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Found 14 results

  1. Yes, I've been away for a while. But I thought I would return with a decent vid :D Chris Harris E61 M5 Let's be honest, this is probably going to pump up prices.
  2. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1291456118.htm $48K ono 106KMs Pictures are a bit meh ... but awesome car!
  3. M5 touring What's left of DRIVETRIBE just bought an M5 touring.
  4. With the coming apocalypse I think as a responsible v10 owner I should be applying for some green car rebates to invest into making the M5 more "green". https://www.motor1.com/news/25581/g-power-bmw-m5-hurricane-gs-the-worlds-fastest-lpg-vehicle/ You would have to burn through some huge distances to get any return on investment for your blown swamp gas conversion, but Jacinda would be happy so that's a win.......
  5. I went to remove the rear number plate surround on the wagon, only to find that either some ass hat has bonded the number plate on with 3M or BMW has another form of black magic to hold the plate in place. I don't want to pull the plate and destroy the paintwork - any ideas? A gratuitous ass shot :
  6. So I just took my 550i in to have its service today at the dealer, and a few things came up that needed attention. My rear shock is leaking, and the brake hoses have surface cracks. I would think both need to be repaired as soon as possible. Does anyone have any recommendations on where would be a good place to get this work done? How complex is the repair job? There are some other bits that need attention ie: alternator/AC belt replacement due which I could look at a little later.
  7. The driver's side floor mat keeps catching on the seat when it moves. This has caused the back edge of the mat to curl up making the snagging issue even worse. I have two memory positions for the seat, one for driving and the second for getting in/out. The seat moves a fair amount between the two positions so everytime it crosses the back edge of the floor mat it grabs hold. My options are get another floor mat that actually fits, super glue the current floor mat down forever more, install a fixed bucket seat or simply walk everywhere with a horn speaker strapped to my back making V10 noises. Any ideas on solving this, I'm not a huge fan of the Velcro style pads that hold the mat down. Pretty sure these are M5 style mats from the car yard, and about 10mm longer than required for the correct fitment. All the other mats are perfect.
  8. I have had a hunt through Bimmersport and for the life me I can't find a thread / raging argument on what oil to run in an S85. Castrol 10w60 EDGE, Castrol 10w60 Supercar aka TWS? BMW branded version, Shell/BMW version, Anything 10w60 as long as it is from a reputable brand and fully synthetic? I think I have read more on oil opinions than anything else about S85 engines, im not looking for some cheap alternative snake oil, I'm just wondering if the attitude has changed at all towards using anything other than 10w60 Supercar? Cheers.
  9. I'm looking to remove the 15mm wheel spacers and need a set of factory length wheel lugs to replace the long set that are in use at present. I've searched and there are a bunch of references to the length of the standard part, I'm hoping someone can provide a part number or a suggestion on replacement items. Thanks.
  10. Can anyone explain why BMW spec'd the rear tires as 275/35 r19 on the wagon and 285/35 r19 on the sedan M5? I just had the rears changed to the factory size and there is a large amount of room for the 285 - so rubbing can't be the issue or smaller wheel wells. I've searched the web and couldn't find anything conclusive.
  11. So I got my service report back for my 550i and they have indicated I need to have the front discs replaced when I change my pads next. 28.4mm is the minimum thickness and I am currently at 28.2mm. What sort of cost should I be expecting for something like this, and are there any recommendations on who would be able to carry this work out at some point? Auckland based. TIA.
  12. Apologies if I have posted in the wrong place, this is my first post. Having just has someone takeout the left front fender and bumper of my E60 550i (pre-lci) I am left wondering if I should go down the route of replacing with the M5 fenders and bumper, question to anyone who might have done this is; A. are all the parts a straight swap out. B. Any have some bits or point me in the right direction of a good NZ source.
  13. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=1468423347 Looking for $80K!! One of 2 NZ New E61 M5s.... 54KMs late model I drive fitted by BMW $5000 carbon fibre intake system imported from the UK ( original still with car) built in laser radar detector
  14. Four hours of sweet, a clay bar, polish and clear coat, stage one clean to get a decent finish on this bad boy done. Some detail work under the bonnet and around the base and inside doors but happy to have some decent protection on this now for the summer. Can't really see on pics but a pretty nice reflection on the navy metallic paintwork now ? Loving it
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