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  1. hunter

    Project E39

    Didn't notice any when i was wiggling stuff around, and I didnt notice anything with visuial inspection - will recheck more closley on this joint 👍 For clarity @BreakMyWindow you mean the wheel carrier ball joint?
  2. hunter

    Project E39

    While investigating a loose feeling in the rear suspension I noticed both rear guide links are shot as well as an exhaust leak. will replace the links ASAP as car needs some realignment anyway to correct a crooked steering wheel. exhaust is a bit of a mystery but the crack is fairly long and not sure how long it has been there.
  3. hunter

    E46 330i Touring

    Yeah man. That cube trim is boss. I had it in my e46 sedan. Cleans up so good.
  4. Cheers Eagle. Yeah I did a bit more investigation and see that the top mount has the shim installed. 👍 I’m really in two minds about how much to replace when swapping the shocks over. On one hand it makes sense to me to refresh as much as possible as well as investigate the height difference. On the other I wait and replace it all at once after I’ve swapped shocks over and (hopefully) discover new shock will help fix me height issue as well as price of mind. . I don’t want to put new static shocks in if it right away without knowing if it’s going to help the height differential as well. If this is the case I’d rather go for something like a KW v2 so I can even out the height. I hope I’m explaining this clearly, still recovering from a concussion 🤕 and getting thoughts out clearly is a bit muddly
  5. Height hasn't chnaged but is still uneven. i removed the wheels today to visualy inspect for obvious differences eg diff shocks. none seen other than both L and R rear guide links have torn bushings / boots so need replacaing. that also probably explans the loose feeling in the rear end / feeling or extra rotation when going around tight corners ( the car feels like its often slide when its not is the best way i can describe it) I do plan on swapping the shocks from left to right as mentioned above, while im doingthis i wil also replace all the bump stops and strut top mounts etc, Cheers
  6. Hmm ok. I’ll re measure myself and compare to previous measurements from last year. If it’s dropped further that’ll tell me.
  7. Yeah mate. M sport 2. Quite expensive to replace so I’m wanting to try a few thing unless they are obviously shagged. Coombes checked a year ago at they reported no issues.
  8. one thing i might try, is to get the left and right suspension swapped over to see if that levels it out theory being low vs high with weight on the swapped high side.
  9. yeah cheers, @Allanw i did a bit of research on the rough road version but cant see how much taller it is than stock anwhere, have asked my local dealer if they know. Where did you sit the spacer you made? right at the top of the assembly? mine has M Tech 2 suspension .
  10. My E39 (like my E46 before it) has a ~9 - 10mm difference in ride height between left and right, the right rear being lower. I know it's "normal" and according to BMW "in Spec" and probably due to gas tank, battery and driver all on the one side, however it bothers me. On the e46 I had a local suspension shop make a spacer for the spring (which is seperate from the shock) in the E39 the shock and spring are configured in a "coil over" set up, making it a bit more difficult (?) Has any one resolved the issue described above? IE i'd love to get a 9mm (edit) of lift with a spacer in their somewhere to level the rear out. I dont have the desire to go to coil overs.
  11. http://www.speedhunters.com/2021/04/billet-3-rotor-turbo-bmw-m4/
  12. hunter

    Project E39

    Today I disconnected the reverse bing wires. So simple yet so satisfying.
  13. hunter

    Project E39

    Yeah was a bit frustrating as nothing in the vendors website pointed to there being 2 types. But hey you learn something every day. Stoked it was able to be resolved so fast locally to complete the job.
  14. hunter

    Project E39

    This noise turned out to be the tensioner pulley. While investigating I noted the main belt was badly perished (not picked up at warrant time) both these parts were replaced today at Mosens which has resolved the noise and replaced the worn belt. I also learnt that some early E39 had hydraulic tensioners and latter ones like mine have spring tensioners. The latter is a single unit with the early ones having seperate pulleys and tensioner bodies. I ordered the wrong one initially so have an early tension pulley for sale in the for sale section. I think this fits e36 too.
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