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  1. DavidMichael


    Hit us up if you would like that drink. You were completely correct in what you said. Question, answered. Thank you. In other news, I was surprised how much I enjoyed driving the TI. It seems pride really is a scam. BMW managed to shine through. Even in a well priced, mid 90's, 4 cylinder, compact. A nice balance. Turismo Internationale Peace, David.
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    Haha I will take that as part of innication, and buy you a beer or something, if you are right.
  3. DavidMichael


    Hey, This seems to be an awesome site. A wealth of knowledge, with heaps of cool people around the place. Thank you. We should be picking up a little E36 M-Sport 318TI within the next few weeks. I will flick some pic's up once I have it home and tidied up. In the meantime, I am doing a bit research into the old girl... Cheers. Respect, David. * For those that have already seen the pre edited version of this post; I'm still getting my head around this site, and how it all works; turns out this is the intro, but I actually have a question as well... Time for another edit session. Thanks, David.