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  1. ROFL, like the SMG reservoir plug that I just had replaced. $150 for this :
  2. This be of use: https://www.ebay.com/itm/196270994828
  3. Wouldn't mind putting that plate back on the car.
  4. Aliexpress is your friend https://www.aliexpress.com/w/wholesale-E87-Kidney-grills.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.search.0
  5. These are ChatGPT suggestions : Here are some ideas for a personalized number plate for your BMW M5 Touring / station wagon: 1. **M5WAGN** 2. **TOURM5** 3. **BM5WGN** 4. **FASTW5** 5. **M5ROAR** 6. **WGNM5** 7. **BMWM5T** 8. **SPDM5** 9. **M5TOUR** 10. **WGNPRW** 11. **RAPID5** 12. **M5STN** 13. **M5V8TT** (V8 Twin Turbo) 14. **BLUM5** (if your car is blue) 15. **M5FUN** Feel free to mix and match elements or come up with your own based on these ideas! Here are some fun, ironic options for a personalized number plate that play on the idea of being slow: 1. **NOTFST** 2. **SLOWM5** 3. **EZDRIV** 4. **SLOWW5** 5. **M5SLOW** 6. **CRUISN** 7. **CHILM5** 8. **LAZYM5** 9. **SLODRV** 10. **M5TURT** (as in turtle) 11. **SLOSPD** 12. **M5EZGO** 13. **SNAIL5** 14. **CRAWL5** 15. **SLOWMO** These options can add a humorous twist to your speedy BMW M5 Touring!
  6. It needs a euro personalised plate.
  7. Hi Alex, what ever happened to the old personalised plates that you had on the car? Gathering dust somewhere?
  8. Honestly, it's been 10 months since that f'ing taxi backed into it and the paint disaster kicked off, so I have not really felt like taking beauty shots. But here are a couple more:
  9. Being used as intended, fully loaded for a week away.
  10. At this point the car will go to Eurotech, but that will happen after the oil temp issue is sorted. I have less than 6 weeks of warranty left unless I can get it extended and want to get to the bottom of what is causing that.
  11. Picked up the wagon this morning, new clutch feels fantastic. The old clutch plates were almost down to the rivets, got every cent out of them. I have kept the old DMF, going to clean it up and put a clock kit onto it for the garage. BMWorkshop had another go through the cooling system, did a side by side with another M5 and all the readings that are coming out of the DME are exactly the same as the other car from a cold start to operating temp over the same time period. So now I'm left to wonder if the wonky oil temp is an issue in the cluster as that looks to be moving while the DME is showing a constant +-1 degree temperature. At this point I'm open to any ideas.
  12. You can now buy the kit to splice in. https://www.smgsociety.com/product/gear-position-sensor-repair-harness-bmw-e60-m5-e63-m6-smg-iii/ Thanks for the reminder, I'll ask BMWorkshop about inspecting and doing what needs to be done on the harness.
  13. Slave, clutch fork button, release bearing and tube, springs, rear main seal. I think everything other than the clutch fork is being replaced.
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