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  1. I saw one of these in the metal at Coombes overthe weekend, striking car in person and the grille is ok looking fomr a standing height, rather than lying down in front of the car like an Automtive photographer
  2. hunter

    Project E39

    I’m pretty keen on a cooper s 😄
  3. hunter

    Project E39

    New rack ends left and right in amd all aligned again. Ready for some adventures once we put a stop to the rolling waves of sick kids. only major thing left to do for this car is full wheel refurbishment of the Style 42 wheels. rest is maintenance and enjoying the drives.
  4. And Phil’s Lambo project. 😎
  5. hunter

    Project E39

    Haha. For sure. Earlier than estimated too. box was ok was well packed. Not Amazon spec oversized. Delivering a micro sd in a banana box styles. 😂
  6. hunter

    Project E39

    Ohhh bits. less than a week from Michigan to NZ.
  7. i used this on mine also, its the sh*t
  8. Rear deck looks great. One of the first thing’s I did on mine also.
  9. hunter

    Project E39

    Car failed its warrant today. Excessive play in right from rack end. order placed with fcp euro for the Lemförder tie rod kit. Great value at 104 usd for left and right plus boots. And the fcp lifetime warranty.
  10. hunter

    Project E39

    I used Chemical Guys all purpose cleaner to clean the surface. This was applied with a fresh micro fibre towel. I did this several times. I then used Maguires interior protection spray to bring back a bit the blackness and add some protection. this looked good but I wanted more black so used Solution Finish black trim restorer for a final coat.
  11. hunter

    Project E39

    Rear sill trim replaced today with a great condition 2nd hand one for an amazing price. and new clips. I feel whole now. Lol.
  12. hunter

    Project E39

    Completed my first solo oil change on the 530i today. Going for 12 month change intervals. Even though it’s not a daily the same cadence worked well on my E46. Car turns 20 next month. 🎂
  13. hunter

    Project E39

    Few minor things tiked off the list this last couple of weeks; - new radiator was dripping, turned out to be the drain plug wasnt as snug as it needed ot be, eaay fix - realigned my under tray brackes (how i saw the rad was leaking) and now all under tray hardware can find it's home. Also instaled new captive washer where needed for the under tray screws. - treated the rear cubby to a good clean and protect to remove the white ashy condition the rubber coating was starting to take on, now looks near new. - sorted rattle in drivers side seat belt mount and poorly fitted B pillar trim in the same job. grear and a tighten applied to the seat beld mount and removal and reinstal of the Lower B pilar trim meant i could liine it properly with al the clips in place. some whwre bent fomr soem haphazard reinstall in a previous life thankfuly they werent broken, as i had initialy thought. however in the processi noticed the rear seat trim is broken and missing a clip, so in the market for those, if anyone reading thiss has one. - Oil change this weekend, bit over due, due to lock down forgetfulness and other priortities but going to smash that out tonight or tomorrow.
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