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  1. I have a e36 m50 sump if you need one
  2. I have one, come off my m50b25, complete with injectors etc pm me
  3. I got a g240 and clutch flywheel etc in palmy north
  4. cheers mate any chance anyone has the photos to go with this???
  5. Can someone help me out probs a admin, I remember there been a thread on here on how to wire a sr20 into a e30 cant seem to find it now tho I found this thread which has the links leading to this site but comes up with a error window, can a admin revive this for me or something please. http://e30performance.info/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=1115
  6. sidewayswhat!


    Wanting to see how much interest there would be for my m20b20 motor and gearbox (g240) pretty much want something faster so try sell this motor for some funds. needs to be timed, has noise valves (have done the clearance), brand new plugs, recent oil, filter, coolant, gearbox fluids changed. Will be sold with pretty much everything including a heavy duty stage 2 clutch from NZAD, loom, all aux etc. I'm thinking around 700, the engine does run just like crap as timing is out. PM me if there any interest, I am located in Palmerston North. engine has been timed and starts algood now and drive sweet as well for better then it has since Ive had the car. Cheers Jesse
  7. In need of a m20b20 distrbution unit that runs of the bottom of the engine (crank?) in the bay of plenty would be best or anywhere I could possible get one ASAP.
  8. pretty big in the usa, might be better to jump on a usa bimmer forum and ask..
  9. with rolled and flared guards they should with the right tyres
  10. after a alternator for my e30 84 320i lump mines packing in and need one asap PM me or txt 0278103542
  11. sure did, when you need something you pay for it. still have the small e30-e36 loom thing
  12. engine loom and sump are gone.... Still have the intake manifold for sale need this stuff gone.
  13. Manifold $150 loom same ono on both items small adopter loom to go from e36 to e30 318i round plug $120ono sorry should of put prices up. PM me
  14. still have this manifold and have a e36 m50TUB25 engine loom uncut, have a small loom to put a m50 in a e30 318i
  15. sweet, I'll pm you my number etc.
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