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  1. So if anyone is still interested, ended up confirming it wasn't a competition package. But bought it anyway for a pretty heavily discounted figure. Picking it up tomorrow, will put some better pics up once I get it if, again, anyone is interested.
  2. Thanks for the help guys, lastnight I told the seller that I would buy it if he could definitively confirm that it is a Competition Package. He sent back an email saying: "the Interlagos Blue is exclusive to the competition pack so looks legit with the other obvious comp pack like the EDC, carbon, steering wheel 'forged alloys' etc" Either this guy is clutching at straws or he just doesn't know what he's talking about. After some more research, Interlagos Blue was available exclusively to the E46 ZCP, however, any E92 could be ordered in the colour, also EDC was just an option which could be put on any E92 M3. The carbon, steering wheel and forged alloys are all obviously aftermarket. Also, interestingly, he has changed his Trade Me listing since I asked him to confirm. It now has no mention of Comp Pack any where except for the title. Long story short, I'm going to book it in at Jerry Clayton BMW for a PPI this week which should confirm either way. I'll let you know the verdict!
  3. I'm leaning that way too. I also want to confirm because when it comes time to sell it obviously a competition package will fetch more money. It does, even more so when you view it, aftermarket exhaust etc. which I quite like. But don't want to pay big money for it without being sure it is competition package.
  4. Hi all, Didn't know where to post this, so feel free to move if need be. It's been a while since I've posted on here, but after a hiatus to an RS4 after my E46 M3, I want to buy an E92 M3 Competition Package. Specifically I am very close to agreeing to buy this one: http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1017986892.htm However, before buying it I want to be 100% sure it is a competition package, and after a lot of research I can't seem to confirm it, in fact it's looking like it isn't. I have run the VIN through a VIN decoder and also spoken to Jerry Clayton BMW and they cannot see the Competition Package Option (Code S7MAA) any where. I also gathered from my research that the ZCP Competition Package was not started until MY2011, however I then spoke to Armstrong Prestige who have a 2008 M3 advertised as a Competition Package (http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1061052373.htm), the salesman couldn't really confirm how to definitively tell it was a Competition Package. So I also ran the VIN on that car through a decoder and that had no sign of the option either. I've spent countless hours looking through overseas forums for info but haven't come up with anything definitive, so I'm hoping you guys can help?! Cheers, Scott
  5. Saw "88 M3" E30 M3 parked up in Wynyard Quarter over the weekend.. I was stopped in my tracks... Absolutely amazing car! 6 pot BMW Motorsport Calipers and slotted and drilled rotors bigger than dinner plates! Hiding behind some (genuine?) BBS LM's, and the Recaro's inside.. Still left hook as well! Someone on here must at least have some more information on this car? Wish I snapped some photo's..
  6. Hi guys, So this morning my drive to work went completely fine, but after jumping back in the car about an hour since parking it the battery light on the dash started flickering and blinking very sporadically, but worse after around 4,000rpm. Which i though was strange so had a look on some other forums and got pointed in the direction of an alternator, so took it to our workshop and it turned out that the alternator just wasn't charging at all. Thankfully I did get on to it ASAP because the car just died not long after driving in. It turns out this is a fairly common problem with these after a bit more research, so just wondering what your guys opinion is? I've been told by the mechanics which we have a very good relationship with, that it will be around $250 to recondition the current one and about $600-650 for a new one. Obviously the cheaper option is more appealing but does reconditioning really fix them or is it going be become a recurring problem unless I buy a new one? Also if reconditioning is the way to go, do you guys know any good and/or cheap places to get them done? The mechanics have recommended Auto Electrical Spares in Henderson? Cheers guys, any help would be much appreciated!
  7. Just bought a Hamann style front lip! Got some sand paper and some paint and I'm gonna have a go at painting it myself, will update on how it goes!
  8. Looks real good! As qube said, the colours are perfect! If it was me I might have put them on a bit more of an angle? But each to their own, you've certianly given me an idea for my car now!
  9. Good choice Will! Looks like us St Kent's boys have good taste Welcome
  10. Hi guys, Only just found the lumbar support in my M3. Problem is, I now can't get it to deflate! And in my playing around with it it is now fully inflated and extremely uncomfortable. Have done some googling and can't seem to find a fix for my exact problem, seen lots with the lumbar support not working at all, which I wish was my problem now! I imagine its a valve problem, but just wondering if any of you have had the same problem and if so how you fixed it? Any help would be much appreciated guys! Cheers
  11. Completely agree with Hellbm, no matter what anyone says the SMG is awesome to drive, probably not as refined as it could be but it's pretty easy to look past that after any sort of spirited driving. I thought long and hard about the choice between the manual and SMG but at the end of the day i personally feel the SMG is more fun to drive hard, I know many of you will disagree but that was my personal opinion. Thanks for the word of advice Hybrid, every now and then it will thump when in S5/6 but not in any othe setting? Id that normal? But a sequential E30 would really be something, I'd love to see that!
  12. Thanks guys, still undecided on the rims, contemplating a set of black 19's now but not sure, change my mind all the time! But Neal you're right, and there's nothing like being in 6th on the motorway and clicking the left paddle a couple of times, transforms from a sensible daily driver to a gt car in under a second, brings a grin to my face every time! Oh hey AJ, didn't know you were on here! Will definitely have to catch up bro.
  13. Cheers guys, thats awesome Andy, really want one for the front as well as it has the big Euro size mount. They're already the 19"s Arma! They don't look too small do they??
  14. M3_E46

    M TOY M3

    Thats an awesome looking M3, love the colour! I've just bought one too and it looks like we have the same kind of ideas for our cars. If you ever consider selling the wheels it came on PM me as I would be interested!
  15. Finally got those photo's sorted, sorry about the crap quality cellphone camera, but here she is!
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