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  1. Kees


    The NZ New one must have been one of the lower km NZ New M6s left before it was crashed, plus it was a tasty spec. What a shame.
  2. 153K is honestly ridiculous. You could get a 3 year old low km C63 Estate for 80-90K, and then have 60-70K left to get something for the weekends.
  3. They remind me of base spec F20 wheels you would find on something like a 116i, although they do appear slightly different, but it might just be the angle of the photo. I reckon style 378?
  4. Kees


    Yeah makes sense, thats why he probably didn't care about the sale result and honoured the sale
  5. I reckon it will be on the market for ages considering there was an Estoril Blue RHD e36 M3 for 50K that was on the market for quite a while and only recently must have sold. Would rather buy HellBM's S54 M Coupe that has a buy now of 50K if I was out to spend that kind of money. On the topic of Z3s, I suspect that LHD M3 will be stuck on the market with the LHD M Roadster that is currently for sale. This M Roadster is a US Import so has the crappy US Spec engine and rear bumper yet they are asking 36K! M Roadsters are definitely very cool but a US spec one that is LHD is not even 20K cool imo. It does look to be in very nice cosmetic condition at least, and more tidy than the LHD M3. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/z3/listing/3238065780?bof=EIFu2IUr
  6. Kees


    Was it his M6 prior to the crash? Or was it purchased from a salvage yard?
  7. Kees


    Well the winner of the auction got the bargain of the century...
  8. Yup thats not on the list, great spot! Will add it now.
  9. Kees


    Maybe he bid against himself and it could get relisted? Seems like a wise thing to do when your car is about to sell for half or even a third of what it's potentially worth.
  10. Kees


    Yeah it was honestly so cheap that it seemed way to good to be true. It's strange the seller "couldn't recall" starting it. Surely starting a V10 in a wrecked M6 would be a little memorable. If he proved it could start the bidding would have been ballistic I suspect. I was thinking about getting it myself but I'm stuck in Auckland so it would have been too challenging to try and organise getting it up here because it would require some decent man power to get it out of the storage facility and then I'm not even sure if the transporter would be allowed into Auckland. Covid restrictions for Aucklanders would have definitely been another factor contributing to the cheap sale.
  11. Kees


    Yeah I think the same, I saw it at like 1AM this morning at $1.50 with 18 hours left I was like hmmm I think someone has made a listing error here. Car looks to have a genuine 50,000km, carjam shows at last WOF it had 48,000km. Would have bought it myself if I wasn't stuck in level 4 Auckland lol.
  12. Well someone just got an absolute bargain on an E63 M6. Car had done ~50,000km, was NZ New, and was a nice spec with the carbon interior and carbon roof. There was a catch, it had been crashed. However, I am no expert with assessing damaged cars but to me at least the car looked reasonably repairable. The structure doesn't really look to have been damaged in the crash and honestly looked in remarkably good condition. The car still rolled and could be pulled onto a transporter. Even if the body was toast, surely you could get 5K for the S85 especially seeing it has done 50,000km (and lets be honest S85s are never going to be in short demand). Then there's the SMG box, exhaust, interior, undamaged body panels. Surely there's at least 10K in parts right there. AND ALL OF IT SOLD FOR $4210 https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/wrecked-cars/listing/3268500009?bof=FPDzf4bj Photos are not mine, they were taken from the Trademe listing.
  13. Lol and its already sold pending payment....
  14. My bad, saw the plate and incorrectly assumed it was NZ NEW 😅
  15. Oh right yeah thought they would be an enthusiast judging by the Pilot Sport 4 tyres on it. Tbh I'm a fan of all E46s so I think its a steal considering its half the price of a coupe, so you could chuck a couple K in to it and get some nice M-sport bits and make it a super tidy example. Kinda what M539 did with his E46.
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