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Hi Stevo44 from Christchurch here . I've brought a X5 2004 yippy . But it has no Oweners manual with it . So I've had it suggested that I download 1 from the internet. But now I've fund this forum I'm hoping to find a original NZ 1 so any 1 known if it's possible and its got the carcoal hood lining which ive been told is the Mspec is that ture ? 


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Hi Stevo, welcome along!    If you do a carjam on your rego number, get the last seven digits of the VIN,  then enter them into an online BMW VIN checker such a  that'll give you all the option info for your X5.

You can get the correct manual from your local BMW dealer (typically on order), and they usually seem to go around the $100-120 mark (depending on your model).  Alternately look for a full set used (including the leather folder) from ebay in the USA, you'll probably find that'll run you about USD35 plus freight... the differences with the NZ manual (which is probably a European version, in English), are minimal.

Hope that helps.

Nice wagon, BTW!


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Howdy Steve and welcome to BimmerSport - good to see another E53 owner on here :) Looks very nice in black and with those rims. 

Yes the dark 'anthracite' hoodlining marks your vehicle as a Sports Package or 'SportPac' which usually means sports steering wheel, seats and suspension. Yours is also the facelift model judging by the nose and the date - so you'll have the better xDrive 4WD system and the more powerful N62 engine as well. 

@Tom Delahunty up here has a similar vehicle and might be good to compare notes.

I've thoroughly enjoyed my 2001 (pre-facelift) E53 4.4i SportPac with 227KMs on it, but spent a fair bit of dosh on overdue/'bound to happen' maintenance -even with a mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI) plan. If you don't have one of these, look at getting one. Jono at MTF Mt Victoria here in Welly (ph 027 22 44 295) can arrange one for you - BMW Car Club members are eligible for a decent discount too.

I've just downloaded a manual in PDF form - lots of other things to spend  on :)

This is my beasty here ...

WP_20170924_10_40_31_Pro (Large).jpg

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