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Hi All,

I know this has been discussed before awhile back but i have hit a road block with my turbo manifold and wanted peoples opinion before i go and start spending $$$

So i managed to semi build myself an turbo manifold with individual runners but have run into issues on the collector end as i don't really have space for the wastegate unless i mount it on top of collector (which with my welder blowing a gas bottle, i need a new regulator + gas so that's about 350-400 i can put on that or someone else finishing my exhuast off)

So check out pics attached and let me know your thoughts (Note i have a twin scroll turbo)

1. Go back to log style manifold (more space but likely wont support my power numbers i want)

2. Keep as is with bottom mount and have someone finish off the manifold

3. Keep same style but change to top mount (only issue is getting 2.5" outlet into two pipes, which i confirmed will just fit between last runner & firewall and 6/5)

4. Buy this and just get a 50mm flange installed - http://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-M30-T4-Turbo-Manifold-E30-E32-E34-E28-E24-E23-E9-/131806544376

5. Or go with this guys idea (pictures at top and bottom of page) and make down pipes fit -  http://www.r3vlimited.com/board/showthread.php?t=285809

I am personally leaning towards options 3/4/5 but i do like option 5 as i could probably do with materials i currently have and just tac together and get someone to finish off but noticed there is no wastegate (so don't know if space is there)

So let me know what you think and if need be we will do a poll and go for it + anyone know any good fabricators in manwatu/welly region as i would prefer local rather than sending the car somewhere else in the country.

Note: Topcat , BMWorld and other members have been awesome so far with info and i will be representing bimmersport once this is up and running (dreams)



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Log manifold

Are you tacking with a gasless mig?

If you want I can point you in the right direction in terms of welder setup. 

Where are you getting gas from?

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Quick Update:

Manifold has been completely re-designed due to changing turbo setup

- Now be running Holset HX40R split pulse T3(when it arrives), Two Manifolds are being built with equal length runners x2 40mm wastegates

- Just waiting on parts to arrive before getting it mocked up and Tig welded together by a local guy who has helped out big time and convincing some of the local guys to work on for me that wanted nothing to do with it.

- Then will be going for HPC Coating along with some other engine parts

- Will post pics hopefully next week as we get it mocked up


Fuel system parts arrived - Just need to purchase injectors and some more braided hose.

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I have no idea where my spec sheet went with the details and exact part number

63mm/67mm .85 A/R (Sounds about right)

Think HX40 with a bit of magic added from Steve Merc.

I believe the ATJ Drijt (D1 NZ) boys are running them in there cars and at the moment using hx35 for mock up

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That would be me then, they run a Pro35 on the RB30 and HRC40rs 66mm billet in the 2J 

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