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  1. gmccormack

    E39 elecrical problems

    Turns out he had reverse changed the battery. New battery in the car now and things have improved......slightly. As soon as the battery was connected the front passenger side park light comes on as does the front and rear fogs on the drivers side (lights are switched off btw) rear windows went half way down on there own then stopped, now no window or light controls work. Engine cranks but will not fire, what damage has he done?? is it a write off ?!!!
  2. gmccormack

    E39 elecrical problems

    I have a small problem. A 1996 528 had been sitting unused for 6 months. Try to start......battery dead. Removed and recharged the battery. As soon as the battery cables are refitted every exterior light comes on, brake, tail, head, indicators on solid, reverse lights everything also the wipers and washers run too all while switched off. Every other electrical circuit is dead, no dash lights no crank or start.......nothing. Any thoughts.
  3. gmccormack

    Gear change thud - park to reverse

    Is the thud there when you go from reverse to drive and/or back again, or just from park in to reverse? Could just be all the play in the drive train being taken up by the trans. Worn CVs, broken mounts etc make it worse.
  4. gmccormack

    Tell me about Mondeos!

    Which Mondeo are you talking about here??, the early ones have no Mazda content at all, the later ones only share engines.
  5. gmccormack

    Tell me about Mondeos!

    Mondeos, a great car to lease when new. Not good to own second hand. As bland as a Toyota but not as well bolted together.
  6. gmccormack

    E30 gearbox loom

    You really have no choice but to use everything from the 90. The 90 gearbox doesn't have the holes for the hall effect sensors that the 86 ecu uses.
  7. gmccormack

    E30 320i Manual 2door FOR SALE

    FL happened late 87 (September I think) The car can still be an 88 and PFL if it sat in the dealers showroom until 88 unreged.
  8. gmccormack

    Damaged M325i

    Plus the cost of three engineers inspections and re-vin
  9. gmccormack

    Damaged M325i

    I have paid anything from $100 up to $1000 for E30 insurance write offs.
  10. gmccormack

    Bmw alternator squeel

    The belt may be glazed from the earlier slipping, so the tightening wont help. Replace it. Is it an M20? and when you say "new" alternator, is it new or just a second hand replacement, the rubber mounting bushes could be worn. If they are, tightening the belt just pulls the alternator to a funny angle and it continues to slip.
  11. gmccormack

    Unsure on what diff i need

    3.64 is too short even for the 2.5L engine for which it was intended. You need to load the 3.5L up, 3.45 or lower if you can find it.
  12. gmccormack

    E30 engine issues

    A 83 will be a single pump car, at least my 84 323 was.
  13. gmccormack

    e30 320i complete engine cut out

    Fuel pump relay?? Pull it out and have a look at the terminals, do they look like clean shiny copper or burnt and brown. Pump relay can cause unexplanned cutting out and/or hard starting
  14. gmccormack

    e30 eta wont idle

    How does it idle when the ICV has it's wiring disconnected?? Also check for play in the throttle body shaft
  15. gmccormack

    Plug Lead Sensor

    I thoughht the reference sensor was on the front pulley and the sensor on the plug lead went straight to the diagnostic plug on the engine. The sensor on mine was broken and seemed to have no effect the running of the engine.