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Found 25 results

  1. Hi Team, Need guidance to convert my 2012 screen to large display with Android/Apple carplay. Also want to add navigation to it which is currently missing Thanks, Swapnil
  2. Hello there, I am currently on the hunt for a cheap daily. I am looking for something with current WOF and REGO ans something that won’t be needing a lot of work to maybe be a little nice. obviously needs to be running and driving. I am located in Auckland but anywhere in the north island shouldn’t be a problem. Unfortunately I am on a pretty low budget of around $3000, not really expecting something perfect at that price range so not pretty fussed about the condition as long as it meets my requirements stated above and is in dailiable condition. Looking forward to seeing what out there. Cheers, Stay safe.
  3. Purchased her 4 years ago as a project, didn't even have my license yet, got her (and me) road legal, currently replacing the engine, still keeping with a m20b20 as the old motor had some crash damage and this is my first time doing a engine swap, wanted an easy swap as a first time. Lowered and new shocks, in the middle of swapping the 45mm front struts to the 51mm struts, just waiting on new strut tops before I can finish the swap. Wanting to ITB and turbo when funds allow.
  4. I'm doing a manual conversion on my m20b20, decided to go for a g260. I was wondering if anyone could link me a video or a write on a manual conversion on a RHD e30 as all the ones that i have found are for LHD. Im sure they aren't too different. From all the write ups and videos i've seen they use the brake fluid reservoir to bleed the clutch but for LHD there is a seperate clutch fluid reservoir which has a soft line to the master cylinder? If there aren't any write ups can someone please give me a detailed explanation or directions. Thank you.
  5. Hi there, just wondering if any one has any issues with the 8 speed zf transmission on the f30. Mine is a n20 320i. I’ve noticed it has quite a harsh downshift from 5th to 4th. You can really notice the pull when it down shifts. All other gears r smooth! Done 110k. I’ve tried replacing the oil and filter with OEM Stuff there was no metal in the pan and the oil looked pretty good/not burnt. It’s not bad enough for me to want to strip the entire transmission. But was wondering if there’s an easy fix perhaps something I can do the next time I do the oil n filter? No transmission fault codes either!
  6. Hi team! Thank you very much for letting me join this wonderful group. Cars I've got are: 320i E46 M54B22 Sedan/Saloon 2000 No issues with this one except engine light comes on and off but no known mechanical issues. In the process of fitting new CCV hoses and also changing to a new engine oil level sensor. 530i E39 M54B30 Sedan/Saloon 2001 This one had a lot of issues but getting things done. One big thing I'm currently doing is the conversion of the remote key. changing from the infrared remote control to the radio frequent remote control. I had a post to the other page following someone's DIY on e46 one which I'm trying to do on my e39. Nice to meet you all BMW lovers!
  7. Hi All, Thank you for accepting me to this group. Happy to be a part of the BMW family. Looking forward to find some answers to some of my questions about this fantastic car. Bought my first BMW and first car last August. So far so good. However, I've had issues with the aircon gasket cover as it was leaking oil and had to be replaced. Seems like a known issue as per the BMW guy from New Market. Also I find the speakers little weak. Will check the forums for any recommendations, upgrade ootions etc. Also, I have updated my Gracenote to 01/15 in CIC as it is not up to date. Anyone who has updated version, please let me know. I still use CDs. ? Will attach some photos
  8. Hi, can anyone provide some guidance with the following issue? My 2005 E90 320i had the half engine light come on, seemed quite sluggish, when I pulled up, stopped and tried to run it again it was in limp mode and wouldn't rev past 4000RPM or go over ~30kmh. I managed the pull the following codes: A26F - I understand this to mean Min lift exceeded by valvetronic system. P1062 - Valvetronic Limp mode. I deleted the codes with OBD sensor and it did not return but I think there is something wrong with it, when I open the oil cap when running instead of getting a sucking sound like I used to get I now hear a drumming sound with puffs of positive pressure which concerns me. Background, car has done 120,000km. I re-did the seals on the vacuum pump and rocker cover gasket at 90,000km as it was leaking (typical I believe). It began leaking again at about 105,000km. It is leaking oil from the VANOS solenoids, could this oil have shorted the vanos system? Even if the vacuum pump had failed completely would I actually get a positive puff out the oil cap?? Or is this something else entirely? I would REALLY appreciate any help with this as I'm very worried about it. I'm a first time poster so if I missed any important details or this is in the wrong place I apologize. Cheers Richard
  9. Recently purchased my first BMW since moving to New Zealand. 2008 320i M-Sport Coupe. Full M-Sport Black Leather interior w/ Aluminium trim Dark metallic Grey painted M-Sport wheels w/ Bridgestone Potenza 225/40R18 in the front & 255/35R18 on the rear. If anyone knows where to go in Wellington to have the I-Drive updated to NZ maps etc please give me a shout.
  10. Hi all My name is Subhash.I am really happy to be a part of this esteemed community. I have been a non-member follower of this forum for the last few weeks and have gone through many threads containing loads of useful information. My love for BMW started a few years back, when i had a chance to test drive a BMW 3series. I had fell in love with car at first sight. The sheer driving pleasure,the comfort and the build quality amazed me and made me a fan right away . Even though i couldn't afford a BMW at that time i never missed a chance to drive it whenever i could. After all the wait finally i now own a BMW 320i 2007 model for myself. I imported the car from japan and got it delivered last week. Here are the few pics of my car:
  11. Surprise suprise the clips for the front hood grilles have broken off. Does anyone have parts available for a 1999 320i? Or can anyone suggest a tidy fix so I can reuse the ones with broken clips? Am located in Dunedin but happy to get them courier here. Cheers
  12. Firstly, sorry that this has to be my first post here - have read many threads here and have often been assisted by reading your thoughts and repair explanations. once again I need a bit of help. After owning a 2007 e91 320i station wagon for four months I have just had a mechanic tell me that there is a small crack in the head gasket that will require an engine swap at an estimated cost of $5700. I do not want to go forward with this as it's simply not worth it for us. From what I have read it seems a new engine for this car will cost about $1600 - it seems to me that there is a good chunk of change to be made for the person who has the skill and time to engine swap themselves. (Not me) we have been offered $2000 as a trade in and my gut says we should be able to get more with a private sale, any ideas how much? Other car info: just had new thermostat, new coolant housing, recent radiator swap, 158,000 (approx) ks, I drive, great clean body and very tidy interior for its k's. ANY help here much appreciated!
  13. Selling a BMW E36 Manual Conversion cheap, need sold by 14th June. Parts Included: M50B25 Gearbox - Getrag (220.0.0225.96) 184000Kms Driveshaft Crossmember Dual Mass Flywheel Clutch (Needs replacing) Shifter Linkage Shift Knob Shift Boot Clutch Master Cylinder Slave Cylinder Clutch Pedal Requires Hydraulic Lines and Brake Pedal Assembly Contact me via cell @ 02040683079 Pickup only located Napier, Hawkes Bay **$600ono.**
  14. Selling a BMW E36 Manual Conversion cheap, need sold by 14th June. Parts Included: M50B25 Gearbox - Getrag (220.0.0225.96) 184000Kms Driveshaft Crossmember Dual Mass Flywheel Clutch (Needs replacing) Shifter Linkage Shift Knob Shift Boot Clutch Master Cylinder Slave Cylinder Clutch Pedal Requires Hydraulic Lines and Brake Pedal Assembly Contact me via cell @ 02040683079 Pickup only located Napier, Hawkes Bay Pictures: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1105276302 **$600ono.**
  15. Up for sale is my trusty wagon, been a great car but time for a change Comes with a 2 year autosure warranty which is a great bonus! Runs well, highish KM's but injectors and coils where done at 20000kms and its got a good service history http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1060381200&ed=true 2.0L Engine (125kw version so more power than the standard 320i) 6 speed manual Cruise control Reversing sensors Dual Climate Control Tinted windows Illuminated door handles (Great at night) Best to contact me via trademe listing After $11k ono Thanks Sean
  16. Have around 7k... Looking for a mint 320i/325i auto with lowish kms and a little bit of history. (no red cars sorry) As stock as possible, Must be reg/wof Will travel for the right car. Looking for a minta, It's for a good friend and we really want to start her off in a bmw (e30 for life) , txt 0212014302 Cheers Ace
  17. Hey Guys, Selling my E46 to fund the E30 project! If youre interested you can send me a PM, or contact me through TradeMe. Whichever works for you. I would preferably like to let this car go to an enthusiast, your pride and joy going to a good home is always great! Looking for around $10,750 but its obviously negotiable. You guys probably know its value. *131,800 K's *Oil Service done Sunday 17/05/15 *2.2L Straight 6 Below are more in depth details off of TradeMe: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=889687018&ed=true I have had the car for over a year and had all the intention of keeping it for years. But unfortunately circumstances have changed due to a project needing attention, and need to sell this beauty. During my ownership I have done regular maintenance, and gone beyond that in some cases just for peace of mind. I currently drive it daily so expect the mileage to increase a little. '05 was the last year of production for the E46 sedan, it is the most refined version of the car. It’s a great car for city driving, and is equally comfortable on long journeys with ample space for luggage etc. Importantly, it is a chain driven engine so there is no need to worry about cambelts and all that jazz. Serpentine/accessory belts and tensioners were all changed last year as part of regular maintenance. M Sport version features: *M-Tech II Bodykit *M-Sport suspension *M-Sport cloth/alcantara interior *M-Sport steering wheel *M-Sport Trim (ie badges on sills, steering wheel and wheels) *Shadowline Exterior Trim Comes with extras: *Xenon headlights *Angel eyes *Black kidney and lower grille *Front speakers changed to components *3 User memory settings for seats and mirrors *Split folding rear seats, with optional ‘ski-bag’ which was seen as part of the ‘cold weather package’ from the factory *Aluminum accented interior *Tinted *Parrot Hands-free Bluetooth system installed. *Factory First-Aid Kit *Have receipts for most work done under my ownership If you have any questions feel free to ask, or alternatively you can contact me using the details given below. As for price, make an offer if you like. The price is negotiable if you are genuinely interested. Viewing is in Blockhouse Bay, Auckland." Thanks, Rohil
  18. Hi all! I have a '84 320i that I am in the process of bringing back from the dead. On my list of to-do items is to swap out the slightly mangled existing setup for something that saves a bit of weight and gives a nice sound. The current setup I have is a slightly hacked up factory exhaust that has been changed to a single pipe halfway through. I would like to convert the car back to dual pipes all the way, but the e30 factory setup is a bit heavy and too tame in terms of volume for me. I have done a bit of research and found that while an Eisenmann sounds glorious (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wATJXGhi-70) it is also the most expensive by far. Like $1100 NZD + shipping kind of expensive. Which sucks because it is my favorite. Stromung makes a catback setup for the e30 that I like a lot (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOQDkPOFLZA) and is a lot cheaper than the Eisenmann at $610 USD (currently that is $930 NZD because of the crazy exchange rate, so it should get cheaper again). Still a lot coin though. SO My bottom line is I paid $850 for my whole car and I'm not in a place where I can just drop 1-2K on a perfect exhaust setup. I want duals and a louder but nice tone. If that could happen for $600 or less all up I would be stoked. What would you reccomend as a nice sounding rear muffler that is affordable here in NZ? Also use a factory center section or use something else? Thanks guys!
  19. Hi all, My name's Harry and I drive two E30's. One being a 323i Baur and my other being a 320i SE Coupe.. 323i Baur has been in my family since 2005, was bought completely stock.. so far have added the following. - Full Mtech 1 Kit (minus spoiler) - Black Leather Recaros (Think the fronts are m3) ?? - Z3 Short Shift - Full top end rebuild Can't remember everything off the top of my head.. My 320i Coupe was purchased recently also completely stock and i have had a little fun with it... Im sure many of the users on her won't like what I have done, but each to their own.. Near future I am planning to turbo my 320i unsure of weather to find a m20b25 engine to turbo then put that in, or just stick with the m20b20.. but any advice on this is much appreciated.
  20. Hi all, I have a 2006 BMW 320i E90 pre-facelift model (pre-LCI) with halogen lamps and no angel eye rings and I wanted to upgrade to the best possible angel eyes set up. With a bit of research I have found that the entire lighting unit will need to be replaced and after talking to fishcake on ebay about the DEPO P90 V2 part - he mentioned that the only part compatible with the halogen factory set up were: https://www.uniquestyleracings.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=157&search=e90+headlight (from his website) Has anyone used this particular part before? (i've heard that condensation can be an issue due to build quality and that they usually don't send you a new product and expect you to re-seal?) Will it be plug n play with my E90 / no ring halogen set up? Any coding required for errors, etc. or other parts I will need to buy? (apart from the bulbs) Any places in Auckland that will do the installation + coding etc? - BM Workshop has said they don't do it PS. I've included a picture of my current lights. Thanks in advance, Arjun
  21. I just brought my E30 320i from turners auctions for rather cheap but I can see why! There is bad rips on the drivers seat and rear seat doesn't look to flash either. I think I will replace all the seats and door trims to match, Im thinking black leather? There is also multiple small dings and rust patches around the car but nothing a little panel and paint work wont fix! After getting the car in nice condition I will probably look at lowering it a little and getting some nice wheels(currently on bottle caps). Also gonna look at some anti sway bars etc. I will upload some pics of it this weekend but here are the turners auctions one. Already looks much better then these pics after a thorough clean inside and out. As well as getting rid of those awful seat covers!
  22. Hi all, I just got a sweet 08 320i coupe. Unfortunately the interior door trims are a bit scuffed up from the seatbelt banging into them. I want to replace them. If anyone has these for sale this would be great. However, more likely, I will have to track these down from businesses. I am generally partial to the idea that overseas parts are more abundant and will usually work out cheaper. Does anyone know a good site where I can order BMW parts internationally and see if that works out cheaper? I have emailed some dealers and parts places but I think most of them are closed till mid-Jan. Cheers!
  23. Over working on my car and not really in a position to keep taking it to pieces which is a real shame. It has only recently become apparent to me how much I just need to have a cheap run about instead of using my project car as a means to get from A to B so hence why I am seriously but reluctantly going to try to sell this. I have spent some hours on it so I wouldn't be happy with just giving it away so if I don't get the right price I will just hold on to it and probably park it up somewhere until I can be bothered to take the project back on and get it really nice, that may be some time though. I thought I might have a couple of decent pictures of it lying around but only this at the moment: The body work is pretty good although there are a few scratches here and there, the paint on the roof and the rear doors back has faded. It has a new engine with 132,xxx Kms on it. Radiator is new Engine oil recently done Brake rotors have been resurfaced Power steering fluid Steering bushing replaced New Brake fluid New gear box oil converted to manual (Getrag 240) Crackless dash in great condition. Battery retro fit relocated to boot 2 sets of wheels, tires. Lowered rear suspension and camber (untastefully low, not done by me. Not sure about the front) Sub, amp, 6x9's and head unit I will try and get some better pictures and some more information if anyone on here is actually interested. I thought I would start on bimmersport as I have the old engine and some spare parts I wouldn't mind getting rid of with the car if it does sell. So an enthusiast might be after the whole lot who knows. Anyway cheers.
  24. Hello all. New member with a love of the old e30's. I have an '89 320i. Have done easy mechanical bits (changed belts etc), but it's dropping oil & my possibilities to fix it are limited in both experience & ability. Any of you guys know of a mechanic i can go to in Christchurch who will make all my mechanical issues vanish? Was thinking to have an engine / transmission overhaul. Any leads appreciated. Cheers James
  25. 2004 BMW 525i E60 -2500cc straight six -6 Gear tiptronic -Brand New Rego till september 2014 -Full service record (just had a service about weeks ago) -NZ new -Beige Leather Interior -63000kms -Clean and tidy interior -Garaged -Never smoked in the car Feel free to ask any question. thanks $27500 02102916103
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