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  1. Cheers Guys, I'll know for next time around. I went to an independent mechanic and they said no as well. I thought I'd take the rims off, have cases removed, buy cases at another shop, have the cases put on the rims, then fit at home. Nope, beaurepaires refused to remove them as they knew what I was trying to do. I'll admit it, I ragequit and just bought runflats again from bridgestone. I'd spent the whole morning running around town and was going to swear at the next condescending f**k that said no to me. They all harped on about the design of the car and the "suspension geometry was designed around the tyres" and all sorts. I bought RE050's. Now another story, I'd run over a large piece of wood in the middle of the night (before the tyre fiasco) and had an alignment done at Beaurepaires Masterton to correct any wrong caused by the hit. My front tyres subequent to that alignment were wearing on the outside like crazy and tramlining as well. I had driven it a max of 2000km after that alignment before buying tyres, so I decided to have another alignment done at Bridgestone.. Here's the sheet, 6 degrees of toe in the front! Bridgestone only charged me a few packs of Chocolate bikkies for the second alignment. My kind of deal!
  2. Thanks everyone. I'll have to give the Hutt My business then!
  3. Hi everyone. I've been looking over this forum and others. I understand the 135i was going to be firm, but it may just be a bit too firm. I've done some research and you get the idea - I want normal tyres. Called up both Beaurepaires masterton and Bridgestone Masterton. They both refuse to replace the run-flats with non run-flats, citing that it's illegal to do. Is this really the case?!
  4. Yeah, I thought I was just really unlucky. I actually did quite a lot of research before buying and while a lot goes wrong with the n54, I was expecting trouble to start at around 100k if I was going to have it. Everywhere that I read said hpfp at any time from new, injectors at 50-150000Miles, not km, and wastegates at the higher end of that too. I bought a Mazda MPS at 50k and had to do lots of suspension components and a turbo at 120k which was fine.
  5. Cheers for the bump @KwS. I got the car back last Monday. I thought I'd drive it for a week before calling it resolved. TLDR: It was the HPFP, not Injectors. $2300 plus labour and the job is done and the car is going like a champion. To continue from my last post. The dealership - INDUSTRY MOTORS TAKANINI - accepted that I send the car to Winger BMW in wellington. They told me I had to Organise my own transport and that they would pay for it. I got back to them the same day with the phone number and the quote for $300. It took them 4 days to pay for the towing, but we got there eventually. I still had to fight the dealer. I rang Winger BMW to get their version of the story, and they told me that Industry motors had just asked for a quote for six injectors. I rang the dealer and told him that I had clearly asked for the car to be re-diagnosed. He didn't want that to happen because "Every workshop gets a different result. BMW Dealerships staff are just parts fitters who go by what the computer tells them and send things away to specialists to have any work done". He went on to say that he had worked at a BMW Dealership in Auckland for a number of years. Well, what does that say about him then.. 😂 He was clearly just scared that it was going to cost him more money. It ended up costing him less so that's good. We had a reasonable argument about it on the phone but I didn't budge and in the end, he agreed. The car went on Thursday, I had it back Friday afternoon. Incredible service and communication from Winger BMW. Was really impressed. As for Industry Motors, what a bunch of Slimeballs. I accept that my workshop got it wrong with the codes, but that doesn't excuse the conduct of Industry motors throughout the time that we thought it was the injectors. They've redeemed themselves a tiny bit by finally fronting up, but not before I had to drag them through the tribunal to get it. Steer clear as much as you can. I have not received an apology from them, or any form of follow up after I got the car back. Thank you to everyone who helped me along the way. I'll be able to attend some club meets now!
  6. Sorry for the late reply. The forum doesn't seem to be showing me notifications on my phone. Now that I'm not on my phone, here's a more detailed response. The dealership Responded to my tribunal application one week and one day into the negotiation window. They gave me the following two options: 6x Second hand ex-Australia with 1 year warranty - $1400 6x New Injectors from A European workshop in Auckland - $3750 They stated that since the car is second hand, the fix should be using second hand parts too. What a crock. How would I know what index they are, how many hrs/km's they've done etc etc. Right up into the court process they're still trying to cheap out as hard as they can. My Lawyer said now that they have offered for all six injectors and an option which include new ones, my argument would be significantly reduced for a refund. Upon that advice and considering the fact that the dealership is willing to at least look at a proper fix now, I'm pretty happy to look at repairing it anyway. It has to be the right repair, though. I wrote back outlining my above concerns, and said that I would not accept second hand injectors. They contacted me really late in the two week negotiation period, so I proposed the following: The dealership accepted that an extension would be handy. I applied and was granted an extension until Friday the 19th. By "Any found faults", it would of course be negotiated. I wouldn't hold them up for anything outside of the original issue like transmission, VANOS, ETC. However, if there is anything else in that fuel system that's wonky, like the HPFP, I will be going them for that, too. If the dealership is committed, they will easily have the car picked up and have a diagnosis/price in 5 days. I got mine in two days from my own workshop. So if they don't do anything by the coming Friday, I'll proceed to a hearing and see what is ruled.
  7. I have a response. They want to replace all six injectors in Auckland with Ex-Australian second hand injectors with a 1 year warranty. My obvious first thought is hell no. As the MVDT Require you to not act in contempt of the other party or any process I'm too scared to write back to them yet. Waiting on my Lawyer.
  8. Still No contact from the dealer after the first week of the MVDT's grace period. It won't look too good for them if they don't get hold of me about my car by the coming Friday.
  9. The MPS was pretty good but they both wore out suspension components at a crazy rate. I was doing rear sway bar links every 20,000km. I enjoyed the Honda much more as a car. In fact it would be my favourite car to date. The Honda did a knock sensor, alternator, both axle seals, two door solenlids in a year. Ishould have done the n55 thing in hindsight. I'm not even looking at a "next car" until I find out if it's getting fixed or not 😁
  10. This. I could not have worded it better than this no matter how hard I tried. They could have fixed it properly and I absolutely gave them the chance when I didn't have to. I'll quote something else before I continue. If I had taken the 2x Injector fix, I would have still had a faulty car and would have lost a massive amount of clout in my argument. My workshop didn't tell me about this until later in the piece, but the latest scan report that they sent to the dealer on the 28th August actually showed five faulty injectors. I've only been spouting on about two injectors as that's what I had heard from the dealer and the earlier scan report, so the dealer was banking on me not finding out about the later scan report as well. Just another lie from them. Unfortunately, this absolutely had to turn into a clusterf**k to have any form of productive outcome. It didn't need to, but with they way they acted, it had to. I've read a lot of results from the MVDT since I've applied. I've seen that all of the people that let a dealer fix their car, only to have it done badly, lose. The MVDT State in the notes of these cases that claiming for a refund on a problem they've allowed to be fixed can't happen. So if they fixed two, and three more failed, I'm in the pot for it by the looks of it. The fact that I said I would let them fix it then went back on it is the grey area I'm concerned about. Hopefully the MVDT sees my justification in the lying that's gone on. I will remain tight lipped about what I read until it's all over. I read lots about HPFP's and Wastegates. Injectors at 50,000km though? At full market price? My rights are my rights and I shouldn't have to get in it and barely get home before not being able to drive it. Unfortunately it's on them and they surely must be aware of that risk. If I had to keep it, I wouldn't want to flick it, I would just want it to be fixed properly. I'm all about peace of mind and if I have peace of mind, I'll be sweet and still love the car. I just don't want any form of relationship with the dealer and I want to give it back while I can. Everyone is right here. I have the right to return, I can see that second hand cars have problems, it could just be bad luck for the dealer, I've read about them, indeed etc etc etc. There are lots of perspectives but I will take the stance that I take while I can because I'll never be in a position as strong as I am now. I would really like to thank you, @M3AN, for your encouragement in this. It was because of your comments that I started taking notes early, researched my rights, and treaded as carefully as I did. I owe you beer mate.
  11. That sounds awesome! I'm trying to get over to War and Peace next year. I've never been to the UK. Bovington is definitely on the list and I've heard a lot of awesome things about it.
  12. Car history from the time I got my licence 13 years ago is: 1.8DOHC Manual '97 Lancer 2000 2.5V6 Manual Galant 2006 Gen1 Mazda MPS 2010 Gen2 Mazda MPS 2005 K20A Accord Euro R Now this.
  13. Holy crap it's so bad! Just looked at it on a computer hahaha. I don't even know what I recorded it with. I think it was with a Nexus 6p which didn't stabilize 4k.
  14. Yeah it probably was. I wouldn't have bought the car if I didn't like it! You know how it goes, one bad experience makes them seem cursed 😉. I'm a military vehicle collector and it's much the same. Expensive and hard to justify hahaha. Source: M41
  15. I don't know what I'd get next. I'm trying not to research cars and get the I-wants because I could still end up saddled with this one. NOT a 135i 😂
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