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  1. Just listed these on trademe, but then thought I probably should have just listed them here. Will do them for $30 shipped for anyone on here From trademe listing... These are brand new, New Old Stock (NOS) speaker covers for an E30 with the base “non-premium” audio, part number 65131370803 Bought these 10-12 years ago for an e30 I had, never fitted them and have had them sitting around ever since. These are commonly cracked due to sun exposure so this is a cheap easy way to freshen up a part of the interior.
  2. Brand new handbrake handle, perforated leather, PN 34408036495, suits E8x 1 series, X1, X3, Z4 E9x 3 series, E6x 5 series and 6 series. I bought this to replace my tired shiny one then decided I didn’t want the perforated version after all. Never been used! Just taken out of the bag to look at then put back in Selling for $70 shipped in NZ, which is a lot less than I paid for it.
  3. Yup just got the window fixed this afternoon! At least the weather has been good the last few days, had a couple of cold drives into work the last couple of days 😅😅 That traffic this afternoon was mental!!
  4. Nothing damaged inside either thankfully, but my god there was a lot of glass to cleanup. It gets EVERYWHERE!!! It happened to a whole bunch of people in the neighbourhood last night, in about 4 or 5 different streets, and anyone that had mail in the letterbox had that tossed onto the road too. Some people had stuff taken from the cars but it was just dumped further up the road. Clearly whoever it was just out vandalise rather than steal. Ruined my Sunday though...
  5. 🤬 scumbags!! Didn’t even have anything in it to steal 😡
  6. It doesn't rank highly in the value for money stakes, but they were made to order by Benda interiors in Germany... https://shop.benda-interiors.com/en/alcantara-speedometer-trim-bmw-e81-e82-e87-e88-black-double-seam-orange-parts-of-ecd-performance1#product_info
  7. Awesome, stoked it worked!!
  8. I've got 2 little kids so it's too hard to find the time for DIY at the moment! At $300-500 I'll probably just take it somewhere to get done, that's less than I expected. I was keen to have it done in Alcantara until I realised how expensive it would be just for the material alone! Yeah, factory material will do... 😅
  9. Well, after ordering them at the start of October last year I have FINALLY received the last pieces of trim to finish my 1M interior conversion, which are the gauge pod and the dash trim. I'm stoked with how it has turned out, really gives the car a bit more of a special feel than the standard aluminium trim, I think. Pics below.. Unfortunately though my headliner has now started to sag, so going to need to sort that out soon. Anyone got a recommendation on where to get that done and expected cost?
  10. Matt

    3 Pedal 130

    If you're talking about the ones I think you are, I put one in my car (along with the M performance short shift kit), and I did like it but it is really small in the hand so not to everyone's taste. I then changed to one of the "ZHP" style weighted knobs, but from a 1M coupe and that actually feels way nicer to me. I sold the old M performance knob to @NZ_InFerno and don't think he was convinced by it either??
  11. I'm not a big fan to be honest. They tend to get rated pretty well in the value for money stakes, and are ok in the dry, but not great in the wet. Ultimately they are a pretty cheap performance tyre and I think they perform like it. In saying that you can definitely do a lot worse!!!
  12. Ahh ok, for some reason I had it in my head that they were always staggered but LCI changed the rears to 18x8.5. Good to know! No bites from here so far, so will probably list them on trademe or facebook this weekend and see if there's any interest
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