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  1. This is an excellent example of an E39. Meticulously maintained and seriously loved. All major issues already addressed. GLWS
  2. Agreed. A lot of alarm bells here. These come up often enough that it's worth waiting
  3. This is a genuine motorsport 540i in Titan Silver. It is currently at 189,300 kms. Black leather interior in good condition (no rips, but some wear on the driver’s seat) with the wood trim. Its engine runs very smoothly and pulls hard. Suspension feels very tight and smooth. It has the rear blind (working), sunroof, front + rear PDC, the 16:9 screen, auto wipers/lights + carphone. I have both keys (one of them replaced in the last 2 years – perfect condition) and service history from the last 2 owners. Doesn’t burn any oil. It is completely factory apart from a Parrot handsfree unit and tinted windows. WOF expires Dec 2020 and rego Feb 2021. I’ve owned for 12 months and have completed the following work: · Refreshed all fluids (including transmission service) + filters · New spark plugs · Rocker cover gaskets, RH timing cover gasket · Numerous coolant hoses changed preventatively · 4 new Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres + alignment · Timing chain tensioner replaced preventatively · Bosch battery · All new ATE pads + rotors + rear brake hoses · Replaced guibo flex disc · PCV system overhaul · Injectors refreshed · Vanos solenoids replaced · Thermostat · Tinted windows As a result of all this, the car runs and drives very smoothly. It is a real pleasure to drive. I love this car, but another BMW-related opportunity has presented itself so I must move it on. I’m hoping it will go to someone who loves it as much as I do. $6,500.00 PM me if interested.
  4. My first car. 2.5 V6 with the 6 spd. Absolutely adored it. Had great handling, looked fantastic, and was super comfortable. Biggest downside was the quality of the interior plastics and FWD. Still miss the sound...
  5. BozzaFC

    The Silver Titan

    Thanks guys. Will look into it
  6. Nice work. The E39 is SUCH a good looking car.
  7. BozzaFC

    The Silver Titan

    After almost 2 years driving E39s I finally plucked up the courage to try out the factory cup holders. They worked! On a side note, the French Baker in Greytown is highly recommended!
  8. BozzaFC

    The Silver Titan

    182,400 kms. Since the Silver Titan is fortunate enough to sleep in a garage both at home and at work, she rarely sees rain. However, when out of town earlier in the year she had to sit through a stupid amount of rain overnight. The next morning I walked outside and opened the rear doors tentatively to check for the infamous vapour barrier seal failure. Sure enough, the interior had a distinct musty smell and the rear carpets were damp. After a good airing out, vacuum and cleaning I went about fixing it. The rear driver's side was the only one leaking, but I decided to do all four doors to save myself having to do this tedious task again. Took the door panels off, applied some silicon sealant, left to dry and reinstalled everything. Unfortunately (fortunately), there hasn't been any rain since doing them to test my handiwork. Will update after some sufficient precipitation. In a very minor cosmetic update, I finally got around to installing the BMW rego holder I got from Winger last year. This was very needed!
  9. Just because you disagree with it does not mean the owner is a complete imbecile. My Year 9 English teacher used to warn me against generalisations. Some people are slower to catch on I guess
  10. BozzaFC

    The Silver Titan

    Cheers! Yes I’ve seen it around a couple times too - always feels weird seeing someone else driving around in my old girl. But at least whenever I’ve seen it the new owner seems to be enjoying it!
  11. BozzaFC

    The Silver Titan

    Thanks @treone. Unfortunately not! I’m out of town for the week
  12. BozzaFC

    The Silver Titan

    Just a few tidy up things. Like putting on a new steering wheel cover and refurbishing the wheels. Interior is overdue for a detail too
  13. BozzaFC

    The Silver Titan

    181,400 kms. When I ordered the PCV off FCP I noticed spark plugs were on sale. Taking advantage of this, I bought a set of NGK spark plug and swapped them in a couple weekends ago. After a pretty simple install I took it for a test drive (no tickets this time!). As soon as I pulled out of the driveway it felt much better. Power delivery much smoother and overall a very happy feeling M62. The real test was how it ran on cold start, and I am pleased to report that the next cold start was flawless; she ran silky smooth from stone cold. I've been trying to solve this rough idle since I got the car in September. It's so satisfying to have it running right now. Now time to enjoy it and work on some cosmetics before the National BMW Festival in March.
  14. BozzaFC

    The Silver Titan

    181,000 kms. Since I've had the car I've been battling a rough idle when cold, and more recently I've noticed an occasional small puff of blue smoke on startup. It did this at seemingly random intervals with no noticeable pattern. After a fair amount of reading online I decided my issue most likely stemmed from the PCV, which is located at the back of the engine. Rather than replacing the entire PCV unit (which never rarely fails), most people opt to replace the rubber diaphragm only which is far easier to remove. These rubber diaphragms are notorious for developing cracks or small holes which enables oil to seep through and thus create a puff of blue smoke on startup. I decided to try and tackle this job on my own with the aid of several online videos and armed with a flat head screwdriver (only required tool). At first access proved to be an issue, as most of the videos online were done using an E38 which has much more space at the back of the engine. I decided to remove all the plastic panels and other bits which freed up a lot more space. This made the job much easier and I was able to get access to the PCV, pop off the plastic cover and remove the old diaphragm (pictured below - I'll let you decide which one is the old). The old diaphragm was buggered, and fell to bits as I took it out. I installed the new diaphragm, put the car back together and took it for a test drive (pictured below - clearly much more powerful!). Upon start up it was still pretty rough and there was a small puff of smoke which was slightly disheartening, but most people say the system takes a few days to clear its throat. Once on the road the power deliver felt noticeably smoother and the engine overall happier. Over the next week or so there were probably 3-4 very small puffs of smoke on startup, which was completely eradicated after a week of driving. What's more, the cold idle was 100x smoother. Still slightly lumpy but a huge improvement. This is the most involved job I've ever done on a car by myself, which was satisfying and rewarding when it actually worked. I fixed something! This car is a great base to learn to wrench on cars in my opinion. It's great getting below the surface and discovering all of the other design elements of the car that 90% of owners will never see. Removing all of the plastic panels blocking access to the PCV was so methodical and beautifully simple (I'm sure not everything is this way!).
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