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  1. Doing a restoration on my VDO cluster that has multiple issues and I need one of these... anyone have a broken cluster that may have the part lying around? Thanks
  2. BrentNZ

    Getrag 220 from E36 1.8L M43 fit M54?

    Thanks.. Understood, I do support mechanical sympathy so should be fine.... have one on other M54B30 and so far so good.
  3. Pretty much as per above topic.. Will a G220 from a E36 1.8 4cyc M43 bolt up to a M54B30 correctly? with normal angles? Thanks Brent
  4. IT's ALIVE !!!!! never straight forward, engine out again to sort a couple of things, still wouldn't start, had spark and fuel but wouldn't fire, had the computer double checked for the EWS delete and all was good there. Had my electrical guy back and he looked into the injector firing and we had no power there when cranking, so bridged a wire at replay and vroom So now we can put the interior back in, seats, dash and console back together and go for a whip around the block, clutch doesn't feel perfect as it's very close to the floor so may need to lengthen the rod more to get the engagement up. All going to plan this weekend we will finish off these items and I can get a wheel alignment booked this week ready for cert... Will update after weekend of how the test drive goes.
  5. Thanks all, yeah had read about the suspension travel requirements, also I certed a car last year and I had to supply wheel alignment report within certain tolerances of the factory spec's... like 1/2 a degree I think? Need to make a decision on what size 15" tyre I'm going to change too... 205/50R15 or 205/55r15
  6. I had the car at my electrical guy last week and he wired in the loom in good time so all is working there we believe, he gave it a kick and thats when we have found the starter issue as below. Finally got a chance on Sunday to remove engine and gear box and look into the slave cylinder issue. Basically not enough throw in the push rod we think, fully extended it's not reaching the fork. Have made some measurements and going to remake a push rod that is 30mm longer, should solve the issue. I really should have sorted this before I fitted engine, there seems to be no exact combination to say what length you need as it depends on what Flywheel, clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing and slave cylinder you use. I had the original M54B30 Starter motor fitted which doesn't work as I have a M20 Flywheel, so have sourced a M20 starter motor, I needed a Facelift or 87- model from 320 or 325 as they are the smaller design like the M54... should arrive in a day or two so will install that before fitting gearbox up again. Have developed a small water leak in the front pulley area, traced it back to water pump it seems so will replace that this weekend, as they sit for a while without use they sometimes decide to start leaking I've heard. Purchased a pair of driveshaft loops, since spoken to cert guy and he only requires one on the front driveshaft so will look into the mounting of that once I get the engine and gearbox back in hopefully Sunday. Do need to get a smaller hoop as it's pretty tight there under the gearshift linkages. So still a bit of work to do but getting closer to having it a runner which will be great!, getting sick of taking it places on a trailer.
  7. BrentNZ

    E36 Clutch Problem

    Best place to get the longer throw out bearings from?
  8. Few good bits of progress but a couple of steps backward Got all the pedal box's and mod's done as part of the manual conversion, bleed brakes and clutch.... more on that later. Exhaust all done Bumpers completed and now they at the painters. Front seats reupholstered, ready for collection but easier to leave there so they don't get dirty. Fennix radiator installed and hoses sorted. Pretty sure I have all the other heater, radiator, power steer hoses and earth straps also done, O2 sensors are in as well. Laid out the loom and my connecting harness, seems to make more sense the more I look at it.... working out all the items that can be removed from E39 loom is the hard part. Clutch.... installed reservoir bottle, bled, all seemed good, felt the clutch pedal and it was quite light, got my son to give it a couple of pumps, reservoir kept dropping then I hear fluid piddling out the bottom of the gearbox!, I think the piston pushed itself out of the slave cylinder. So gearbox needs to come out, thinking of trying to do it with the engine in car as it's 95% hooked up, will see if I can get all the bell housing bolts out first. Not sure why this has occurred, new slave cylinder, did have the white plastic thingy on end of piston..... can the fork be installed wrong? I have had to remake my clutch pedal and master cylinder attachment so this could be stuffed up but I'm pretty confident this is good, its like the piston has slipped past the pocket on fork which also seems impossible... wrong thrust bearing? Any ideas? I'm away for next two weeks, home in the weekends and all going to plan I drop it to my electrical guy to finish off the wiring for the 2nd week so can't do a lot till I get it back..
  9. BrentNZ

    Group buy, E30 sump guard

    Based on the Red46 page, they have 5 different ones, based on pictures it varies for the sump bung? or height for clearance of the different engine options. so I'm thinking a universal fit won't work. I will keep hunting locally, If I can find something I'm happy to facilitate a group buy..
  10. BrentNZ

    Group buy, E30 sump guard

    Did this go any further with getting made locally? I need one.
  11. Will post some pic's again when back at car. Very familiar with running low clearance on my vehicles, but yeah this will be too low, just checking if there was a number under 100mm for the cert minimum. Will wind it up some over the weekend to get some more clearance and check guard gaps. Will look into a sump guard... thanks people.
  12. Curious what height people are running at lowest point? I've got the car sitting on 195/50R15 Tyres, XYZ Coilovers wound down to roughly where I want them, the sump is 60mm off the ground. I know you can get cert under 100mm but I think this low is going to cause quite a few issues that I'm not yet aware of. Options are; Taller tyre, 195/55 or 205/50-15 but I think that will cause turning clearance issues plus additional width at guards which is marginal as well. Raise the coilovers heights 10-15mm And both of the above? Suggestions or current clearance heights with a LVTA cert?
  13. Thanks Marcus! Yeah your LSD is painted, fluids, fitted and torqed up ready for some action.
  14. Decent amount of progress in past month or two. M54B30 engine Trial fitted G220 Gearbox and standard factory manual mount sorted. Gearshift linkages too long so shortening those 60mm Then measured driveshaft and having front section lengthened 180mm Bumpers are all now Fiberglassed back together and all mounts glassed on, now for some sand/fill work and painting. Porsche 911 SC Brake booster modified and installed XYZ Coilovers fitted to front struts and installed Front wheel bearings were shot so fitted new wheel bearing hubs Medium Case LSD fitted Front seats are being recovered with Factory Pacific Blue material, hope to get those back this week. Modified the E30 steering linkage to suit the Z3 rack but it's just not working, hitting exhaust manifold hard. Picked up a Holden Astra linkage on Friday which I have started modifying to fit while engine is out, will get that sorted this week . I suspect manifold may still need some massaging. Lots of other things happening along the way to keep things moving, engine currently out while sorting the heater lines and also refitting clutch slave cylinder and gearbox plus sorting Radiator and hoses which I think I know what i'm doing with that. Hope to have engine and gearbox back in for the last time on Sunday if time allows, then will get the exhaust made up. After that its the Wiring harness, which will hopefully be sorted by my Auto Electrical guy. Steady progress, project has escalated a lot from original plans :), was something my son and I are building for him to learn to drive in.... yeah that's not going to happen!
  15. Don't think BG Marketing deal with Ruff.