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  1. hunter

    Project E39

    yeah maybe aye, its down the list a bit, but if one pops up after ive finished these bigger ticket items, sure
  2. hunter

    Project E39

    Exciting times ahead as this past weekend i ordered new MSport2 shocks and springs forthe E39. (with at least 1 shock leaking these are on their way out )- old springs will be for sale after refresh Not sure when they will arrive at this stage, but hoping to have install done sept / October as lockdowns allow. This will mark a substantial progress point in the refresh / return to build sheet spec project of the car and will leave only the Xenon lights to go. (these are listed on build sheet but not installed o nthe car) @hqstu is holding a set for me - lucky to have such good mates in the community. most importantly i cannot wait toget out and drive!
  3. hunter

    540itch Scratching

    Looking good mate - happy to give some pointers on pics once we can meet up. i'm also keen to check out Bluey in the metal.
  4. hunter

    Project E39

    Have trailer, will increase scope of garden projects. Lol good to see all the lights working
  5. hunter

    Project E39

    While I save for suspension refresh and collect pets for that. (Full set of New front control arms arrived last week) me and a mate who is an electrical whizz added an OEM tow bar loom to the car. it’s had a tow bar well before I purchased it but not any wiring. Doh. good project, lots to take apart to get it done and that’s what takes most of the time, about 5 hours including a bbq rib break for lunch. 😛 also, like most zealots when taking these things apart, the under side got a thorough clean the other half has seen the result and has now decreed I must test it at the nearest garden centre. 🤣 thanks to @hqstu for the loom positioning of control box and running loom along main harness. this poked throug under the rear seatbelt and was run along the main harness to the LCM, when it was installed using genuine BMW plugs for all LCM connections give the rear a good cleanb wehile bumper is out, degreaser doing its magic All buttoned up, trailer plug in proper place, doesnt look too bad. disassembly of plug to feed through the new chassis hole and for a thorough clean New hole drilled for loom
  6. VMR are good American brand too. I had the CSL style wheel on my E46. really well made. They also have helpful staff
  7. hunter

    540itch Scratching

    Save eeeeet. I was looking at that but I’m in deep in my 530i m sport. Hahaha.
  8. hunter

    Stress. Anxiety.

    Great to hear you’re seeing light and the end of the tunnel, having they weight off is such and uplifting feeling isn’t it. I went through a similar depression and anxiety last year with Covid working from home, unrealistic IT project management expectation with poor support partner choices and what felt career derailment. I took a step back and was lucky to stay working for the same organisation (thankful for good management in my case) however now in month 7 of serious concussion recovery those anxiety elements are creeping back in as it’s hard to be effective on 70% of hours. if I don’t recover fully, a move like you described above might be in the cards for me too. With 2 kids under 6 the weight of responsibility is real, but happiness and health is paramount. all the best.
  9. https://www.theverge.com/2021/7/5/22563898/bugatti-rimac-electric-supercar-acquisitoin-deal
  10. hunter

    Project E39

    Decent box of suspension parts arrived from fcp last week. All the front and rear bump stops, spring pads etc needed in preparation to refresh the shocks, struts and springs around September.
  11. Yep, technology advancement in the real world. The Late Brake show has a good interview with the owner of Rimac, part 1here where he explains the longer term plan for te company and in Part 2, (havent watched yet) i think he goes into detail about which other manufacturers are using Rimac tech.
  12. Put the back seat of the E39 back together in a freezing garage.🥶
  13. hunter

    Project E39

    Had the rear guide links replaced this week and rear shocks swapped left to right. After Ana alignment at Coombes these changes have made a huge difference to rear end feel. I no longer have the sliding rear end feel and the car is no longer leaning like it was in the rear I also noted a rattle with the back seat out this was a worn rear sway bar link, so replaced this today too. Not a hard job in the garage just tight for tools. now to put the back seat back together and save for new suspension 👍
  14. Added some yellow LED lights to the E39. A lot more vibrant than the OE ones. also purchased a new rear sway bar link to replace the rattling one I found the other day.
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