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  1. Pulling this engine out in next few weeks and have no need for it, TM link will tell you all the stuff, $300 no reserve. Engine/ Auto is in Christchurch, currently in car so can be test driven, just driven back from Auckland with zero issues. Brent
  2. Hey Andy, Thanks for your input, yeah that is where I had thought I would go initially, 190HP wasn't really getting me too excited though totally agree with changing other items whilst engine is on the hoist! Do you have any leads/ tips for a M52/ZF and conversion parts that would suit this change? Brent
  3. Hmmm, nice... which one specifically? Could you please text me so I can give you a call re price and gearbox options. Thanks Brent
  4. Just purchased this 83 E30, always liked the shape and think it's screaming for a Engine and Manual swap. Currently has a the 2.0 6 cyclinder with Auto. Certainly nothing to look at currently so will get the nessecary drop and wheels, possibly front and rear bumper as well... not sure what for that though. Happy to hear suggestions or if someone has a suitable engine/ gearbox that may suit this. Also if anyone want the engine and auto out of it then let me know as that will be coming out ASAP. Brent