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  1. Spotted a blue E39 M5 on Oteha Valley Road on the North Shore today. Awesome looking car!
  2. Spotted this lovely e38 in Rosedale today.
  3. http://arrowtoys.co.nz/view/302/bmw-m5-e34 Cool car. I remember seeing this for sale in ~2017. What's interesting is when I ran the VIN in a decoder it came back as Diamant-Schwarz so I wonder if it was resprayed Mauritius Blau.
  4. Saw an Imola Red E39 M5 with the plate AWSUM5 in Paihia yesterday morning at about 9:15AM. My jaw dropped when I saw it, beautiful car! No doubt the owner is on Bimmersport.
  5. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/porsche/911/listing/3375836402?bof=CgQlSkt4 There's an almost identical one for sale for $238K, also in Guards Red... but with a few less rust holes.
  6. @balancerider That thing is NZ New and still on original plates!! What a spot! According to carjam its only had two owners!
  7. Was it this one? Took a few photos of it at Caffeine and Gasoline in July. Had a distinctive un-painted carbon bootlid and the BBS wheels
  8. NZ New e38 740i on M-pars spotted today
  9. Kees

    Quick rant thread.

    Possibly the most OCD triggering thing ever… WHY IS THE BADGE NOT IN THE MIDDLE GRRRRRR
  10. Spotted some very nice blue BMWs today…
  11. If you look at Michael Grant Motors on street view you can see a few cars that seem to consistently be on the yard over the years. It's absolutely bizarre. Most of the other cars on the yard seem to be somewhat reasonably priced (as far as cheap car yards go) so its strange the same logic never applied to the BMWs. I'm not an accountant but could the overpriced BMWs that have sat for years that are supposedly worth 15K be a smoke screen for some creative tax returns or something? Just the space they have taken up from the many years they have been for sale would far exceed their actual value, especially when coupled with the amount of maintenance they would need from 12+ years of sitting in the sun. Probably just worth scrap value at this point. This E39 Touring looks to be an example: 2009: 2015: 2021:
  12. It's not that we are psychopathic, we are just better than all the peasants who couldn't afford their own Ultimate Driving Machine... Let's just ignore the fact a bunch of us probably won't be able to buy a house because we sink so much money into our former ultimate driving machines... not psychopathic at all 😅
  13. Saw this E28 today at the Northcross lights.
  14. Excellent spot! Will add it to the list.
  15. My wealthy older neighbour has german plates on his X5M and TTRS and he's never been pulled up about it. That said, seeing as I'm young and get the "random license checks" rather frequently they might try get me for it. Although I like the look of the plates so I sort of want to get them and then if they ever hassle me about it I'll just try talk my way out of it.
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