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  1. Might have a 3.46 small case. Will check. May have a medium but it will be LSD if I do.
  2. I have been looking at videos of how to swap an SMG to a manual gearbox. I don't think I could make a video as bad as some of the ones I have watched if I was blind drunk and blind folded. There is a real lack of skill out there. The SMG box is already out of the car and on the bench . I am looking for instructions to give to my machine shop. They have the skills and I have a kit on the way here. The guy wants to know precisely what I am looking for him to do. HELP!!!!
  3. Surely we should have a guy walking in front of all cars waving a red flag and the car driver honking the horn instead of dropping the open road speed limit to 90kph.
  4. This came off a PFL E30 318i. Not sure if it's the original exhaust but was on the car when I bought it.
  5. Pretty sure I have an exhaust system. Wellington based. Will check and out up a picture.
  6. I have a full E46 330i manual conversion arriving at the end of this month.
  7. I think I have one. Will check tomorrow. I am Wellington based.
  8. How much was the outrageously expensive 420G
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