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  1. Matt

    3 Pedal 130

    If you're talking about the ones I think you are, I put one in my car (along with the M performance short shift kit), and I did like it but it is really small in the hand so not to everyone's taste. I then changed to one of the "ZHP" style weighted knobs, but from a 1M coupe and that actually feels way nicer to me. I sold the old M performance knob to @NZ_InFerno and don't think he was convinced by it either??
  2. I'm not a big fan to be honest. They tend to get rated pretty well in the value for money stakes, and are ok in the dry, but not great in the wet. Ultimately they are a pretty cheap performance tyre and I think they perform like it. In saying that you can definitely do a lot worse!!!
  3. Ahh ok, for some reason I had it in my head that they were always staggered but LCI changed the rears to 18x8.5. Good to know! No bites from here so far, so will probably list them on trademe or facebook this weekend and see if there's any interest
  4. I kept these aside "just in case" after fitting new wheels to my 130i, but after 18months, I am pretty confident of not going back. So instead of having them take up space its time to move them on. Very few aftermarket wheels for the E87 look better than these, and they'd make a great, yet relatively cheap upgrade for anyone on the factory 17" wheels. These are a staggered set, 18x7.5" ET49 Front, and 18x8" ET49 Rear. I believe these specs mean they are from a pre-LCI E87, but they will fit fine on either. They have Nexen tyres on them, still with heaps of tread. Some small marks and curbing on a few of them but overall in pretty good condition. Listing here before anywhere else, looking for $650 ONO. Located in Titirangi, Auckland. Pics below..
  5. I have a Turner motorsport intake hose (pretty much same as the Mishimoto I think) lying around at home that I won't be using. Combined with the Simota intake I have it was WAY too loud. It actually hurt my ears at 4k rpm, so swapped straight back to the factory one and it's been sitting under my house ever since. Will sell it for $80 shipped if anyone is keen. It fits perfectly, although I think you have to snip the little alignment tab for the factory setup off for it to slide on fully. Don't think you'll have the same resonance/noise issue I had with the factory air box setup
  6. This is the one I got... https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001261507545.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.5b164c4du8l1Is
  7. It came into the country in August 2017, and has sat overpriced on their yard ever since. I went to look at it before I bought mine and the owners of the yard were real pricks. They wouldn't even let me test drive it unless I'd agreed to buy it at their asking price ($19k at the time). The condition is good, but not that good - some wear on the leather, air con vents very faded etc. They seem determined to keep it as a museum piece. What a shame, the car will just end up deteriorating on their yard
  8. I’ll be very interested to hear how the diff feels after it’s been to Kayne!! Not tempted to switch to 3.64 or 3.73 while you’re at it??
  9. Pretty sure I managed to fit a whole E30 interior in an E30 back in the day, albeit not easily, so should just be alright in an E87
  10. Yeah, can't tell you which one it was exactly. My guess is the most likely culprit is the CV on the passenger side axle that sits closest to the exhaust. But who knows, I'm just glad it's gone!! Definitely prepare yourself for a fight when it comes time to do your wheel bearings though. Hopefully yours aren't as stuck as mine were!
  11. So I took my car into P&S to get the new rear axles and wheel bearings fitted ahead of the trackday I had booked for Sunday, in the hope that it would cure the annoying vibration I had. It didn't end up going quite to plan though, the axles and wheel hubs were totally seized in the wheel carriers and they couldn't get them apart at all! So they ended up having to source some replacement wheel carriers and hubs, just to be able to fit the new axles and bearings. Unfortunately that meant my car had to stay on the lift over the weekend and I missed the trackday 😥 After courier delays, and being sent the wrong part TWICE, I finally got my car back yesterday evening after 6 days!! Good news though is the vibration is totally cured now! The car now drives like a BMW should again, FINALLY!! So despite the drama, and missing the track day I am stoked to have the car back and just be able to enjoy it again. I have pretty much replaced everything on this car that can possibly need replacing, so now looking forward to just driving it, and hopefully not have to do anything else to it for a while. Next job is to give it a proper clean and then bring it along to the meet on Sunday. Hopefully will get to see a few of the other 130s there too!
  12. Thanks! Yeah sorry I only just managed to figure out what was happening with the orange stitching version and hadn't thought much about what to do with this one. I may have something else you might be interested in though, I'll send you a PM later
  13. This one has the exact same stampings on it as the factory one I removed from my car, so definitely not a BMWP one
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