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  1. Syy0628

    Fun Cars for Under 5k

    May I recommand Subarus and Altezzas? Some of their models are prety realiable and cheap. I have a stock my99 WRX with now 280000kms on the clock any missed any beat that I brought three years ago for $4000, and my dad had a 2.0 na forester, brought new. sold with 380000kms. never had any issues with it. And From what I heard from some of my friends, the 3.0 liter flat six is also a really soild engine. Legacys with 3.0 flatsix with 6mt sometimes sells for about $4000-$5000. An alterntive to e36 318is (better in many ways) is the Altezza rs200 with 3sge. Just look at the recipe: double wishbones all around, front engine rear wheel drive, LSD. high reving engine, close ratio 6speed manuel, good weight distribution. I sold one in fairly good condition a year ago for $2800
  2. Syy0628

    Passenger side high

    I have an E36 that is like that, I measured the spring when they are off, it is the same length, and the strut mount and stuff is all the same height, I think it is just the spring is tired. It happens quite often in NZ because of, parking and driving on the highly cambered road, and always drive the car with a unbalanced load will slightly decrease the spring rate on one side (the fatigue of metal). on BMWs, because the first a few coils of the spring is very soft, this can be quite noticeable in ride height. I found it very frustrating, especially when cornering as the limit left and right turn will be very different.
  3. Syy0628

    broken quarter glass replace

    Not a BMW, but this forum is I think the most helpful and active car forum in NZ, so I am going to post it here looking for some tips finally get around to fix my CLK320 that has been parked up since broken into a few months back. some lowlife that had no idea what he was doing decide he would like to take my merc for a spin and smashed my quarter glass. ripped out the door card try to open the door, without success(vacuum operated central locking), managed to squeeze into the car, and broken the steering column cover, and damaged the ignition. (what were you thinking, it's keyless entry and keyless start, even I can't get it to start with the backup key once the battery in the key is dead). caused lots of damage and achieved nothing, what a loser. Anyway, I got most of the stuff fixed now as they share with C class, which is available in pick a part, but the quarter glass took me some time to find, managed to get one from Germany without cost me my arm. now it's time to install it. Okay, I realized I tend to write a lot of nonsense before I actually start to ask the important question, so here it is How do I remove the remaining shattered glass that is still glued to the window frame effectively? I can currently pulling them off piece by piece now on piece #76, and got them everywhere. thanks, guys
  4. Syy0628

    Do you want a flatmate/ Auckland

    wow, looks awesome, can I come to have a look this weekend? what is that thing in the garage on the right?
  5. Syy0628

    Do you want a flatmate/ Auckland

    So, the landlord got a job overseas, and suddenly I have to move out in three weeks, I was not prepared for it at all, I have three cars at the moment I am not lucky enough to park on the street(broken into 7 times in the last two years, wheels stolen once, car stolen once). I will be selling one car very soon, but I still want to find a place with off street parking. And I always wanted to find flatmates that have similar interests. So If you have a place for me or you are also looking for a place, flick me a message? I am in my 20s and is an intern web developer at Auckland Uni and I will be graduating from my masters really soon. I always pay rent on time and pretty tidy and quiet. I will be going to the city every day, so it needs to be like within 30mins drive to the city. I like the computer stuff, including video games, and latest tech, I don't spend all my time in front of the computer, I like a good workout session and a nice multi-day tramp. I like cars, all kind of cars (as long as it is not stanced or riced), and I enjoy working on them. So If it sounds like we can get along, flick me a message maybe? Not sure If it is allowed to post such post here, but I figure I am more likely to find someone that share some kind of interest here.
  6. Syy0628

    Can I borrow your tool kit?

    thanks, I searched last time, it was close to $200, which I cannot justify since both my other cars doesn't require such a tool for ball joints. But now I found one on eBay for $40, US, which is not that bad. I might try to hack it in first, and get the tool if it won't go in.
  7. Syy0628

    Can I borrow your tool kit?

    Okay, I guess I will try to get it in by force then? I am thinking to lube it really well, put a chain around the control arm and the jack and put the ball joint on the jack and jack it into the control arm.
  8. Syy0628

    Can I borrow your tool kit?

    Hi, I am going to do the front outer ball joint on my E36 beater this weekend, I have a ball joint separator that should be able to get the old one off, but I figure it will be rather difficult to get the new one in without a balljoint toolkit (C clamp with adapter type). Does anyone in Auckland have one that I can borrow for a few days? Many thanks Richard
  9. Syy0628

    How to remove strut nut without an impact

    Been driving the e36 for more than a week now, the wheel didn't come off when I am on the motorway despite I reused the two bolts which connect the struct to the knuckle, so that's good. But the new struct mount made a previously almost unnoticeable vibration into a slight shaking. It only happens above 90kph, worsen with speed. I have done rear trailing arm bushes, I have done front lower control arm bushes, I have replaced the driveshaft and flex disc. I have balanced the tires, so I guess it's the ball joint on the control arm. the inner ball joint looks fine? no crack on the boot, so I will attempt to only replace the outer ball joint and see what happen. The new strut mount made the car sit about one and a half finger higher at the front. it is the right part but seems like many third party part supplier used the same moulding for many different BMW struct, and the thickness of the part is a compromise between different model to save cost. the higher front suspension clearly made the car more understeer, as the rear used to step out at the roundabout in the rain if I lift off mid-corner, but now it won't. Every time I replace a wore suspension part on this car, the state of the old part always made me think that now the new part is on, it should be driving good now, but it just eliminate one problem and make others more pronounced. But I think I can get there eventually. And then I can think about whether to get a tidy 328i 5mt or do the conversion myself on this crap.
  10. I am quite new to BMWs, but I have seen m52tu in z3 that is clearly misfiring does not throw any code. And I have had a Suzuki Swift Sport back in China with highish kms that hesitates and splutters only in 2nd and 3nd WOT at low rpm. it didn't throw any code but turned out the coil pack rubber is old, and for some reason, it is sparking between the spark plug tube and the cylinder head, not on the spark plug causing misfires. Since both your bimmer have n52, maybe swap the plugs and coil pack just to be sure?
  11. Syy0628

    How to remove strut nut without an impact

    So, I bought the $60 impact, and it worked alright. The nut came off, and my handtool socket didn't explode. The nut was hugely over torqued by whoever changed the front damper. I only got time to change one side yet. And I noticed it sit quite a bit higher due to the thickness of the strut mount I used. Now I am not a fan of stanced car, but the higher front does look a bit strange, and I don't know if it will introduce more understeer due to the lifted front suspension?
  12. Syy0628

    How to remove strut nut without an impact

    Thanks, I will use my own socket with the impact. I figure if I break your tool. I will never ever be able to receive help here anymore, can't risk it. And since I don't have to use the hex bit with impact anyway. I will try to vise griped the shaft over a rag. I soaked it with wd40 many times. I don't have a heat gun. I do have a MSR propane burner, will that help?
  13. Syy0628

    How to remove strut nut without an impact

    I gave it another try today, I changed the spring compressors to a few different spots to reduce pressure at the top hat as much as possible. But it still would not come off, probably the previous garage who changed the strut used the impact gun on it for too long? I took the strut to a few garages near me, but can't settle a deal for less than a shop hour, they all want to charge me the standard price for a strut mount change just to undo the nut despite they don't have any customer because of the heavy rain. I saw a cheap Chinese made a corded 12v impact on a facebook group for $60 with a quoted torque rating of 350nm, I wonder if that thing can zip it off? Would it damage my hand tool socket if I just use it with impact for once?
  14. Syy0628

    How to remove strut nut without an impact

    Everything on this car is super hard to take off, and I can't understand. The strut on normal car should fall off once the nut is loosen at the top, but this one I have to hammer it for 10 minutes before I can wiggle it out. And last time it took me four days to get the driveshaft off, every bolt and nut is a fight. Anyway, I really appreciate everyone's help. I am a bit busy at the moment, and the weather is sh*t, so I am going to leave it, and revisit it during weekend. Another question, I see the damper I have now have what appears to be m3 style swaybar end link bracket. Will e46 drop link fit on it? I always wanted to reduce the body roll a little bit without losing too much ride quality, and most importantly with very little budget. I plan to use e36 6cylinder front swaybar with e46 endlink. Have anyone done it before? Thanks.
  15. Syy0628

    How to remove strut nut without an impact

    Okay, so this the setup. I can only get it the fit on the spring like this. I have done it on Subaru before, but this one is just not coming off.