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  1. $355 for the grills, $75 for the triangle and $150 for the cargo net... not just a couple hundred dollars, and please refrain from the name calling , ok i posted in the wrong post for the parts, but it is BMW group, and i wasnt sure , but thought no harm asking as some one may see it, mayeven have new unused parts they might sell..ANd the E39 M5 ishardly a Dinosaur. maybe the E34 M5 could be called that of the M5's.
  2. M5MAX

    E39 M5

    yes..agree with your last sentence, they got it right with this M5, so back it will go to factory grills.. thanks for comment
  3. M5MAX

    E39 M5

    thanks for comment
  4. M5MAX

    E39 M5

    posted in his form so as to see if anyone has grills for it, for question is merely for attention and for discussion if anyone feels like commenting, i like the black grills along side the le mans blue, but the originals do look better i think... as for adding M stripes, i very much doubt that. the E39 M6 is all about under stating itself, so no stripes no extra badges,
  5. M5MAX

    E39 M5

    thanks for comment..noted
  6. M5MAX

    E39 M5

    thanks for comment..noted
  7. M5MAX

    E39 M5

    Black grills or go back to original ? Anyone got a set of original grills in very good condition 540i facelift model are the same, need to be chrome outer chrome on face of slats and black inside.
  8. M5MAX

    E39 M5 parts wanted

    yes yur correct, so anyone have these and want to sell PM me
  9. M5MAX

    E39 M5 parts wanted

    have not priced from NZ BMW, will ask but expect it be dearer than importing, and yes weary of seond hand ones that may have broken clips. in no rush as i dont mindthe black grills. not cheap to import from usa or europe.
  10. M5MAX

    E39 M5 parts wanted

    looking to buy kidney grills for facelift E39 M5 original ones please must be M5 ones or 540i as long as they are facelift., also looking to buy safety triangle for boot tool kit
  11. still got these, would they fit a E39 M5..photos...maxflaws@hotmail.com
  12. M5MAX

    FS: E39 540i MSPORT, Damaged

    does it have the safety triangle in tool kit, would you sell it. need one fr my e39 M5
  13. M5MAX

    2004 M3 nz new 95ks

    is this sold
  14. M5MAX

    BBS style 5 RC090 x5

    would these fit a 2003 E39 M5. are they 18s, by what ? would they take 275 x 18 tires
  15. M5MAX

    E30 M3 EVO SPORT

    is this car an evo 1 and did it sell ?, how much or how much was it listed for.. import from where.