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Found 29 results

  1. Good afternoon all, I just have to tell someone. My new baby has left her home of the last 9+ years and started her journey down to me. I just can't wait. I used to have a 99 728i and I sold her for a 2003 730i E65. Wish I never had. So after 4 1/2 years of the E65, I am going back to the one car I have loved being in and driving. This time a 2001 728i in a lovely Steel Blue. Oh the fun I am going to have. I have already got plans to make her even more beautiful. E38 Beige wood grab handles - ready and waiting C pillar wood 'Porn Lights' - on their way Working on replacing the original 16:9 HU with the Avant4 headunit which will work with the DSP, and yet give me all the modern features, but look like the original. Bring it on baby Thanks for listening to my dribble. I just want her here now..... Rob
  2. For those that want High quality Bluetooth audio (and phone kit) with decent integration to the standard audio systems in Ibus cars.. Check this out: Bluebus I’ve just installed this to my E46 and it’s everything the forums and reviews are harping on about! let me know if you have any questions..
  3. After a e38 msport in good condition 740i-750i msport cashed up ready to roll.
  4. Hi, So I have a rattle coming from the rear of my 96 740i. It started as a faint squeak after using a gas stations car wash and disappeared after a 800km trip. Got a car wash a couple days ago and now the rattle noise is so bad I don't really want to drive it. Only happens when driving and not when stopped. I can make it do the sound if I bounce the rear end but no where near as bad haha, would anyone know where to start looking? I'm new to attempting to maintain my car myself, but have little knowledge when it comes to that type of rattle. ?
  5. M M

    FS: E38 Parts

    Bunch of random E38 parts for sale, mostly 750IL stuff. $20 for each part on this list. Postage at buyers expense or pickup in Panmure. IL Door Card Wood Trims - for all door panels plus left side dash trim. Light surface scratches, the dash piece has a crack. Still looks presentable I think. 750 Center Console With Unit - Don't know if it works, I replaced it with peasant spec center console to fit my radio. Cupholder works but is kind of sticky. Lower Center Console Wood Trim - Has a crack (see other photos for details). Comes with buttons pictured. Driver's Seat Plastic Trim With Adjustment Buttons - Tab behind screw hole is half broken but should still be useable (see other photos for details) Black Leather Armrest - No phone. Leather in decent condition, inside in pretty rough (see other photos). Cream Leather Armrest - Discolored, maybe can be restored but no guarantees. Has section for phone but phone is not included (see other photos). For more detailed photos of all items, see here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/98811558@N08/albums/72157664914716858
  6. I need a new diff for my 1996 750iL. From what I found it needs to be 4.0 V8 or V12 215/220 type one, should be 2.93 ratio but I'll consider any ratio as long as it's the 215/220 type. Not looking for LSD, just want to get the car going. I'm in Auckland but have no problems paying for postage.
  7. The e38 rear deck subs are 5.25 paper cones with an 8 ohm resistance - which aren’t easy to find. in my previous e38 I found some on Trademe where the paper rings had been replaced by foam ones and they worked pretty well. Unfortunately my latest e38 has the same issue where the paper rings fall apart and the cones rattle. Does anyone have a line on replacement speakers in NZ or who repair speakers? there are options in the US but only one seems to be well regarded and it requires modification to the speaker box. cheers Glenn
  8. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=1475948515 110kms!!! $7K NZ New Nice alloys - if a bit grubby Big sleek car with some real presence
  9. This e38 has been with me for over 11 years - that is how much I like it. Only reason for selling is I have found another one that has seen very little use..... There is a real spread of prices for the e38 so I am open to discussion. Given it is ready to drive anywhere, has a massive service history and is in pretty good nick for its age I am asking $4100. See the full description and lots of photos on Trademe http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1378753741&ed=true Call on 0275 638 320. Located North Shore, Auckland.
  10. Hi Guys, Hopefully in right sort of place, After ideas on replacing my E38 Dizzy caps as they are completed stuffed and i thought i had an ignition sync problem....I do its missing firing 3/4 cyclinders. Now i understand you can use the ones of E28's and a few other models. Does anyone have a good used pair or know where i can get for cheap. Its a only a burnout machine for now until as its de-reged...so any help is appreciated
  11. My e38 boot BMW roundel has delaminated and I need a new one. Lots of options on trademe but I don't really want to have a $6 badge fall apart or look like rubbish. I looked at Schmiedmann and a genuine 82mm one is 43 euro...... Anyone found a source that provides both quality and reasonable price.....? Thanks!
  12. Hi All, So the weekend was depressing as the timing case broke on my UTE just before the rebuild (more wasted money and hard to find part)...So in my searches on the interweb i came across a local who had a gem sitting in his driveway ready to be refresh or re-purposed. Its an 95 750il w 162k on the clock, its missing a few items but nothing that i am sure i would be able to find here or from our sponsors. Its currently de-registered, so that's where i am un-decided, so thoughts would be awesome as when my engineer finds out about me spending more money on other things i may need somewhere to hide Plan:???
  13. What kind of damage would I be looking at for getting the chain guides and VANOS seals replaced on a M62TU (replacing with Besian Systems seals.) Prices in the US seem to run ~$1500USD for parts alone. What's the damage here in NZ? Thanks!
  14. Check this out, http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1214116273.htm Buy it,store for another 20 years and sell back to BMW? Looking for share holders, who's in?
  15. https://trademe.co.nz/1250474370 How's this look? Seems well maintained and nice inside. Seller told me a coolant hose broke this weekend. Pulled over and towed. Getting replaced this week. Anyone looked at it perchance? I might do this week.
  16. http://bimmersport.co.nz/forum/47-trademe-discussions/ Makes for sad reading - dude found 'the right car', gave it plenty of love and tidied it up - but the wife found it to be 'the wrong colour' - so it has to go Sh!t happens!
  17. Well my Sunday Driver got collected today. A 2000 E38 740i, NZ New 205ks Got it ex Turners for $2400. Using this as a bit of a track on the progress. Initially mechanics look pretty good, drives really well, no clunks or anything. Good service records. Interior is pretty filthy though and everything not done in a service hasn't been touched, like cabin air filters. Little stuff like having a Kabab stick, yes that's right, stuffed down the wiper blade to hold it in. The grill on the bonnet I found had no fixings in it when changing the blades, all lazy stuff Lots to tidy up, again looks stored outside and needs a Real good compound and polish etc to clean up.
  18. Interesting piece of local BMW history ... "This was once the BMW NZ director’s company car and .... was sold new for nearly $200k to BMW New Ze3aland Management and we have original invoice of purchase price and original manuals with service history." $20K with 167Kms on it... very well spec'ed. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1156064998.htm
  19. ~$6K so pretty cheap and very nice in silver but has an oil leak and some upholstery work required. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1063954394.htm But I have enough cars... :\
  20. $6k for this 2001 735i with 245kms with beige interior in pretty good nick. Quite rare to see these in black - I think it looks good - especially with the right wheels on it
  21. Forgotten glory and long list of problems. Sad to see in this condition. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1076751657 Would be a good project for someone with plenty of time (not me).
  22. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1058458469.htm Would love one of these.
  23. Selling on behalf. Located in Porirua (30 minutes north of Wellington). Inspection is welcome. Here we have a 2000 facelift e38 728i, with a 2.8l m52tu. It has a current rego and wof. It is in pretty good condition for it's age and mileage. There are quite a few marks on the paint, stone chips on the front of the bonnet. Has a couple of scrapes on the bumpers. Features: Has 18" style 32 wheels, (I believe the tires are Bridgestone RE002) Has been regularly serviced. Working rear blind Double glazing EDC (adaptive suspension of sorts) Includes a spare speaker and part of the center console. Still has all of the tools. Original 6 CD changer Full size spare Unopened first aid kit More pictures here: http://imgur.com/a/X07Id Build Sheet: S202A Steptronic Steptronic S210A Dynamic Stability Control Dynamic Stability Control S853A Language Version English Language Version English S223A Electronic Damper Control (EDC) Electronic Damper Control (EDC) S245A electric steering column adjustment Steering wheel column adjustment, electr. S352A insulating double glazing Insulating double-glazing S415A sunblind behind Sun-blind, rear S430A indoor / Aussensp. with auto dip Interior / outside mirror with auto dip S438A Fine-wood trim Fine wood trim S456A Comfort seat with memory Comfort seat with memory S473A Armrest front Armrest front S508A Park Distance Control (PDC) Park Distance Control (PDC) S548A kilometers speedometer calibrated speedometer kilometer S672A CD changer 6-disc CD changer for 6 CDs S677A HiFi System Professional DSP HiFi System Professional DSP S818A battery master switch Battery master switch S823A hot country version Hot-climate version S826A suspension in export chassis tuning in export Vote S850A Tankful Export Additional Export tank filling S864A Retailer Directory Overseas Overseas Dealer Directory S875A Infrared remote control Infrared Remote Control S880A board literature english On-board vehicle literature English S925A Shipping Protection Package Protection Package Transport S431A automatically dimming interior mirror Interior mirror with automatic-dip S459A Seat adjustment with memory Seat adjuster electric, electric, with memory S488A Driver's lumbar support u. Passenger Lumbar support, driver and passenger S694A Preparation BMW 6 CD changer Provisions for BMW 6 CD changer Faults: Rear passenger door handle can be tricky to open sometimes Rear center armrest clips broken Faint cracks in wood trim around shifter Rear high stop is out One line of pixels out on stereo Open to offers around $3.5k. Contact me via PM or on 027 777 1412
  24. Now this is odd. I bought a BM54 from eBay. Works 100% OK, except it flattens my battery overnight, so lets say 10 hours. I think I've checked common issues etc, but am somewhat bamboozled. Here's what I know/have checked: Current through fuse F69 is zero, 15 seconds after key off. I haven't monitored it beyond that. Car does appear to be going into sleep mode, 16 minutes after locking car, as I can see gear selector light go off. Only my BM54 does this. I have 4 other radios, none have this issue, even after a week. Disconnecting the BM54 connector prevents this issue. Alternator works great, voltage at battery when running is approx 14.2V, battery charges up again no problems. Nothing else to suggest any electrical problems with car. I see repairers offering BM54 repair service that include for flattening battery issue - don't have any further details. Anyone got any ideas? Must be a good handful of amps to flatten battery overnight, so all I can think of is something 'waking up' periodically, but only when that radio is connected. Considering using the switched 12V to supply the radio too, to see if that makes any difference.
  25. Hi, I can't re-initialise my 1997 E38's key remote function. I suspect my failed attempted have now blocked the key re-initialise function. Is it possible to unblock that function (e.g. using my CarSoft MI6, or one of the coding tools, or anything else)? My key is the old 2-button infrared type. It is not key #1, it is key #4 according to I-bus messages. I am following the reinitialisation sequence correctly. The battery is good, the infrared LED and the regular red LED are both visibly working. The regular red LED also blinks slowly when I try the re-initialisation sequence, as it should, but the doors don't lock/unlock as they are supposed to. The central locking works through all other methods. The fuel door locks/unlocks as it should. The key starts the car OK (I know that's unrelated to the remote, but it shows the key is recognised). http://s122.photobucket.com/user/pbjy/media/E46%20Lock/E39ReInitializingProcedure.jpg.html Issue began after I removed battery from key for about 30 minutes. Was compounded by a problem with driver's door open microswitch, which is what makes me suspect re-initialisation is now blocked. Driver's door switch now works, and ZKE correctly reports door open/closed status for both front doors. Any help appreciated! Cheers!
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