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  1. good to courier.need for speed
  2. yes,have one ,boss kit with momo mileliumn steering wheel.and deck 25mm spacer.good height for E30.$130 take it.
  3. too hard to put in.
  4. 320i gone tonight.I hope it goes to good family.miss it.M535 will pick up tomorrow,another sad day.
  5. you need to use fully ignition system converted into your 320i.K-jet tronic not a good idea for an engine with loom is better.if from pre 87 need to drill two hole onto your bell houseing to match it.
  6. I wish both car go to next owners are in bimmersport.
  7. wing mirrors.
  8. try hellbm or Brent-hartge.akl area
  9. I have a pair 235 45 18 (toyo porxy 4 ) is brand new other is 90 % tread.I fit it into E39 but they too big for front wheel arch.decide to sell it.
  10. no sunroof,please
  11. euro plate suround wont fit into PFL E30 mate.tail light is longer.
  12. 18 inch genuine ACS-type 4 no tyres $700.18X8.5 et 15.PM me if you keen.all wheel straight and no curbs.
  13. but good to AKL urban.stucks everywhere
  14. Ti is small car for your family .conveted a M touring as Alpina did.and your wife drive it mad.
  15. 19's under,very good price.