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  1. Are you worried that the spherical bearing won't turn about the shock axis?
  2. Search realoem for part number Go to fcp or schmiedmann and order
  3. The usual- 'too good to be true' Thanks, just the info I needed I had originally looked at those sites. The trademe option was far cheaper. Was hoping for a bargain
  4. It's probably due a bit of a birthday. Was considering getting the full kit like this one https://www.trademe.co.nz/2724474566 And the matching rear kit from the same seller. A bit worried that this unbranded kit is so cheap. Has anyone else taken the gamble with this company?
  5. That isn't too bad. Only a little more than some overseas options. I'm a welder/fabricator by trade. So should be able to make up a bracket. Those photos were definitely helpful though. I've also got a 3d printer with a roll of petg as well. So there are options.
  6. Where did you order your expansion tank? I've got access to a used one. But I've got new parts for the rest of the cooling system. No reason to stop
  7. Thanks for the bracket overview.
  8. I'm currently looking into getting a euro expansion tank for an aftermarket radiator. I did notice where I was searching in realoem the caps all seem to be 2 bar. Higher boiling point from that extra pressure might be all it takes. Are you using a mechanical or electric fan? Sorry I'm of no help. But would be keen to find out before I head in the same direction
  9. Also have a check where you're going to run a downpipe. You run out of space really quick if runners 5 and 6 stick out too far. If the turbo is sitting up top that is.
  10. If its the same as all the other aliexpress ones it doesn't fit as is.
  11. thorburn


    How did you get the orientation for the big ends? Some sort of degree wheel to reorientate? So cool
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