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  1. Can't get a grip on the value, either in money or drivability terms, of such an expensive manual conversion of a 240 ish crank HP car. Poor dollars spent in my view and I have owned two of them. Good luck with your mod, great car.
  2. M Tech Autos, if out Henderson way. Great service and BMW Audi specialist.
  3. Just arrived, released late last year, metal core 200 cell high flow cats. Dynoed to add 20-25 hp and 25- 30 tq at wheels over stock. Very well made, guaranteed to fit L & RHD without mods. On special last week from Turnermotorsport, US$ 429.00.
  4. Manufacturing has certainly changed for high end products around the world. Pirelli and Michelin, even their highest performance rated tyres are made in China. They have the best tyre making equipment and production processes.
  5. Jon, Vehicular DIY has a vid on his channel with a digital pressure gauge with alarm which addresses your concerns, was aftermarket but fitted neatly behind dash vent from memory. Have a look on You tube.
  6. No, will not include shipping, but 7 odd kg of oil will bump it up. Have found their rates good with general parts, with Fed Ex, super fast. If trans is working well and smooth thru shifts, maybe just fluid and pan locally.
  7. Not sure on your model number of ZF trans, but FCP Euro do a mechtronic kit for the 6 HP 19Z with ZF oil for US$ 333.91. Hard to beat.
  8. Certainly is a pair.
  9. New, Garagistic poly, track, sport, trans mounts. Fit nearly all E models, 2- 3 series right up to E90s. $45.00
  10. As per pic description, near new, used for couple of hours, bit to thick. $80.00
  11. My car took about 3 days to wake up to the new found volume and flows. Off boost part throttle response marked improvement, on spooling big gains in torque delivery, ( bum dyno) in stock turbo band range.
  12. Any 6 speed auto owners here imported/ installed service kit? FCP Euro has pan, filter, 4 valve sleeves, mech connection sleeve and 6lt of ZF fluid for around US$330. Thanks.
  13. No need for nut, but a small flat washer, blue tacked or super glued lightly to mount face will protect somewhat the cooler mount and vehicle mount mating surface. Lube with oil or silicone, pipes and recieving ends of cooler. Easily also with wriggling for clips to seat in a locked position. I found fitting clips after pipes were fully engaged into cooler an easier option.
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