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  1. Shady

    E36 motorsport kit

    Thats what I was thinking. You'd be surprised how much it adds up. The Dump just pulls it all out & scraps it anyway so they make $ off you and then $ off the scrap. WIN-WIN for them, LOSE-LOSE for you. Go to Scrapman for anything metal...dont pay dump fees guys.
  2. Shady

    Wrecking e30 320i

    Have you got all 4 bump trims on the doors and the 2 on the front guards with the silver trim in the middle? Are they any good? Only keen if they are near perfect eg no cracks, not peeling but its OK if you break the clips while removing them. And also, the rear ashtray, with no cracks or broken bits?
  3. I know this is a couple days late, but whats the fibreglass bonnet like? Im not local (in Hamilton) so if the bonnet still available (and depending what needs doing - whats wrong with OP?) could someone local to OP pick it up and bring to me next time you visit Hamilton? Thanks PS:- if its all gone now,then all good. Just thought I'd ask.
  4. Yeah, thats why I tried making the prices low (less than what I've paid for some of them when I put them on).
  5. Thats 3 people wanting the bumpers now. 2 on here and 1 on TM. But not enough parts to make it worth my while to strip it. 1 more week and if not anymore interest then its back for sale as complete. I dont want a half wrecked car on my lawn...
  6. If its urgent, you may want to find another? As I wont be stripping anything for 2weeks (so anyone that wants parts has 2 weeks to decide). If not enough interest then it wont be stripped. Its also on Trademe. Cheers
  7. Sweet. I'll put you on list. Just need to have a few other large items wanted and I can then start. Anyone else? Only listing this for 2 weeks then back to sale complete.
  8. Havent had much luck trying to sell it, so think I may just strip it! BUT ONLY if there is enough CONFIRMED gauranteed buyers for the parts (major items must be confirmed sold before I strip it - I dont want a half stripped car on my lawn) Prices are ONO! I need it gone asap (complete or as parts). Below are some parts which may be of interest to you guys, so if you want them put your interest in and once enough people want parts and its worth my while to strip.... I will start stripping it! See bottom of part for Terms & Conditions. (Otherwise car is 4sale complete as-is wof dead, reg on hold, $1100 or fresh wof n reg $1600.) You're welcome to view it (HAMILTON), to buy complete or parts. All mechanical parts run fine. Parts:- Engine Complete (minus Radiator) prefer not to strip parts off it - $150. Auto gearbox - $200 (smooth as). Radiator (near mint) - $150 (cost $280 when NEW). Steering Rack (excellent) - $150. Lowering Springs - $300 set (no shocks). Shocks - $50ea. Wheels - $200 the set (OK tyres, just passed WOF). Exhaust system (twintip muffler and a huge muffler in the middle- sounds good, not an ugly sound) - $300. Doors (complete) - $50ea or $150 the set. Bonnet & Boot - $50ea (no badges). Seats (not the greatest, but rear seat genuine headrest delete) - $25ea or $50 the set. Seatbelts w/ buckles - $20ea or $100set. Bumpers - $15ea. Headlights - $50ea. Tail Lights - $25ea. Indicators (front & side) - $5ea. Steering wheel - $10. Boot trim set - $15. Windscreens (Front & Rear) - $65ea or $100 pair. Diff (4.10) - $100. 4 set disc brake setup (not all E30s have them in the rear) - $150set only. Tie Rods, Front Arms etc - $25ea. Drive Shaft - $80. Driveshalf Donut (rubber thing, mint as) - $50. Mirrors - $10ea. Sun visors - $10ea. Various Interior Plastics - $2-$5 P/Item. Rear Subframe (minus Diff) - $100. Front Gaurds - $50ea. Ignition & Key (can include boot lock but cant do door locks) - $50. Dashboard (heaps cracks) - $10? And whatever else its got that may be of interest? So many parts, cant really list it all. Just ask? I have a F/L front lip on TM (not giving it away, so yes the price is high). SO give your E.O.I and we go from there. If not enough interest within 2 weeks, I will withdraw this post and just leave it for sale as complete. Post any questions blah blah. Photos are here:- https://listselltrade.co.nz/item_itemid_5997.html T&Cs:- So I dont waste my time stripping the car and then once the parts off and people back out and dont want them anymore, you must pay 100% payment BEFORE I remove ANYTHING. Only 50% will be refunded if you back out (50% will be payment for my time removing and then having to reinstall the parts). I dont want time wasters so this is my only way to stop them! Remember, I dont want to strip it, only if I have too - if enough buyers.
  9. Shot. Cheers guys. Next weekends mission. Much appreciated.
  10. Am thinking of giving the E30 a radiator flush soon and refill with some fresh coolant & water. Does anybody known how many litres to completely full it back up, for an M40 motor? Coolant vs Water (how many Ls of each) is recommended? Coolant will be the normal anti-boil/anti-freeze stuff. Cheers
  11. Obviusly dont wanna sell them then?
  12. Is that price for real? You might have fun with that price. That style of seat is so common & ugly no one wants them. Can buy recaro fronts for that price.
  13. Where are you located?
  14. Shady

    e30 320i stripping

    They are FL - photo shows plastic bumpers.
  15. Shady

    e30 320i stripping

    Are you selling the clutch bottle? I need the cap (if its not broken) but willing to buy the whole thing.
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