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  1. Could be some updates coming soon. Few things been in the pipeline for a while and now I have some motivation to make them happen.
  2. What other way is there?
  3. Sorry, no camera in the car. May try and sort something out for the next meeting. But in the middle of packing everything up and moving, so may not make the 2nd round of the winter series.
  4. Weekend went well. Knocking on the door of a 1:19 lap. Couple of setup items left to try and then I should be sorted for a base setup.
  5. Been a bit of a quiet time lately. Spent 3 months in Auckland working and no time on the car. Now back in Wellington so work has been progressing. Got my LSD on Sunday from Kaine (thanks heaps man) and new axles from Aaron H. But there has been a little setback. I took car for a wee drive down the road after fitting the wheels (newly machined) and wouldn't you know, I forgot to put the bonnet pins in. So this week is all about fitting the diff and sorting out the bonnet. Off to Manfield for the first round of the winter series so hopefully a good weekend to be had.
  6. Small photo diary for you all. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.6...d437&type=1
  7. So, a quick update. Manfield practice went well. The car performed great. Had a couple of small issues though that prevented me from Racing the following day. 1, Power steering pump front seal leak (not to much of a show stopper) 2, Wrong diff ratio (so a 4.1 is no good. On the limiter in 5th for 300 meters before breaking point - 195km/h top speed 3, Broke swaybar link mount off the strut. All in all, I was very happy with it. Rolled off a 23.6 out the box in the first session (only session with everything intact) having no bars on for the 2nd session just didn't work. Bar are a must. Where to from here? Fix the few little bits, make a couple of other things, change some springs, reset ride height, re-corner weight. Just the normal tweeking.
  8. So I have been trying to post some pictures for an update, but I am unable to upload. You will have to wait now. But just to let you all know, Debut is next weekend (3rd and 4th Sept) at Manfield. Fingers crossed it all comes together and runs like it should and the performance is not to dismal and embarrasing. So if anyone is at Manfield that weekend, swing by and have a look. Will beat seeing in the flesh than any picture on here would do it justice.
  9. smokenbaby

    ITB M42

    Would be good as just with Glass. I would also like the backing plate with the trumpets. Cheers
  10. smokenbaby

    ITB M42

    Let me know how this all works out and what you think the costs would be to make a second airbox. I am starting a very similar project for a mates rally car.
  11. No, I have used the front arches from the E36 guards. They are a 40mm flare. The original rears are only 20mm. I had looked at all sorts of body kits and different style flares for the car, but none really suited due to $$$ and the fact that I am limited by the width of the wheels I am using (I have 12 of them so don't need to re-spend for different wheels). So I thought, seem BMW spend millions designing the perfect shaped guard for their cars, I would use them. Also make it look factory and only a subtle change. Many will not pick it or work it out.
  12. Look out for a new update. May even start a new thread with a definitive breakdown of what has been done to date. May be in the form or an uploaded word doc with pictures. Or I will just add to this threat. Have now finished the cutting, shaping, welding of my front guards.
  13. I hear you there. It is hard enough to find the time to build it let along write about what I have done, am going to do and how I solved issues along the way. Will make some more progress this weekend though with the arrival of my E46 front guards. So 1 step closer to paint.
  14. Hi all, sorry for being such a slack bugger when it comes to updates and photos, but what I can update on is he following: Brakes lines done Clutch now sorted Exhaust finished Bar back in the cage under dash (had to lower it 30mm to clear cluster) Column mount done Strut tower tops done Rear camber sorted Carbon console in progress To do still: Drive shaft wider (again) front and rear guards Splitter Carbon door inserts Carbon rear firewall Redo carbon dash parts (use finer weave) Baffle sump Oil restrictor in head Pull it all apart and paint it So plenty of things still to update, photos will come, so don't worry, you'll get to see progress soon.
  15. Thanks for this Cam. I will pass it onto the boss.
  16. Not that simple. It is for a customer car. We are rebuilding the motor, so must retain the vanos.Just need a how to, for re-installing the vanos system on it. We have all the BMW workshop tools, but the boss wants to now how it all goes back together.
  17. Hey guys, anyone got a how to for re-installing vanos for the E46 330i engine? Or a pdf version of a manual? Cheers
  18. Another quick update. Wiring is now all done and finished. The boys at Blair's Auto Electrical in Paraparaumu have done a fantastic job. The standard dash cluster is all working, completely new chassis loom, engine loom was reduced to only include what was needed. The whole lot has been tidied up and looking good. Even has a little bit of trickery for the window auto drop on the drivers side. Sorry guys, no can tell you, but all I can say is they used all standard switches in the doors for this. Oh, and you only need the key for the drivers lock for it to work. Will post a couple of pictures when I can. Car is currently at work to finish the brake lines, gearbox, clutch, clutch line, strut towers (or I may just make different top hats to achieve what I am after). Then it is home to pull apart and paint it. So looking good for a track outing over the winter series at Manfield this year. Still waiting for a few parts to arrive from the states, but should hold me up to much.
  19. Without reducing the weight of the car at the moment, light wheels was a good place to start. Plus I got 12 of them for $3K. Big brakes are a must. No point in not being able to stop.
  20. There is more to come shortly. Car is off to the auto sparky Saturday. Had a little hold up in getting it there (went to Aus for a long over due holiday) Should be in a position to post some more pics in a couple of weeks. here is a pic of the rear guard before final positioning
  21. yes yes they do. I'll try get some pictures sorted out in the next couple of days.
  22. Thought i would give this topic a bit of life. A few things have happened since I last posted.' Brakes are all done, Seat is mounted, Strut towers have been modified, Wiring is underway, rear guards have been tubbed and front guard lips welded on the rear (are 20mm wider than standard rear guards). haven't done much due to lack of motivation and spent 5 months unemployed. But things are picking up again so will crack on and try finish it. Will post some pictures when I remember to take some.
  23. Oh, my brother-in-law has a mate who knows a little about e36s that I'll have a talk to as well. I know your brother-in-laws mate is me but who are you???
  24. yes I do, but was found on a mitsy forum.
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