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  1. k3zza

    WTB: Bolt for Front Strut to King Pin E36

    Thanks Dave. New shocks all in and time to get WOF. Thanks for the help everyone.
  2. Doing suspension on E36 328i coupe and need to get this hex bolt with washer for front strut to king pin. BMW will take 2 weeks to ship. M12x20 https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-bmw-parts/hex-bolt-with-washer-priced-each/31311136465/ Can anyone help me out as one side suspension is already done.
  3. k3zza

    GONE: E36 Motorsport Shocks

    Messaged you.
  4. k3zza

    WTB accelerator pedal cable for E36 328i

    Thanks for the recommendation. It's been super helpful for finding the correct product number. Unfortunately the normal sites for oem parts (ecs or pelican parts) can't stock it due to it being a european part.
  5. k3zza

    WTB accelerator pedal cable for E36 328i

    Damn, didn't realize. I guess I'll cancel that order.
  6. Hi, My cable attaching the accelerator pedal to throttle body is broken. Anyone have one for sale? I've purchased a brand new one from the States (at half the cost of getting one through BMW NZ) but it'll take a few weeks to arrive so looking for one in the meantime. Thanks, Kieran
  7. k3zza

    WTB: E36 ZF driveshaft

    So does any one know if there are any companies who can supply this for cheap?
  8. k3zza

    WTB: E36 ZF driveshaft

    Hi, Looking to buy a E36 manual ZF driveshaft. Anyone have one or know where I could get one made for a good price? Cheers
  9. k3zza

    WTB E36 exhaust, coilovers

    So no exhaust systems for sale atm?
  10. k3zza

    WTB E36 exhaust, coilovers

    Hi, I'm new to the forums / BMW ownership but have just purchased an automatic 1996 E36 328i Coupe recently. Converting it to a manual with a ZF box I picked up. Looking to do some basic mods and was wondering if anyone has any of the following for sale atm. - aftermarket exhaust system - coilovers Let me know what you guys have lying around.