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  1. Any guesses what it may go for? I saw this listing you may be interested in: 2002 BMW M3 M3 Coupe https://www.trademe.co.nz/4658330104
  2. Additionally, there is a 2001 530d msport donor I want to buy and transfer parts.
  3. Thanks everyone, @jasera94 and @EagleI appreciate you being honest. @jasera94 I know how you feel, I am the same but with older models. The e39 has been a pain for me, however I knew this from @eagle and online research. Thinking of throwing in the towel with mine, being nic picky trying to get it to 100%. I am at a cross roads though because the potential, engine, performance, sound, etc... has me in love 😪. Would like to start getting involve personally with my build but not sure where to start. P.s. There is a parked E36 at my job I am eyeing 🤣, hoping it is an older resident with parts and maintenance up to date.
  4. Thanks for the update, appreciate the help
  5. Does this seem too good to be true or just a really good deal? E.g., Can I have your thoughts and expertise, do you think overpriced or reasonable? I saw this listing you may be interested in: 2008 BMW 135i https://www.trademe.co.nz/4605740129 Current owner had it for 6 years, has all service paper history, no accidents, factory manual and supposedly no known issues . Any one knows about this car or driver?
  6. Has this build been certified? Also, any more 135i projects coming up soon?
  7. Has this been dismantled or still up for grabs?
  8. I definitely read about the money pit part of this before buying one, I thought I was an exception but it is coming back to bite me in the butt :(. However, I have a vision and plan to make it an investment / long term car.
  9. Xander

    528i E39 Parts

    Sweet yes, I have been reading so I think that will be this weekend's projects just need all the parts. Thanks for the follow up appreciate the help and will get a puller, cheers. I have been reading just trying to confirm how much parts or pieces I need?
  10. Xander

    528i E39 Parts

    Afternoon all, does any one know any one in Auckland that can replace / repair this part of windshield?
  11. Xander

    528i E39 Parts

    Hi Polley, Thanks for a response. How bad are they, like alot of work required? Also do you have side skirts? Btw, I will be in touch should the kit from BrentNZ above fall through. Hoping to have an update later this week I appreciate the help cheers
  12. Xander

    528i E39 Parts

    Thanks for the confirmation 👍🏿
  13. Xander

    528i E39 Parts

    Hi Gaz, I will have to get more details when I am beside the car... Sorry for being so vague. But I appreciate your help
  14. Xander

    528i E39 Parts

    Hi Kiwi, Sweet update, thanks for this. I potentially want the spoiler. However, regarding the m sport exhaust which one is it, just the standard m sport or m performance? Asking all these questions because from my understanding if it is just the m sport it is the same as my current stock one except different tips right? Please correct me if I am wrong... Still new to the BMW world. I look forward to hearing from you, let me know if you have any questions.
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