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  1. Thanks @CSET, there is some really useful advice here. I hadn't even thought of wearing a respirator when applying the coating. Having travelled a fair bit you get the idea that outside of nz and increasingly Aus the idea of UV damage is largely ignored and seen as a minor issue, here we get baked.
  2. Twistee

    Quick rant thread.

    I bought a mobile table / bench to dump all my sanders and reno gear on so I could just move it from room to room. Always measure twice .....FFS!! it's 50mm wider than the doorways. So the shed gets another bench
  3. So I'm happy to nominate myself for stupid question of the day, but what is the recommended way to wash a car once it has had this type of ceramic (ish) coating applied? Am I now tied into the you can only use the Mother's car wash or I'll just remove the coating? Typically I use the Autoglym foam soap.
  4. Yo dog, I hear you like spark plugs.... That is an amazing piece of engineering, I had to really look at the valves to work out what was going on.
  5. Added another coat last night, finished it off with a wool pad. It's sooo clean, I just can't handle the thought of driving it in the rain - spring time in Auckland is just great. Mind you with level 3 point something lockdown I have got no where to go anyway. I also ignored the CMX polish instructions and tried to apply it with a wet applicator pad before completely writing it off, it worked significantly better. So anywhere that I had small blemishes I touched up with the polish before using the ceramic (ish) coating. Polishing aside, I thought I would include an image of the danger sticker on my (baby) drill press that always makes me smile - health and safety first Back to the coating - I think the additional application has made a difference to the depth of the gloss. I need to buy some touch up paint for the rear of the wheel arches that have a bit of road rash, if anyone has any suggestions other than the obvious go to BMW please let me know. Cheers.
  6. From a local TM listing : I like the rims, quite a clean look for a 525i.
  7. As a follow-up, I detailed the wife's SUV today and thought I would try the CMX ceramic trim restorer on the exterior black. Less than impressed, end result was a dull black finish and not at all what I expected. Save your coin and use the tried and tested back to black if you are using the Mother's range. So pretty hit and miss with the CMX line up, the polish is average at best, the ceramic spray so far seems pretty reasonable, and the CMX trim restorer is an expensive disappointment. On the plus side another car is clean, it kept my daughter and I occupied for most of the day - yay lock down school holidays😁 I am continuing to apply follow-up layers of the cmx ceramic to the wagon each night as recommended in the instructions, I'll report back occasionally in this thread on the results over the next month or two of wear.
  8. Spent the evening avoiding the world and used the Mothers CMX on the wagon. No before shots - it was shiny but not as deep as the final result. I started with the CMX polish - useless. It went on like toothpaste and getting it off even on a small area took a stupid amount of time. I decided to go straight to the CMX ceramic coating as the current paintwork is in good condition. I put on a Collecting Cars podcast and spent about an hour applying and buffing off the coating with a microfibre cloth, probably the easiest coating I have ever used. So in my opinion it was money well spent.
  9. I know this is a really old thread, but one of these is back up for sale : https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/730ld/listing/3272908497?bof=4hmWlDP2
  10. I use Classic cover, and have done for a number years. They are very helpful and the rates are very good.
  11. I would, it ticks all the boxes of a drop kid at school, go to shop and it has enough room for a pallet of Monster energy drink - definitely must have better cup holders than the M5, seriously anyone that complains about SMG needs a reality check, the worlds greatest after thought drinks holders (ignoring the M6) top the list of dumb things in an E60/61interior :D Sadly though they are electric and hip so anything half good is creeping up in price and well beyond what I want to spend for a car that will do a max of 2km of a travel a day. I like that wagon, I totally need another wagon in my life. Jokes aside it looks very nice. Also agree, nice car. If I had to pick one for a daily shopping trolley dad mobile I'd probably pick the silver wagon. I'll see if it's still around post lockdown.
  12. I'm not a huge fan of red paint at the best of times, and this wouldn't be garaged. Early days of looking, something else may popup, I won't be doing anything until lockdown is well and truly over anyway. Thanks for the input @zero
  13. I'm looking for a run about, just to do trips to school , local shops etc. Basically the hard start stop, short distance stuff that an S85 engine does not care for. I was thinking something like this : https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/320i/listing/3211440747?bof=xYyQq5jp Currently listed at $4,250 ONO - Thoughts or other options please. Thanks.
  14. Cleaned up the side vents, replaced the M5 badges, replaced the very dull side indicators with led versions.
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