2010 E87 Lci 130i Msport

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Have been looking for a smaller car for Jan for some time, after looking and trying X3s, 3 series, we settled on the E87 and got a nice Msport Spec 2010 LCI 130i with 118k for $12990.

This Lemans Blue metallic with black leather interior including sunroof has a nice balance with sportiness and spec. The N52 honks along very nicely thank you ☺️ 

With CIC upgraded I Drive needs maps updated, which we may do later and phone integration still, prep only currently. NZ RDS radio and HDD drive.

overall in very good nick and the 17s instead of 18s help soften the ride which on these Msport cars can get a bit harsh.

2nd NZ owner which hit the country at 70ks. Ordered new air and cabin filters which are pretty suspect. Just had a service but will get all fluids inspected and replaced where necessary.

Needs a decontamination and clay bar, plus a minor polish to really bring out the awesome colour. Xmas leave job.

On the list is a radar detector which is pretty necessary as no cruise on this one which would have been nice however getting one with a sunroof in Le Mans was more important to me, I mean my wife Jan :ph34r:










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Very nice!! makes me miss my 130i so much.

Amazing car and imo it beats all other cars in it's class and even others like the e90 sedan or x3's in terms of performance and practicality.

Sunroof is a must and the CIC is much much nicer than the CCC.

Well done!!

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Couple of days for decent wheel cleaning, full car decontamination, machine polished and sealer on. Pleased with the results. Colour pops really nicely now

Usual new car replacements of fluids and filters, air and cabin complete. Hardwired detector in also. CIC sorted and music loaded to the HDD. Bosses plates on, Ready for service

thinking of a rear roof spoiler to close it off ..









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