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  1. Syy0628

    How to remove strut nut without an impact

    So, borrowed the socket from Jacko, but still unable to loosen the nut. I fear any more force will break my tox bit. I think the reason is that my coil spring compressor can't fully remove the pressure on the top hat. My Spring compressor only fit onto the middle 3 coil of the spring, I have compressed them to a point where they are almost touching, but there is still no sign of loosening at the top. The remaining pressure is just from the top coil of the spring, I am going to soak the nut in lubricant and see what happens tomorrow.
  2. Syy0628

    How to remove strut nut without an impact

    It will be awesome if I can use it, I have an exam on Saturday, so I am not going to work on my car before that. Can I borrow it on Sunday? thanks in advance.
  3. Syy0628

    rounded breakline nut, help

    I know it is a dead thread already, but I forget to update the situation when I solved it. So here is something for future search. I bought the proper brake line spanner, and took it off at the next fitting, and replaced the damaged brake line. Don't forget to bleed the brake.
  4. Syy0628

    How to remove strut nut without an impact

    Is it a 22mm? I am still looking for a solution. It will be nice if I can borrow it for a day or two.
  5. Syy0628

    How to remove strut nut without an impact

    Seen this method on multiple forums, but My spark plug socket does not have a hex end. but thanks for the tip
  6. Syy0628

    Old 3 series BMW's as a first car

    If you are interested in cars, and to explore the dynamic of the car, learn proper car control, and like to learn to work on cars, the late 90s, early 2000 BMW is the best car for that. I am a uni student as well, I have an e36 with M43 that I use as a platform to learn to work on cars. Parts are cheap, and most importantly, there are many of them in pick a part. I bought mine with $500 with a leather interior like new, but everything else is rubbish, no rego, no wof. I have only used parts from pick a part a part from some powerflex bushing, now it drives really good. A few trips to pick a part, you can pretty much rebuild the cooling system and suspension with almost no money. I have found almost new water pump, all alloy radiator, metal thermostat housing, structs in really good condition, near new tires with alloy wheels already balanced for really good price, Get an e36,e46 with colour like silver or dark blue, you don't even need panel beater if you happen to have a minor accident. Comparing to other euro brands of the same budget, BMWs are so much better to work on then Audis, Vws , and Benzs because the problems are well documented. And because they are BMWs they have likely had a stupid previous owner who knew nothing about the car, you will never run out of stuff to fix. the engine wise I would say get an e36 or e46 with 4cylinder if you can't afford petrol. E36 with M44 5mt is the best option, but e46 with M43tu is also good, the power band of the m43 is quite narrow. it is dangerously slow sometimes if coupled with a 4at. I found the 4at from GM terribly bad. it's a "close ratio" 4 speed, meaning it's revving too high for the highway, and gearing way too long in first and second. But they still managed to achieve a very hash shift, it's remarkable. The torque converter clutch lockup logic is the stupidest of all 4at I have driven. 4at use 20% more fuel than 5Mt. The only reason to go for a 4at is that they are half the price of a 5mt. The inline sixes are nice, they are slightly more eco on long drive because of the final drive ratio and higher engine compression ratio, but 2.0 inline six use almost the smae amount of fuel as the 2.5 and 2.8. Inline six coupled with 5at gets very bad fuel eco in city stop and go traffic. In Auckland rush hour you will get 14~15L /100 with auto inline sixes. 5Mt will be like 11~12L while 5MT inline four will be 10L. 11L is it is 4at . Do not test drive an inline six BMW if you can only afford an e36 with 4at, they are addicting and there is no way back. I borrowed an e46 325i 5mt for two days, and now I hate the m43 every day. E36's slow steering rack is perfect for learning to use the steering wheel correctly(which 80% of the driver in Auckland don't). E36's soft suspension is good for some of the bumpy backroad. the power of E36 318is with 5mt allow you to go flat-out everywhere and still can slide around in the wet to make it exciting. I honestly don't know why old Toyota Corolla is so overpriced, and people still buy them. many models from Nissan from the same era provide similar reliability at half the price.
  7. Hi, I am changing my strut mounts on my e36, but I can't undo the nut that hold the mount to the shock shaft. Is there any workaround without using the special socket or impact? Thanks
  8. Syy0628

    rounded breakline nut, help

    Can't seems to be able to find flared spanner anywhere? SCA doesn't have them in stock. I have tried a few hardware store, and have had no luck.
  9. Hey guys, I was replacing both the wheel cylinders on e36 316i because I was losing brake fluid and the first one came off easily, but the second one, I managed to round the nut a bit between the breakline and the wheel cylinder. I did use penetrating oil, but I used an open end spanner( I know, but that's what I have, and the other one came off easily), what should I do now? I tried to spin the wheel cylinder left and right, but it is not moving at all. thanks
  10. Syy0628

    Help, crank no start problem e36

    It took castle parcel 4 working days to finally deliver the fuel pressure testing kit. The Courier didn't even bother to come down the driveway before I call the breach the second time. Just like *rUstY_nUts* said, it is low fuel pressure. But a steady 8psi is really weird, as it shows no sign of failure before, and suddenly died but not completely. Anyway, now I got a used fuel pump from pick a part, it is running alright now. thanks everyone for the help. One thing to note is that unlike normal Japanese car from the 90s, on BMW e36 m43 engined car, the coil side of fuel pump relay does not get power unless the DME sees all the signals it needs to start the engine(rpm is one of them, from crank position sensor). which means the fuel pump does not prime, nor does it work with the key at On position.
  11. Syy0628

    Help, crank no start problem e36

    I bought the fuel testing tool from the link provided by Eagle, I should be able to diagnoses the problem properly this time. What are the common air leak location on a m43 engine, I have checked the all the intake boot before the throttle body, they are good.
  12. Syy0628

    Help, crank no start problem e36

    Thank, this one is not too expensive. The one on sale at SCA is just ridiculous.
  13. Syy0628

    Help, crank no start problem e36

    Thanks for the reply. I know sometimes the advice given on forum is not always accurate, most advice is based on people's experience. It can be the exact same problem or completely the opposite. Like Brain tumor will cause a headache but you have a headache doesn't really mean you have got a brain tumor. But it is always good to know what other people think about the problem. I do not plan to get it checked by a BMW specialist, I got the car for cheap, and I am learning to work on cars on this cheap e36. I have another car that is totally reliable if I have places to be. so I am not in a hurry. I have gone through the Bentley manual and find the BMW is quite interesting in design. I just hated the fact that tools are expensive in NZ, and there are no places to hire them from.
  14. Syy0628

    Help, crank no start problem e36

    It's been a few days , today I installed new spark plugs and tried to start the car again, it wont idle, but I can get it to run by reving it to around 2000rpm. and after about 30seconds, I shut it off, and the spark plugs are covered in black powder like soot again. So is it running rich, or is it normal for cold start ? If it is abnormal, what can cause it to run rich? I would think that the fuel pressure regulator is bad? But would that cause the car to cut out at highway speed ? really need help Thanks
  15. Syy0628

    Official Tools for Hire Thread

    Hi, I am a new member to the forum, I am currently working on my e36, I suspect a fuel system problem, do you happen to have fuel pressure gauge that I can borrow for a fee? I think my e36 316i with m43 is using M1.73 DME, does your scan tool work on my car? Can I borrow that as well? thanks