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  1. E30 Coupe - Engine swap too 1jz, M52 or ????

    Don't think BG Marketing deal with Ruff.
  2. E30 Coupe - Engine swap too 1jz, M52 or ????

    Hi Hunter, I Import wheels and Tyres as my business so added them to another container... ANZ Wheels & Tyres, only grabbed the one set, can check if they have more or would possible part with these if really keen.
  3. E30 Coupe - Engine swap too 1jz, M52 or ????

    Wheels arrived today... 15x8.5 4/100 +17P Hyper Silver with Machined Lip
  4. E30 Coupe - Engine swap too 1jz, M52 or ????

    Already have the 911sc Booster and it's fine, bolts straight in stud wise, clevis and rod needs extending so just dealing with that now. Have my steering rack spacers sorted for the Z3 rack, hope to sort revised power steer lines next week as they don't fit and the pump end fitting is wrong on the supply side.
  5. E30 Coupe - Engine swap too 1jz, M52 or ????

    Will get there once I get it running, will give some thoughts to Brakes. Yeah I import K-Sport Suspension so have that covered.
  6. E30 Coupe - Engine swap too 1jz, M52 or ????

    Thanks, will keep it in mind, only planning on bumpers at the moment... they are enough of a drama so far.
  7. E30 Coupe - Engine swap too 1jz, M52 or ????

    Other than a Brake Booster change I wasn't planning on any brake mod's at this stage. Suspension is looking like full adjustables, all shocks seem stuffed so not much different to put adjustables in compared to springs & shocks.
  8. E30 Coupe - Engine swap too 1jz, M52 or ????

    Figured ZF wasn't necessary, 220 was recommended to me and would be sufficient for street use.
  9. E30 Coupe - Engine swap too 1jz, M52 or ????

    Well bit the bullet and have gone the M54B30 route, sourced a motor last week so just need to swap sump and a few other mod's to make that happen. Have a E34 sump ready to swap over, just need to mod the oil pickup and dipstick tube a bit. Removed the Aircon unit as our 83 doesn't have AC Ray from HellBM hooked me up with a Getrag 220 and pedals plus a few other items required. Ray will also remove the EWS in the MS43 ECU for me. Picked up a M20 Flywheel, clutch setup off TM. With Waitangi day tomorrow we will remove the old M20 engine and start prepping the E30, have a Z3 steering rack to swap over, install Clutch pedal, master cyclinder and Electronic Drive by Wire pedal ex E39. From what I've read will need to swap out the Brake Booster for a smaller OD, I read one post somewhere that they used a Porsche 944 item, I have a 911 SC left over from a earlier project so I'm going to look at that swap first, if not suitable will look into some other options. Over the past week we have been working on fitting a Fibreglass Mtech2 kit, what a mission, front is too wide, need to narrow approx 30mm. Rears are too long in length towards the rear wheel arch so have shortened those by about 50mm... Rear is back in one piece, fibreglassing went great, will need some BOG work to make pretty Want to locate a Medium LSD in the 2.93 range if anyone knows of one available? Yet to start on the wiring which is not my favorite so if anyone has any recommendations for someone in CHCH that can do it on the cheap? Will get around to putting some pic's up at some stage..
  10. E30 Seat Repair Christchurch

    I'm after a E30 Driver seat from 2dr... has the blue cloth interior.... or a rear seat that I can pinch the cloth to fix my base? Do you have? Where are you located?
  11. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1526277297&ed=true Pulling this engine out in next few weeks and have no need for it, TM link will tell you all the stuff, $300 no reserve. Engine/ Auto is in Christchurch, currently in car so can be test driven, just driven back from Auckland with zero issues. Brent
  12. E30 Coupe - Engine swap too 1jz, M52 or ????

    Hey Andy, Thanks for your input, yeah that is where I had thought I would go initially, 190HP wasn't really getting me too excited though totally agree with changing other items whilst engine is on the hoist! Do you have any leads/ tips for a M52/ZF and conversion parts that would suit this change? Brent
  13. E30 Coupe - Engine swap too 1jz, M52 or ????

    Hmmm, nice... which one specifically? Could you please text me so I can give you a call re price and gearbox options. Thanks Brent
  14. Just purchased this 83 E30, always liked the shape and think it's screaming for a Engine and Manual swap. Currently has a the 2.0 6 cyclinder with Auto. Certainly nothing to look at currently so will get the nessecary drop and wheels, possibly front and rear bumper as well... not sure what for that though. Happy to hear suggestions or if someone has a suitable engine/ gearbox that may suit this. Also if anyone want the engine and auto out of it then let me know as that will be coming out ASAP. Brent