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  1. Not sure what lying around means. I have a 3.15 crown wheel and pinion available at market price.
  2. Are you looking for a road car or a track car
  3. I have the Msport kit for the E36. Front and rear bumpers and side skirts
  4. Can do the M50 manifold
  5. Sorry would like to sell it as a package.
  6. E36 Motorsport kit. Front and rear bumpers and side skirts. Very similar to the kit on my car in the pictures including the colour. Location of other cars in a tight space made taking the pictures a little restricted. $1050 plus freight.
  7. There is no addiction associated with BMW's. I have proof. I am down to my last 7 after selling one in the last few days. It just takes discipline.
  8. Can do. PM if interested
  9. FIAT 131R


    Hi Jon, Yes I do but it comes with a NZ new Msport manual which has been caged.
  10. I have a low mileage engine and gearbox.
  11. I have some 420G gearboxes on the way from the UK. Not sure on delivery dates as shipping is so erratic. PM if this is of interest.
  12. Have you tried Kayne Barrie KBM Motorsport
  13. I can get a 6 speed ZF but it's not for a diesel and instead it is from an E46 330i.
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