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  1. That's a stunning E46
  2. I remember it being on the market for a long time for a ridiculous (about $20k?) price. The previous owner obviously spent way too much on the paint job / conversion, realised it needed the same amount again in mechanical work, and tried to recoup his losses. I wouldn’t touch it, personally.
  3. I know someone with a manual Z3 @str8_6
  4. Welcome Tom! What are you driving?
  5. There won’t be many around in that condition. GLWS!
  6. Got an oil reset tool off @viskop tonight. Super nice guy and great to deal with (even if he does drive a Golf 😉)
  7. The E36 definitely hits some good ‘90s nostalgia points! I haven’t needed a mechanic since Auto38 closed, but others @Olaf @TermiPeteNZ @str8_6 @treone may be able to chip in 😁
  8. The 540i was such a fun drive. The V8 roar was addictive. I'll own another V8 one day. I actually have a different BMW now. I did use Auto38 (they were great), but it unfortunately no longer exists. Some other Wellington members will be able to give some good mechanic recommendations. Can't wait to see your thread (and pics)!
  9. Unfortunately, the damage was more than superficial. It didn''t take much for the repair estimate to exceed its $4.5k insurance valuation . $4.5k is a steal for a tidy manual V6 156 nowadays!
  10. G'day! Nah, no longer have the 5er. I sold it to a Wellington local after getting a great deal on an E39 540i Motorsport. I still see it floating around town . I had the 530i just over a year and did more than 20,000kms in it. It was ridiculously reliable and a fantastic cruiser. I spent quite a bit on preventative maintenance and regular servicing (Vanos, cooling system, spark plugs, tyres), but nothing failed other than the radiator. The word of the day with BMWs is servicing - if you keep on top of it (fluids, spark plugs, filters etc) it will serve you well. The E39 is very DIY-friendly too. Sounds like you've got yourself a great car. Oxford Green is a beautiful colour and 2003 is the last model year of the E39. You should start a thread for it!
  11. I love to see these cars being used properly! Great stuff mate. Will keep an eye out for it in Welly 😃
  12. I had the same experience with mine. One of the greatest engines ever. What excellent taste you have!
  13. Fantastic work! Is that 156 yours too?
  14. Looks like a very tidy example! Welcome
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