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  1. This is the one I got... https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001261507545.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.5b164c4du8l1Is
  2. It came into the country in August 2017, and has sat overpriced on their yard ever since. I went to look at it before I bought mine and the owners of the yard were real pricks. They wouldn't even let me test drive it unless I'd agreed to buy it at their asking price ($19k at the time). The condition is good, but not that good - some wear on the leather, air con vents very faded etc. They seem determined to keep it as a museum piece. What a shame, the car will just end up deteriorating on their yard
  3. I’ll be very interested to hear how the diff feels after it’s been to Kayne!! Not tempted to switch to 3.64 or 3.73 while you’re at it??
  4. Pretty sure I managed to fit a whole E30 interior in an E30 back in the day, albeit not easily, so should just be alright in an E87
  5. Yeah, can't tell you which one it was exactly. My guess is the most likely culprit is the CV on the passenger side axle that sits closest to the exhaust. But who knows, I'm just glad it's gone!! Definitely prepare yourself for a fight when it comes time to do your wheel bearings though. Hopefully yours aren't as stuck as mine were!
  6. So I took my car into P&S to get the new rear axles and wheel bearings fitted ahead of the trackday I had booked for Sunday, in the hope that it would cure the annoying vibration I had. It didn't end up going quite to plan though, the axles and wheel hubs were totally seized in the wheel carriers and they couldn't get them apart at all! So they ended up having to source some replacement wheel carriers and hubs, just to be able to fit the new axles and bearings. Unfortunately that meant my car had to stay on the lift over the weekend and I missed the trackday 😥 After courier delays, and being sent the wrong part TWICE, I finally got my car back yesterday evening after 6 days!! Good news though is the vibration is totally cured now! The car now drives like a BMW should again, FINALLY!! So despite the drama, and missing the track day I am stoked to have the car back and just be able to enjoy it again. I have pretty much replaced everything on this car that can possibly need replacing, so now looking forward to just driving it, and hopefully not have to do anything else to it for a while. Next job is to give it a proper clean and then bring it along to the meet on Sunday. Hopefully will get to see a few of the other 130s there too!
  7. Thanks! Yeah sorry I only just managed to figure out what was happening with the orange stitching version and hadn't thought much about what to do with this one. I may have something else you might be interested in though, I'll send you a PM later
  8. This one has the exact same stampings on it as the factory one I removed from my car, so definitely not a BMWP one
  9. Ha! Well I won't be the one to talk you out of that ? I'll let you know once my new one arrives!
  10. Matt

    E46 330ci Manual

    That is looking amazing, I still get blown away by that colour combo every time you post more photos. Think I need to get me some of that waterless wash you use too, my car has gotten FILTHY! Although I think I heard they may ease the water restrictions at the end of the month? ?
  11. Amp was $375 from Driving Gear in NZ. The wiring harness was about $160 (maybe a tad more) from a shop in the UK. Probably makes more sense just to make one yourself but this seemed like less hassle at the time. I'll sell it for $120 if you're keen? Cost me a good bit more than that but such is life ?
  12. https://www.inbay.systems/en/product/charging-compartment-for-bmw-1-series-e81-e82-e87-e88/ Although I bought it off ebay, so have a look there too. Only thing to note is that it is meant to fit onto centre consoles that don't have an ashtray, so if yours does (i assume most do) then you also need to buy the storage tray to replace the ashtray (PN 51 16 7 136 190), and removing the ashtray and fitting that pretty much needs you to remove the whole centre console so kind of a pain in the ass. Considering I was swapping so many other parts over though it didn't really add any significant extra effort for me though
  13. Thanks! The door pulls aren't a wrap, they're factory BMW items for a 1M. Probably the most expensive possible way of doing it, but quality is awesome and they fit perfectly! Part numbers are 51418051245 and 51418051246, and they are a direct fit on E87 door cards (for LCI at least).
  14. Bit of a long post this time, but there is much to update on! Firstly, there is interior updates 4, 5, 6, and 7 (ish)? As I hinted at above I'm adding more alcantara bits through the interior. The inspiration is the 1M coupe, and the goal is to pretty much replicate the complete 1M interior in the 130i, which means getting rid of the textured aluminium completely (which I've never really liked) and swapping it either for alcantara covered parts, or matte black plastic, exactly as in the 1M. I am also going for the orange stitching where I can on the alcantara. I haven't got all the bits yet (more coming), but so far this is where I'm at... Alcantara door pulls on all 4 doors: Genuine 1M handbrake boot with smooth leather handbrake handle, Genuine 1M gearshift surrounds, gearknob and alcantara shift boot. I have also replaced the ashtray with a wireless Qi charging pad from Inbay, so no more charging cables runnning across the centre console! Next up I have been doing some upgrades to the ICE. My car was optioned (or not optioned, if you will) with the base audio which sounds pretty crap. Considering I seem to spend 1.5-2 hours a day in this car on my commute, a better sounding stereo was well overdue! So I have added in the following: Focal 4.320 4 channel amp, plus the Focal BMW IMP 2.1 wiring harness, just to make the install easier. This makes it plug and play in newer BMWs but given the age of mine, I installed it exactly the same way as the factory Alpine system is done, by splicing into the existing speaker wiring. So now the front door speakers, and under-seat subs are run off the Focal amp, and the rear speakers are run off the factory headunit E8X/E9X Logic 7 tweeters. I chose these since they are a factory part, the fit directly into the existing (empty) tweeter pods, and plug into the second socket on the factory door speakers. I actually think the base door speakers are fine for the job they do, they just need tweeters and proper amplification to get the most out of them! If you can get them second hand off ebay too, it is a relatively cheap upgrade One thing that isn't up to the job, in my opinion is the factory under-seat subs, so these have been replaced with "GRS B200-4 ASD Series 8" Glass Fiber Subwoofer" which I managed to score from parts express at 75% off on a clearance special! Now there is actually some proper bass to be felt from the system, and since these are designed for BMW, they fitted perfectly into the factory enclosures, and the factory wiring plugged straight in. Suffice to say, it sounds WAY better now, definitely of the quality I expect from a BMW now, and it is actually enjoyable to turn the volume up loud finally! Amp (currently mounted on a piece of Rimu, because that's what I had lying around ?? One of the subs fitted in its spot: Logic 7 tweeters: Last but not least, I got sick of looking at the phone mount stuck onto my centre air vent, which I always used for google maps, so I have added in a wireless apple carplay system from AliExpress. This is an add on unit that connects in to the existing CCC idrive, so it still has all the original idrive menus, but holding down the menu button, while in the aux audio screen opens up apple carplay. Since it is wireless too it means I can just leave my phone on the charging pad in the centre console, and no ugly cables to plug in! Extra bonus, it comes with a microphone for hands free calling, which i've mounted on top of the A pillar trim, and the steering wheel controls work to skip tracks etc when playing spotify/podcasts etc. Obviously there's no touch screen so you navigate around using the idrive controller. Probably as expected for a system like this it isn't 100% bug free, and does occasionally glitch or freeze, but it still has massively improved the car for the daily commute, so I am stoked with it. So as of now, the only piece of aluminium trim I have left is the one in the middle of the dash. I have ordered a replacement in black alcantara with orange stitching, as well as another gauge pod in black alcantara with orange stitching to complete the 1M package. Hopefully they come in the next month or two, and hopefully they are actually the correct version for RHD unlike the last one I bought. While I was coding in the new cluster (a couple of posts up), I also finally got around to coding in the SPBR option for the M performance brakes (or the 135i version of that I have). Can't say I can feel too much difference to be honest, maybe a fraction sharper at first bite, but that could just be my imagination?? Anyway, I'm sure the coding option is there for a reason so good to do it finally and have it as it should be, Lastly, the car is getting new rear wheel bearings, and rear axles fitted later this week, to hopefully (really really hoping) cure the high speed vibration the car suffers from currently. Will get the harmonic balancer checked at the same time, and the car will get a full condition check before taking it to my/its first track day on Sunday. Can't wait! That's it for the updates for now. Hopefully it runs well at the trackday with no issues, then I will try and make it to the next Auckland meet the week after that, if it is on.
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