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  1. E30kid

    N52B30 Parts

    Didn't unwind the valvetronic solenoid before removing it, writing the engine off in the process. I know for next time!
  2. E30kid

    N52B30 Parts

    Hi all, Have a parts motor from a 2007 130i at 130kms. Has a snapped retainer for the valvetronic eccentric shaft, snapped above an oil gallery so head is likely toast unless you can weld alloy well. Motor was a mint runner until a job went awry, so everything works, is currently sitting on the subframe so everything is attached aside from a transmission. Will likely keep a couple of pulleys as pretty sure the replacement motor needs one, however just ask whatever your after and I'll advise.
  3. E30kid

    E30 Parts Clearout

    100 a pair for tails, have to check on the centre console don't think I have any wind up ones. Might have a sill trim, need to check!
  4. E30kid

    E30 Parts Clearout

    50 a pair, have quite a few so can dig through and find the best, I believe they're all unpainted from memory
  5. E30kid

    E30 Parts Clearout

    Not fully sure on what a fair price is. I guess considering the lights/computers and rear quarter windows $1000 for the lot? Happy to discuss further
  6. Old thread I know, but wondering if anyone can assist with my touring. A few years ago I setup some Ebay RF diamond keys. EWS all programmed easily, went to fit the aerial only to find the same unit already installed in the tailgate of my Jap 2000 touring. Proceeded to pair the keys and they all cycled locks indicated they're paired, however they won't do anything lock related other than the original infrared key, which I just proceeded with as at least I had several keys to start it. Had a look through NCSdummy and didn't see anything in the options list, do I need to add to the VO to get it to work? Cheers
  7. Trying to clear out a few cars worth of spares from our shed. Largely various 320 Have absolutely all sorts, lights to ECUs to trims doors etc etc. Heaps of spare B20 engine parts all in varying states of repair, would prefer to clear out everything to be used rather than scrapped. No manual parts, and not many sedan or interior parts either as I am keeping spares for mine. Most parts have been in sheds for 20 years so varying conditions and as is. Wanting to clear so happy to just give out bits and bobs to anyone who collects. Pickup in The Awamutu for anything substantial, welcome to come have a browse through. For posts sake $75 each for ECUs, but please ask/offer and I'll have a look for anything.
  8. Hi everyone, Currently running out of ideas chasing a lighting problem on my wagon. I retrofitted single OEM HID lights a few years back, and have a flickering issue that's gotten progressively worse, often one light flickering at a time but sometimes both. LED halos wired into park lights but disconnected these to confirm no relation. Been through almost all common faults, checked all lights plugs/grounds across the car. Replaced both bulbs, both ballasts and one igniter. Checked wiring in lights that I could see and no common issues like the Bi-Xenon units. Coding has been completed, even swapped LCMs to verify. Supply voltage into LCM is solid, but output voltage drops outside operating range causing the flicker. Continuity checked for shorts to ground on all headlight wires and nothing untoward, disconnected all other lights consecutively while testing - still present. Is there a harness connector/junction between the LCM and lights I can check? I have fault codes for turn signal and main beam short to ground but I can't find an obvious short, also the issue is amplified over bumps suggesting a short or loose connection but I cannot for the life of me find one. I'm even considering finding another set of complete lights to rule the whole units out. Any ideas? Cheers! IMG20240127193156.heic
  9. They look correct, I'll see if anyone has one local first otherwise it's a good shout
  10. Hi all, after a replacement sump plug for an E12 520, it's the early plug that was on m10/m20 and used across e9/12 and maybe E24? Just checking before I try the dealer as the last one was ex Singapore. As per pic. Cheers!
  11. Ooop sorry team, copy pasted and didn't realise it didn't bring that across. Updated now.
  12. Updated with photos!
  13. Hey team, selling my E36 328i Coupe. A very good example of how good these cars can look, this one is largely original other than some Halos, sounds and H&R springs. While it is Auto, factory M-Sport, current WoF/Reg. I've spent a fair amount of time on the little things that plague these cars. Accidentally been my daily while other cars and getting work done, so 250XXXkms, however I can tell this has had a good service history. Has been on several roadtrips over the north island in the last 6 months and not missed a beat. Serviced twice in the two years I've had it, last in December, and even Cabin filter changed in 2022. Cooling System overhauled last year - All OEM parts used and entirely preemptive. Rocker cover replaced last year - no oil leaks All lights/screens working inside, including all pixels on OBC and cluster. Headlining recently done. Doorcards recently refurbished by myself, not absolutely perfect but still one of the better sets. Engine running perfectly, no vacuum leaks or misfiring. Doesn't use fluids. Air Conditioning extremely cold! All windows work. Rear quarter windows top and outer seals replaced, sunroof seal brand new. Sunroof working both ways. Doesn't leak. Paint is in excellent condition, some stone chips on front valance. Genuine 2 Piece wheels. ABS/TCS equipped, both working (recently replaced ABS computer and pump). Auto Dip Rearview Mirror New trailing arm bushes. New rear pads and rebuilt handbrake assembly (shoes and cables). All Seat Manual mechanisms working. Small mark on the rear bumper, and front valance has dragged on a couple of parks, has bowed underneath slightly. Also having 90% complete getrag manual conversion that can be arranged to come with for the right deal, can even convert prior to sale if required. Definitely one of the better examples you'll find, one you can get in and just drive. Happy to answer any questions. Looking for $12000
  14. Heya, would you consider shipping? If so I'll grab the rack and heater hose.
  15. E30kid

    M43 ICV

    Unfortunately they look to be mostly 6 cylinder versions, the one I'm after is a plastic one. Normally just some brake cleaner frees them up, I just broke one trying to pull it apart 🤦
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