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  1. limepanda

    19 inch staggered msport style 225s

    For Sale: Lightweight 19 inch staggered msport style 225s Came off my e90 335i Balanced and all ready to go They have some curb rash per photos Bridgestone Potenza RE-050A all corners, 7mm tread front, 4mm tread rear. 8Jx19 E H2 IS 37, 225/35/19 front 9Jx19 E H2 IS 39 255/30/19 rear Located in Taranaki, but I'm happy to drop off at mainfreight depot etc. $1250 ono
  2. limepanda

    Idrive controllers

    Sweet, I'm looking to retrofit the lci look into my e90. Do you have woodgrain trim for that and how much would you want for the trim+controller?
  3. limepanda

    Idrive controllers

    Do you have any of the surrounding trim to go with them?
  4. limepanda

    Are these a good choice?

    With my 08 335i Msport I'm currently running 19inch oem wheels, 225/35 R19 front and 255/30 R19 rear, Bridgestone Potenza RFTs and the back breaking jolts going over potholes and bumps are driving me mad. It also feels like the car slides a bit when hitting bumps as well (or maybe I'm just crazy). My plan is to get some 18s and put PS4s on them. Is this a good idea? What tyre sizes are best suited for what I'm wanting? Mix of comfort/grip/price. Are these rims a good choice? I think they're aftermarket but I love the look. Any help is much appreciated.
  5. limepanda

    Key Fob Intermittant

    How did you get on?
  6. limepanda

    E90 Differential Fluid Change DIY

    Thanks 😀 The cover won't reseal and the differential has to be removed to get the cover off so suctioning the old fluid out seems to be the way to go.
  7. limepanda

    E90 Differential Fluid Change DIY

    I thought I'd do a little write up on changing the rear diff fluid in the E90s. This service should be done every 75-100,000 kms. Special bits you'll need: Appropriate 75w90 gear oil - Castrol Syntrax Long Life, AMSOIL Severe Gear, Royal Purple Max Gear, Penrite Pro Gear. I recommend AMSOIL but any of these should work fine, the Castrol is the oem oil but very hard to find in retail. Quantity - If you have a 335i like me you'll need 1.2 litres, all others are 1 litre. 14mm Hex socket Torque Wrench Fluid transfer pump. Due to the lack of a drain plug you will need to suction the old fluid out via the fill plug. Measuring jug I settled on the AMSOIL after reading a bunch of threads from the USA, it seems like generally great stuff, but anything from above will work. Take your car for a quick run to warm up the diff fluid, 5-10 mins should be fine. Since we want this to go as easy as possible we want to warm up the new fluid as well so it will thin out and be easier to pump. I did this by putting the bottles in a bowl of warm/hot water: Fluid transfer pump I used. It wasn't the best, and I wouldn't really recommend it. Maybe you'd have better luck with something like this or this. 14mm Hex Socket 1/2" Breaker Bar was all I used to get the plug off. It may take a bit of force if it hasn't ever been done before. You're going to need to get under the car (make sure that however you do it your car is level!), the arrow shows the drain/fill bolt you will be using. Undo it with the breaker bar. Keep the plug clean if you're going to reuse it. Mine looked fine so I was happy to reuse it. If you need a new plug you can get one here. Now start sucking as much old fluid as you can out of the fill hole into a measuring jug so that you can keep track of exactly how much you've gotten out. I had a lot of trouble with this step and I would recommend you have a helper to guide the tube around while you pull the old fluid out. In the end I had to fashion up a syringe with some small tubing and a wire so that I could get the last couple hundred ml out of the bottom of the diff. Here's the old fluid I got out, looks due for changing, had about 100,000kms on it. I got about 950ml out which means I either missed 250ml, or it wasn't there. I couldn't feel, see, or suction out any more fluid. When I took off the fill plug nothing came out, and when you fill it up you're meant to fill it until a small trickle runs out of the fill hole. Either way when I filled it up it took about 1.1 litres so 🤷‍♂️. This is why it's good to have a measuring jug, you can tell how much should be left and base your calculations on it. Now you want to fill up the diff with new your new fluid until a small trickle runs out of the fill hole (remember your car must be level), then put the fill plug back on and tighten to 60 Nm (44 ft-lb). Here's a couple of videos showing the process in case there's anything I've missed here: Congratulations, you should now have a nicely serviced diff. In my case due to the disparity between what I was able to get out vs what should have been in there I'm going to drive it for a week and then drain about 800mls out and replace with the leftover new fluid I have, that should flush out as much of the leftover old fluid as possible. Happy driving!
  8. limepanda

    Mixing Diff Fluid Brands?

    I tried that with my last order a few weeks ago and they said they couldn't do anything about it and then it turned up today with a ton of spare space in the box that was way too big for it 😞
  9. limepanda

    Mixing Diff Fluid Brands?

    Nice find but the shipping price is a bit more on that kit which makes it $135 NZD for the kit. Much cheaper to buy locally at that stage.
  10. limepanda

    Mixing Diff Fluid Brands?

    Ahh right that's the kit you were looking at. Yeah that's the same price shipping to me. Oh well I'm committed to buying local now that I've got half the oil lol. I'll just chuck on a fill plug with my next order from FCP. Not sure on that oil brand though, would rather go with something I know works well. From what I've heard the best for this job are Castrol Syntrax Long Life, Red Line High Performance, AMSOIL Severe Gear, and Royal Purple Max Gear (some debate). In my mind why skimp just to save a few 💲
  11. limepanda

    Mixing Diff Fluid Brands?

    What are the rules around shipping fluids? I just checked FCP (I love them by the way), and for my car it would cost about $150, much more than buying the fluid here.
  12. limepanda

    Mixing Diff Fluid Brands?

    Yeah pretty much what I was thinking, was tossing up doing it as more a flush and do it again sometime in the next few weeks as there's no drain plug so there's no way I'll be getting all of it out anyway. I thought about it but I know the AMSOIL works great for it and is rated extremely well which I think is even more important given this diff is somewhat under-engineered.
  13. limepanda

    Mixing Diff Fluid Brands?

    So I'm all prepped to do a fluid change on my E90 335i's rear diff, unfortunately I've only got 950mls of AMSOIL Severe Gear 75w90 and the diff holds about 1.2 litres. Is it ok to drain the old stuff out, add all the new fluid and then fill the last 250mls with the old fluid? (Which I assume is Castrol Syntrax Long Life 75w90). Or would it be better to just wait until I can get my hands on another litre of AMSOIL? They're both rated API GL-5 for what it's worth.
  14. limepanda

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Been having a check engine light and misfire starting once rpms get over 4k. Scanned the car and got a misfire on cylinder 3 code, figured it was probably a coil so got the ignition maintenance kit from FCP euro so that hopefully when they're due for another change it will only cost about $80 max(return shipping). Got all 6 plugs and coils changed, decided not to use dielectric grease. Went mostly without a hitch except the $5 spark plug socket from FCP was a pita, the rubber is way to tight and when it's gripping the plug there's no extension arm in the world that will hold it, ended up MIG welding it to an old 3/4 extension and that worked well enough, still took a lot of muscle to get it on and off the plug though. Anyway, got everything back together and the motor runs smooth and pulls hard right through the rpm range without any issues or misfires whatsoever so I'm a happy man.
  15. limepanda

    Key Fob Intermittant