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  1. For sale is 4× Genuine 14" Basket weaves with caps and tyres. The wheels themselves are straight mostly with brake dust, decent kerb rash on 2, one with some and one very little. Paint flaking in patches on two as per photos. Tyres are all 195/65R14 Bridgestones- 2×Turanzas and 2× PlayZs. 2 are 2010 and other 2 are 2008 and starting to show cracks with just over 2mm tread on Turanzas and others are just legal (just over 1.5). Should pass 1 more wof. Will try and scrub them up cleaner. Have tried to highlight as best possible, open to offers Pm for more pics. Looking for $400 and located Te Awamutu- Hamilton Cheers!
  2. E30kid

    E36 M3 sedan parts car @ BM WORLD

    Is the handbrake handle Tri-colour leather?
  3. E30kid

    2001 E46 330i manual!! 4 door

    I think price wise your pretty spot on tbh. Looks a minter and would definitely pay that if I didnt have the dirty thirty.
  4. Yeah I originally went for other acts but got into Tash not long ago then realised she was playing. The gigs at Auckland Town hall too which is great for acoustics and crowd size. Saw alt-J there late last year and it was brilliant.
  5. Saw her at Auckland City Limits two weeks ago. Soooooooooo good. Uber disappointed that I can't get my full license til a couple of days after her NZ concert!
  6. E30kid

    Ireland Engineering E30 Exhaust

    Yeah may well be cheaper just gotta see what I can find.
  7. Anyone on here used Ireland Engineering stainless mufflers on their E30s? Seem pretty cost effective and next best from Supersprint/Remix.
  8. E30kid

    manual conversion e30 320i

    Do you have a kit for sale? Got a mate who's after one
  9. E30kid

    Car covers for outdoor parking?

    It's the claws on the roof that are worse!
  10. E30kid

    E46 318ci

    Yup this car is a big learning curve for him so made sure he was going M43/44 powered. Cars a minter probably bought off someone from here
  11. E30kid

    E46 318ci

    I can think of worse factory rims to be stuck with.
  12. E30kid

    E46 318ci

    Yeah that would be nice. My mate just bought 2000 318i full M-sport but it's m43 powered. Lovely car and makes my e30 look a wee bit retro now. Also if you can get a factory radio in it you can buy Bluetooth kits outta the US that replace the CD changer.
  13. E30kid

    E46 318ci

    Car actually looks mint! Just would look better knowing there's an M54B30 with a 6 speed in it 😉
  14. E30kid

    E30 Mtech 2 side skirts and pods

    You willing to split? I might be getting a couple of pods outta the UK soon so I may require some fronts-only ones that'll fit my sedan.
  15. E30kid

    e30 Manual Wagon

    Gotta agree here enjoy a tidy coupe but there are so many ratty ones round. E30s are just straight cool but in reality the 46s are much nicer for much less.