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  1. Best bang for buck for my E91, along side 8.5- 9.5 front/ rear wheels was the E92M3 TRW front torsion strut/ lower control arm upgrade. Once aligned, night and day difference to steering feel and corner turn in.
  2. I'm sure quite a few here would remember the beautifully converted E30 in England with the V10 S85 somehow squeezed in, not overstated, but stood out, the sound was amazing! Was up around 600 hp, which to me is perfect for the effort. Lots of you tube vids of roll racing on old airfields, this thing dealt to a lot of top tier cars. Was maybe 7+ years ago.
  3. Nice car, certainly a lot of skill, money and work gone into this. Not sure on motor mods, which if this is a non vanos model, would be limited, 300 + odd hp for over $100k asking price is difficult to market in any body shape. This sort of car to wow, needs one of the M3 3ltr turbo variants IMO.
  4. Yeah, I find adding anything new, from hardware to software takes a day or two, maybe 4-5 start/ stop runs to perform smooth.
  5. Lol, certainly jaming gears alright! Don't think a clutch pedal is involved in those shifts, does sound strong.
  6. Has anyone else tried the MHD latest add on to V9 maps? Sliding scale setting, throttle pedal signal reducing function as used on the 1M it says. Loaded it yesterday, works great! Set at 70%,(less delay from stock), feels just like a cable unit, improves manual auto shifts noticably(xhp stg2). Also for $80 odd, loaded stge 2 MHD maps V9.
  7. Not sure on numbers, is a versatile pump, but quite large in length, runs hot, so ignition/ timing/ tuning a big thing. Have not or ever looked, but was quite a number of bolt on, albeit left hand drive kits available in the US 10- 15 years ago for the M52TU and M54. Would certainly save you hundreds of hours and $$ one would think.
  8. Have you checked out the second hand/ used units on say ebay in US? Maybe something? Lot of work for 300hp starting for scratch.
  9. Can't get a grip on the value, either in money or drivability terms, of such an expensive manual conversion of a 240 ish crank HP car. Poor dollars spent in my view and I have owned two of them. Good luck with your mod, great car.
  10. M Tech Autos, if out Henderson way. Great service and BMW Audi specialist.
  11. Just arrived, released late last year, metal core 200 cell high flow cats. Dynoed to add 20-25 hp and 25- 30 tq at wheels over stock. Very well made, guaranteed to fit L & RHD without mods. On special last week from Turnermotorsport, US$ 429.00.
  12. Manufacturing has certainly changed for high end products around the world. Pirelli and Michelin, even their highest performance rated tyres are made in China. They have the best tyre making equipment and production processes.
  13. Jon, Vehicular DIY has a vid on his channel with a digital pressure gauge with alarm which addresses your concerns, was aftermarket but fitted neatly behind dash vent from memory. Have a look on You tube.
  14. No, will not include shipping, but 7 odd kg of oil will bump it up. Have found their rates good with general parts, with Fed Ex, super fast. If trans is working well and smooth thru shifts, maybe just fluid and pan locally.
  15. Not sure on your model number of ZF trans, but FCP Euro do a mechtronic kit for the 6 HP 19Z with ZF oil for US$ 333.91. Hard to beat.
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