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  1. 3 cylinders at a time, leave for about 5hrs, suck with wet vac, finish with brake clean.
  2. Yeah, i did. My guy uses some wuurth stuff, took hole day tho, can't see anyone moaning about this result.
  3. Mine were chemically cleaned, A wuurth product I think. Just takes a while to eat into carbon, end result is great!
  4. Not sure what the Dinan badging means to sales or collection values. Looking at magazine article, turbos would appear to be stock, so would have, unless updated, the usual, N54 wear, wastegates, thrusts, bearing issues, etc. Heaps of options now for N54, turbos in US are cheap and much stronger, so don't be put off by maintainance. I have owned a few BMWs, but nothing as satisfying as my 335 E91. If the price is right, go for it.
  5. Indeed! Some vehicles become so gummed up it effects valve to seat sealing. Had mine cleaned late last year, replaced injectors(index 12) at same time. Ugly $$ price, but what a differance!! Car just flew, haven"t had any codes since.
  6. Nice shot, great looking car!
  7. Intercooler is easy to upgrade and not to costly. 1+ is a big jump from stage 1.
  8. 100.000km and 11 years old, mounts must be tired, 'while in there'.
  9. As Herb says, lot of labour and one of those 'while your in there' situations. Almost gaurantee turbos will have end float in shaft,(thrust) worn. Rattle fix itself is not overly differcult, but if you are looking at keeping car for a while, and upping boost etc, turbo core rebuild with upgraded bearings and thrusts is the way to go IMO. Just to much to remove within the work scope not to tidy up and gain reliability going forward. I'm about to do just that, taken long time, covid hasn't helped, shipping of parts, bit of a nightmare, but changing lots, mounts, lines, hoses, etc. Good luck with purchase, great ride.
  10. smiddy

    E46 M3

    Be differcult to value this vechicle without having a good- good look, who did repair, certfied? Subframe/ tracking issues?? If it was written off, it would be a decent whack! Or parts required to repair, not availale on request??
  11. Available fueling options, (octane) is stumbling block here, certainly not a daily with this setup. Nice car, great work and mods.
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