for looking at the car with food in our hands growing up 😂
  12. Thanks for the reply! I didn't know they had two different sites, just got in contact with them through email and got that information. Will give the uk site a go. Ya their products seem to be really good
  13. Hey, I've actually been thinking of doing this on an e31. Going from the factory grey to the same colour as you. Seems like furniture clinic is out of stock now though and are only bringing back limited colours when they return. Fingers crossed this is one of I find an alternative. Did you have to fill any cracks?
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