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  1. Pretty sure you could start a Youtube channel with your restoration work.
  2. This is fantastic work, what art museum is it being installed in?
  3. I had the car out in the sun on the driveway (melting my credit card :D), cracked the windows about an inch and went about my day....... returned to find a laser guided bird sh*t had gone right through the window gap and onto the back seat! Quick clean up and all is well.
  4. If you were going to buy a wonky M5 may as well get one that's been converted to RHD for a lot less. https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1989-bmw-e34-m5 This one sold in December in Sydney for AU$37,000.
  5. Wow, that's the most impressive thing I've seen all year! What gear do you sit in at 100?
  6. Latest M5 update includes branding my calf muscle with a distinctive exhaust tip...... I was getting a 30 pack of carbonated beverage out of the boot, summer, shorts, jandals, got a tad close to the passenger side tips when reaching in and boom - nice semi circular brand on my leg. It was definitely a WTF the is that pain, and who is burning a barbershop down moment. I was stunned and then pissed myself laughing followed by some pain and immediately thought I have to tell someone about this
  7. Wow, that must have been a hard one to list. What a machine, hope it brings top dollar for you.
  8. Twistee

    Quick rant thread.

    This week I have met two distinct types of car people, on the one hand I had a couple of guys who were genuine car enthusiasts checking out the M5 and I was more than happy to talk rubbish and answer any questions - great experience. On the other end of the scale were the totally mono brand focused anorak wearing crowd, by the looks of it the Porsche owners club. I dropped into the local New World and saw this gaggle of beetles and unmasked folk (apparently they are immune to any virus - just don't tell them) parked up and having a good old chat, as a car guy I can appreciate any metal (well most...). So with that in mind I thought it would be nice to park up, say hi, and take some pics - I like a bit of 911 regardless of year. I soon noted from the general glare of disapproval I got on approach in the wagon that this was a closed thing and I should just "F off", bit of shame - continued on my way and did my shop. They were still parked up when I left so I figured I may as well reinforce the stereotype and gave them a good old v10 salute as I left. 😁
  9. https://www.repco.co.nz/en/oils-fluids/engine-oils-fluids/engine-oil/castrol-edge-synthetic-10w-60-engine-oil-5l-3412396/p/A1304624 $73.50 per 5L Until Thursday.
  10. Twistee

    S85 Sagaris

    If ever there was a poster child for reliability, a TVR with a S85 😂
  11. Thanks for the input - I didn't know that Supercheap sold 10w60 Supercar, I thought they only sold EDGE as I've never seen it advertised that I can think of. @aja540i totally agree on the oil change frequency, who do you use for the oil analysis? @BM WORLD Thanks, I'll touch base in the near future and grab a couple of containers.
  12. I have had a hunt through Bimmersport and for the life me I can't find a thread / raging argument on what oil to run in an S85. Castrol 10w60 EDGE, Castrol 10w60 Supercar aka TWS? BMW branded version, Shell/BMW version, Anything 10w60 as long as it is from a reputable brand and fully synthetic? I think I have read more on oil opinions than anything else about S85 engines, im not looking for some cheap alternative snake oil, I'm just wondering if the attitude has changed at all towards using anything other than 10w60 Supercar? Cheers.
  13. Big thanks to the members who assisted me here, it's great to know that Bimmersport is a well rounded (although BMW obsessed 😁) group that are always willing to help out. When I told my wife that I wanted to buy a cheap daily she used that as leverage to get other outstanding house items addressed, ain't marriage great. Once the kitchen is in then I'll get back to the daily hunt. Anyway cheers all for the help, looks like we might be getting this sorted.
  14. Yes I know this is not directly car related, but indirectly it is as the M5 is stuck outside while the garage is home to a kitchen in waiting. Long shot but does anyone have decent contacts at Harvey Norman, I've been trying to deal with their commercial division through my kitchen designer and the pricing was more than retail. I resorted to going to my local in Pukekohe (via phone) and have been trying to a simple quote that I can accept and get appliances ordered before Christmas but it appears that they are also allergic to money and despite many days of assurances nothing has come back. The sooner I get appliances and the kitchen installed the sooner the M5 goes back into garage. Like I said, long shot but I though I would try. Mods - if this is beyond the scope of off topic then please delete.
  15. Update, been a few weeks and one wash since the original application of the Mothers CMX. The wagon spent the last few days outside and I grabbed this shot after the night of rain - so water beads....The hydrophobic action is pretty impressive given the small amount of effort required to apply the product, the first time I reversed all the water from the roof ran off in no time. As I'm out of the Mothers and the Meguiar's is on special in a kit at Repco I'll try that out next next.
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