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  1. Free sunroof with an expensive custom crate, nice.
  2. Apparently new E60/61 bumper skins are rare as hens teeth, BMW in Malaysia have one which is making its way over in 6 weeks. So provisionally booked in for mid November to get sorted. Probably a big enough lead time to get the bearings and clutch done before hand.
  3. Claim approved. Now just waiting to get the parts lead time.
  4. Great, so using those numbers I'll be lucky to have anything this side of Christmas. Oh well I can get the bearings and clutch done while I'm waiting at least. I don't envy you working on the sunroof.
  5. Taken a while to get the assessment done, waiting on the final decision but at this stage it looks like new genuine parts ex Germany. No idea how long that will take, but at the same time I'm getting the rear bumper skin repainted and the drivers quarter done as someone burned through the clear with a polisher. So now I'll have a brand new headlight and a pretty good passenger one, I know the subtle difference will bug me..... real world problems.
  6. Cheers folks it's all insurance based so price is not an issue as long as they accept the assessment .
  7. So 5 years to the day after my wife's Golf GTI got side swiped by a kid learning to drive while we were having breakfast at the local cafe, the M5 got backed into at the same cafe. Thankfully both times someone witness and recorded the whole thing for me and then found me to provide all the evidence. Without sounding like a racist POS, the "taxi" driver in a Prius backed into it, got out, freaked the f*ck out and then ran for it. So I need a new drivers headlight, support panels, guard and possibly liner which had some rubbing on the way home, front bumper is cracked and possibly the bonnet has a tweak. Who do I go to when insurance asks to get this properly fixed and not just thrown together and kicked out the door. In this age of CCTV and cell phone cameras why do people think they can get away with this sort of BS. This picture is after I pulled everything off the tire, I only got a wheel alignment done two days ago FFS!
  8. Note to self, don't drive the M5 while incredibly angry at not so better half first thing in the morning with traction control off and the full beans turned on in the very wet. Sideways was a welcome de-stress in the middle of nowhere for a while until a large deep puddle engaged the pucker factor to the max. Need to finish the Subaru build so I can be angry with AWD instead :D Or just get a divorce, but I doubt the M5 would survive that carve up, bugger.
  9. Being a good(ish) dad I grabbed a hot chocolate for my daughter, put it in the cup holder - you can see where this is going. Anyway how to I get the gear selector surround off so I can clean hot chocolate out of the switch gear. Yes it was a FFS moment, can't win some days. At least it's not terminal just sticky buttons, nothing quite as exciting as jamming the DSC off in the rain thanks to some sugary goo in the button. Skids on
  10. Twistee

    Quick rant thread.

    People who don't teach their kids about road safety and then try to crap of you when your loud car sounded like you were doing 100kmh towards them. It's a school zone and a cold V10 wtf! It shouldn't be my problem when little Jonny runs out to the curb clearly visible from 100m away to just stop, use the crossing you little sh*t.
  11. Got pulled up by a very nice gent at New World this evening. He seemed to know some of the other Bimmersport users, has an E39 M5. On the off chance that he does float around on here, sorry if I seemed like I was rushing you I really needed to do the school run shopping - you know being a vaguely responsible parent and what not . Feel free to chat anytime, would love to see yours in the flesh. Cheers.
  12. You know things are well thought out if you can make through a dyno session with minimal issues. Great effort! I fall into the "I thought I had thought of everything" camp, until the dyno session and then it all turns to custard. Nearly burnt down one of builds when the fuel pump bulk head connector wiring melted. Lots of respect for your work here. Would love to see it in the flesh one day.
  13. Twistee

    Quick rant thread.

    First Subaru I imported failed compliance because it had accident damage according to the inspector, he was convinced that the seam sealer in the boot was evidence that it had been in a major shunt. When I grabbed the manager and looked at it I was fuming, it was 100% factory applied, a couple of months later a car for my wife arrived for compliance and the over zealous inspector had been "moved" onto a WOF centre. The system is a joke this country. Good friend of mine built a highly modified MX5, custom everything, full metal wide body and retrofitted Subaru ABS to it - Certifier obviously wanted the ABS to be independently assessed as it was from another manufacturer, only person at the time in NZ that could do this was the owner of the car. It is part of day to day job to fix high end electronic issues, so when the OEM service agent can't diagnose things it goes to him. Obviously there is a small issue around a conflict of interest, you can't assess your own car. Certification never achieved what was it was meant to, make modified cars safe and get the boy racers off the street as they could never afford to meet the requirements or just keep adding stupid items that are illogical.
  14. It took me a while to work out wtf I was looking at when I first looked at the images of them, all ass about face. I'll try and test them this weekend.
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