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  1. on part 61120016012, i got one from Fabian at Coombes here in Hamilton. in fact i got 2, one for my E46 and the same for my E39 a few years later and mapped the wires based on different colors. Fun fact the E39 one does the same thing, but uses different colored wires, is NLA and cost a bomb.
  2. Can verify,have done this in both E46 and E39
  3. Watching with interest, I have a 530i I'm tempted to convert...
  4. hunter

    Miss BM V.3

    The upcoming Wenderholm cruise looks good. We'll be coming up for that one. good chancetoget out of Hams
  5. hunter

    Miss BM V.3

    Good to see you back, @MISS BM might see you and this beast ona few club runs? or Will your dad be stealing it for those
  6. hunter

    Project E39

    For a long while now my windscreen washer bottle hasn’t wanted to hold much fluid to wash the screen and the headlights. While I don’t use this too often, the frequent "Washer fluid low" messages in the dash were getting frustrating as was the puddle of water in my garage. Removing the wheel liner and topping off the tank to spot leaks I noticed the base of the headlight pump was leaking as the rubber gasket was no longer sealing well enough and the same pump was leaking from where the output hose attached to it. Removing the hose revealed the O ring on the plastic nipple was hard and no longer sealing either. Turning to FCP Euro I ended up getting new pumps, rubber gaskets and grommets for the whole system. This has replaced all the original equipment on the washer bottle to avoid rework in the future. install is a breeze and a good opportunity for a clean-up and flush of the tank. A quick test reveals that there are no longer any leaks and everything is spraying as it should. 👍
  7. hunter

    e38/39 Central DHB

    The middle child always gets left out. 😂
  8. hunter

    e38/39 Central DHB

    Good move de-haloing. Both cars are looking fantastic
  9. hunter

    Project E39

    Great working with @Eagle yesterday to swap out the front top hats ala Sreten for some slightly lower E91 ones with a shorter height. Wanting the front to come down a little to even out the ride height asthetics. While in their the front brake pads were swapped too, to get rid of the everpresent "jingle" from the front right. the system was bled too, we found some air in the right rear which was interesting. I havent been able to go for a decent drive but the pedal feels better already and no noise.
  10. hunter

    Project E39

    @Eagle are you referring to the KTM 390 engine issues. Thankfully this is a 2022 model and most of those bugs are gone from what I’ve read, and with a fresh tank of 98 octane it’s running really nice. I wanted to adjust the chain today but don’t have the impact tools needed. Doh. My old Ducati didn’t need impact drivers to undo anything. haha.
  11. hunter

    Project E39

    Still got 12 months in the factory warranty. So should be covered for most things.
  12. hunter

    Project E39

    In E39 adjacent news, both in terms of location and enjoyment I have added a new 2-wheeled machine to the garage. I have got my hands on a Husqvarna Svartpilen 401 "Urban Scrambler" This bike is replacing the reliable, fun (but now considered by me) slightly underpowered Aprilia 125 Motard The new machine, a single cylinder ~43HP is an interesting beat to get used to and I really like it. Having had big V-twins before the lumpy engine is familiar and will benefit some light mods (may fave :). namely a smaller front sprocket and Fuel-ex light to even out fueling particularly at lower revs.
  13. hunter

    Project E39

    The rattle coming from the driver's side front brake has been resolved. Thanks to @Eagle for the assist. have always been nervous about brake work. The brakes were removed and the pads were checked, all were looking good we added some stop squeal on reinstallation, just to be sure. I also resecured the dust shield, the lower pin and clip were quite loose and the only way to properly tighten is to remove the disc itself to gain access.
  14. hunter

    Project E39

    Oh mean man. Thanks. will PM about that I got the tires from Capital Tires in Hamilton CBD. they bettered a price I got from beaurepairs incl my work discount. So was stoked with that.
  15. hunter

    Project E39

    2x front PS5's fitted yesterday, they feel so nice up front. With the old rubber removed I can see how the disintegrating rubber was creating a worsening vibration. will get some pics up. Glad to have done it before the BMW Club run this weekend and will need to do the rears before the end of the year.
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