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  1. Hi All, im looking to lower the ride height on my e38 728i 2000 I have found these https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00C7LWVN4/ref=dra_a_rv_ff_fx_xx_P2000_1000?tag=dradisplay-20&ascsubtag=eda9bcb41f81db0c33fb0a52f5ff97c8_S H&R - But these dont specify for 728i - so will these work? anyone have experience with these installed on a 728? and this one http://www.adenstyres.co.nz/products/bmw-7-series-cobra-lowering-springs?variant=4014344451 Cobra - specifically made for 728i Any reviews on these springs in general? I have read mixed reviews online for different car makes but none for bmw. or if anyone has any other recommendations please let me know. Also, how much quicker will the OEM suspension wear our? (50% faster etc?) Thanks in advance!
  2. wtb : e38 lowering springs

    anyone had these installed? http://www.adenstyres.co.nz/products/bmw-7-series-cobra-lowering-springs?variant=4014344451 any reviews on them? thanks
  3. wtb : e38 lowering springs

    Hi all I have a 728i e38 2000. If anyone has a set pls pm me. H&R if possible, im in Auckland Thanks
  4. e38 precharge pump

    Hi all, as topic looking for a precharge pump for a e38 2000 728i Pls let me know thanks
  5. e38 abs module

    I will double check the numbers and post in the morning, thanks
  6. e38 abs module

    mine bunged out.. sent to anything electronic twice and couldnt be repaired its a 2000 728i. let me know if anyone has one for sale pls
  7. Abs unit repair

    My unit couldnt be repaird this time after sending it back twice.. anyone got one for sale?
  8. Abs unit repair

    Had some help from the technician there, was helpful in my decision to have it repaird, might be helpful for you too. Just wanted to ask a few questions regarding this unit before proceeding with the repair to try understand the problem 1. I am a bit confused with this module. I could be wrong but when I researched it online the first time and understood that these units are faulty by factory standards and it only emits this problem once, and once its been repaired the problem should not happen again? The failure of the internal aluminum connection links that can develop with these units is well documented as you have seen. When your ABS controller was here in 2012 the only fault diagnosed was with the main Earth connection. As the other aluminum links showed no sign of degrading is was decided not to replace them hence the lower cost at the time. In the ensuing three years some of the other links have started to fail. 2. Is it the issue of cracked soldering bosch wires in the modules leading to broken connections emitting error codes or something more than that? Due to the fact that we can see failed aluminum links in your unit I am assuming that this is the cause of the faults you are having with your ABS. These units are also prone to software issues as well that requires re-flashing of the programming, but we are not able to deal with those. 3. whats caused this to happen again. The failed link fault is caused by vibration/heat stress over a prolonged period. 4. How can I prevent this? .There is nothing that can prevent this fault other than replacing the links. 5. Is it likely to happen again after this times repair This particular fault is unlikely to happen again once all the links are replaced, but this does not mean you will not have other faults that may develop with this module 6. Am I better off buying a another unit for cheaper and recode it? .Are you better off buying another unit? If you buy a second hand unit you may well be buying into the same issue, as for a new one the cost is between $1200 to $2000 unless you are able to purchase ex overseas but then there is risk with that as well. 7. Have Bosch updated these units with this issue fixed for good? To my understanding Bosch have not updated these units as they are now obsolete and no longer used for later model BMW's.
  9. Abs unit repair

    is the brand new unit also going to have similar problems, or have these issues been fixed for good? I might consider this option if that is the case. ouch, $700nzd for a new unit.. https://www.maf-shop.com/en/abs-control-unit
  10. Abs unit repair

    Hey guys.. thought i should use this same thread. The fault appeared again! 3 years later.. last time cost me $220, sent it off to anything electronic again this time iv been told in 2012 the repair carried out was for a minor problem, it has now developed a more major problem in two different areas requiring extensive repair costing $365. just wondering if there updated Bosch units where this issue has been fixed for good? or is it going to be a $300 or so repair every 2/3 years?
  11. Wtb: brake pads e38 OEM

    bump, after a set. anyone recommend any place to get a set? got a place for 156+gst ATE. checking to see any better prices are possible for these thanks
  12. Lowering springs E38 7 series

    any idea what the self levelling feature does?
  13. Lowering springs E38 7 series

    sent a pm, im interested, pls txt me 021556963 or email me. shankman2010@gmail.com Thanks
  14. Wtb: brake pads e38 OEM

    Hi, after a set of oem front brake pads. ATE if possible for E38 2000 728i Let me know pls Thanks
  15. it was the garage shops electrician who said that he will have to take it out. (not a bmw specialist) he did put it on the hoist and check if theres something under where they fixed the crank seal but nothing found only the wheel and driver seat adjust is on that fuse (15). only thing is that the seat is quite lowered so its hard to see under the seat completely (could be why he wants to take it out?)