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  1. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/m5/listing/3660594226 This one is back on the market! Was the second one of trio of blue ones that came up for sale. Was listed in March for 55K
  2. Kees

    Quick rant thread.

    I hit a road coloured brick last year which munted the side wall of a near new Michelin PS4 on my 207 GTI. Was really mad.
  3. Saw that 166 at Zebra this week, that 3.0L V6 is a great score! Will be awesome once its in the 156.
  4. I love that the bumper is damaged, badge needs to be replaced and the TOW HOOK IS STILL THERE!!! What an absolute joke.
  5. Saw that lol, didn't even do both pumps. What a quality effort!! 🤣
  6. Well here it is! Took longer than I thought it would to get back on the market. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/other/listing/3642010450
  7. Kees

    E32 750iL Bargain?

    Welcome to Bimmersport! Good to hear she's gone to an enthusiast. Normally I am a bit of an OCD purist, however I don't hate the idea of the turbo build. So many of the V12 7s have had their hearts ripped out to be used elsewhere. I'm just relieved the car wasn't bought simply for its engine and then the rest left to rot. If I had bought it I would try find a set of the BMW dish style wheels that came on those, I think they are Style 3? Always loved how presidential they make the car look. Then maybe some custom headers and a more free flowing exhaust to let that V12 sing! Would be the ultimate sleeper with a godly soundtrack.
  8. I actually think they are quite cool and quirky. Would suit an old French car like a 205 GTI, Renault Alpine, Citroen SM etc well IMO!
  9. Ah bugger, have a mate who's desperate for a set! Not really up to speed on how much they are worth but there's a set on ebay for over $3K NZD which seems insane.
  10. Anyone reckon this is a genuine ACS car? https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/540i/listing/3634543769 Mirrors, skirts, bumpers, wing, handbrake & gear selector, pedals, strut brace and exhaust all ACS bits. Plus it has some BBS RKs on it too! It's a Hong Kong import which arrived in NZ in 2005 and got the plate "SN1TZA". Pretty cool car that deserves to be saved. Not a bad price either imo. If it wasn't in Taranaki I would be quite interested.
  11. Seems maybe this is the way the seller flogs off his undesirable/costly stock without tainting his business too much?
  12. I do like to live dangerously with my car purchases... 🤣
  13. This F10 M5 came up for sale yesterday afternoon with a price tag of $24K, over 14K cheaper than the cheapest on on TradeMe which has similar mileage. I was going to go have a look at it this afternoon as I have an exam this morning, however, of course with a price tag like that it's already sold. Had I gone and looked at it, I would have had a significant PPI done. I believe the seller owns a dealership however I'm guessing this was a private sale with no dealership jargon in the listing description. Surely there must have been something wrong with the car? When I messaged the seller, I asked if there were any mechanical issues they were aware of as well as where I could view, and was hit with a "yes, its available". I then asked again for a viewing and if there were any mechanical faults he was aware of and I was sent a viewing address of a car dealership on Great South Road but the question about mechanical issues was ignored once again. Seems as though he didn't want any statement in writing pertaining to the mechanical status of the car. I'm sure the car would have sold for $30K in a matter of hours/days as it would still be by far the cheapest F10 M5 on the market. And being a dealer, its hard to believe he doesn't know the value of an F10 M5.... Surely even at trade-in rates, 24K is quite low for an F10 M5 that supposedly has full BMW history? Or did someone just score an absolute bargain? Here's the listing: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/412388357565849/
  14. Kees

    Quick rant thread.

    So I have a little bit of a rant. A few days ago I joined a VW NZ Facebook group, as I've been wanting to take my manual W8 to a meet, so figured a VW meet would be a good place to start. Anyway, once accepted into the group I posted a couple photos of the car, and got a few replies in the comments. A member of the group then PM'd me asking if I would be interested in selling the car as he would love to have it in his personal collection. A quick browse of his Facebook showed he had an Audi S5 and a Porsche 911 997.1.5 Turbo, so it seemed reasonable he was seeking out such a rare and unique car, plus it showed he most likely had some deeper pockets. I replied saying I didn't really want to sell but everything is for sale, for the right price! I then quickly typed up a little summary of the car including all the work thats been done in the last 10,000km, sent a couple photos of the car and then asked what he thought it was worth to him. Since there's only approximately 4 W8 6 Speed Manuals left in NZ (with the rest having been parted and one being exported overseas) it is an extremely hard car to value. Its worth exactly what someone wants to pay for it, there is literally no market. I believe my one is the only silver one, and I think is the most original, even having its original head unit, sales receipt, and plate combination, making it ideal for a diehard VW collector. Plus in the last 10,000km its had clutch, clutch master cylinder, engine mounts, rocker cover gaskets, fuel pump and filter, wheel bearing, thrust arm bushings, cv boots, brake hoses, and to top it off, currently has 4 Potenza RE003s on it. With the prices of things like MK4 R32s climbing in value, to the right person, I think my car could be worth a decent amount of money seeing as its rare as hens teeth, has R32 performance, and imo makes one of the coolest exhaust noises of any VW. (I also understand some people would rather have a testicular torsion than a W8 lol) Basically, its a very niche car. I sent him a screenshot of the only other manual W8 I've ever seen for sale, which was up on Facebook for $15K with 70+ listing saves (indicating it must a popular listing) and had half the ks of my one, but was lowered, with commodore style hideous wheels etc and looked to have been messed around with. Whether mine being largely original is worth more or less is a shoulder shrugging exercise, but I sent it through nevertheless mainly to show him that I didn't really want W8 Auto money (2.5-5K) for my manual car. He replied saying he doesn't like to make offers on cars he hasn't seen, to which I replied that he is more than welcome to come round and have a look at the car. He then rather rudely told me I was wasting his time as he wanted me to give him a ballpark figure for "MY specific one!!". Not sure what he was expecting but since he had come to me with a big spiel about how he wanted it in his personal collection, the fact I don't really want to sell the car unless its for a decent amount, his poor attitude, and that naturally you first price high so you don't accidentally undersell what you have, and have some leverage for negotiation, I logically gave him a ball park of $15K, which is exactly what the last one was for sale for (not particularly unreasonable I thought). And then he sees my message, no reply.... Absolute waste of my time, if he actually wanted a manual W8 you would think he might be a bit more inclined to negotiate. It could be years before another one comes up for sale. Or, go put an 01E from an S4 in an auto one, and spend more money than buying a factory manual. My guess is he just wanted to try score a big engine + a manual for cheap, and maybe even try flip it or something. The cheapest WOF/Reg 4.0L or bigger manual car on Trademe is that thrashed cherry red E39 540 which has been up for months for 10K, followed by a manual B6 S4 for 13.5K. But anyway, rant over.
  15. That hurts my brain 🤣
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