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  1. Not sure if visible to everyone
  2. Not sure if advert visible to everyone
  3. It's as it come new.unused never been on the car.. It's unpainted
  4. Good condition. Not needed so cheap to someone that can use it. Will post at your cost
  5. $10 for badge has nut bolts and plate for attachment. CD holder is from E39 $10 Boot st r laps I think are from E39 close up photo has part number $5 Will post at your cost
  6. Looks to be complete first aid kit.never been opened. Fits under passenger seat on E39 The other first aid kit I am unsure what it is put of. Will post at your cost
  7. Nice wheels, no tires with yours ? are you selling yours. was the listing of the 540i with the wheelson it or not. i am loking to put a set on my other M5 and keep the original wheels as they are in mint original condition.
  8. have to agree, the wheels are after market ones he has the original ones, but not sure of condition. 8k.. id be close to in on it
  9. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a.asp?id=1677575220&tm=email&et=101&mt=C1256EF0-A22F-40AA-B2F1-A36559848EA0 Has had minor accident, fronte left guard replaced is not an Mspec but does has dea;er fitted Mspec options, such as spoiler, dog leg gearbox, sport suspension etc. I think at those kms and given it is the sedan not a coupe, it is $8,000 to $9000 , what are your thoughts guys n gals
  10. $355 for the grills, $75 for the triangle and $150 for the cargo net... not just a couple hundred dollars, and please refrain from the name calling , ok i posted in the wrong post for the parts, but it is BMW group, and i wasnt sure , but thought no harm asking as some one may see it, mayeven have new unused parts they might sell..ANd the E39 M5 ishardly a Dinosaur. maybe the E34 M5 could be called that of the M5's.
  11. M5MAX

    E39 M5

    yes..agree with your last sentence, they got it right with this M5, so back it will go to factory grills.. thanks for comment
  12. M5MAX

    E39 M5

    thanks for comment
  13. M5MAX

    E39 M5

    posted in his form so as to see if anyone has grills for it, for question is merely for attention and for discussion if anyone feels like commenting, i like the black grills along side the le mans blue, but the originals do look better i think... as for adding M stripes, i very much doubt that. the E39 M6 is all about under stating itself, so no stripes no extra badges,
  14. M5MAX

    E39 M5

    thanks for comment..noted
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