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  1. Has anyone previously had experience with recovering the E30 Tech 2 Steering Wheel Leather? Looking at doing mine but wondering who to go to also what leather is best. Pic of what I'm looking for Cheers
  2. Hmmm yeah especially across the Strait. Are they made out of ABS plastic? Or what are they like weight wise?
  3. Would ya ship?
  4. We will most likely be buying some pods off ECS soon.....
  5. I think you can buy them new from ECS tuning, well at least you could anyway. I got mine a few weeks ago on Facebook.
  6. Anyone got a M-tech 2 Leather steering wheel? 370mm specifically.
  7. If I can't find anything genuine then yeah I have seen those too. It's just that we have genuine everything else just need pods
  8. Sweet as I'll give that a go 👍
  9. Hey all After some genuine Tech 2 Sedan door pods for E30. And maybe skirts as well if together. Also any Tech 2 leather steering wheels? This is last on the list to complete the kit. Cheers!